Visual color therapy for the eyes — price, photos, reviews, and how is this procedure

Among the modern diseases associated with eyesight, the most complex are those that affect the retina: they are difficult in treatment, and blurred vision can occur very quickly. There are not many methods that would help to improve the situation and stop the process of falling, but the most effective way is visual color therapy for the eyes. It is the perception of certain shades of eye that can positively affect the entire visual system. Its use is recommended in the treatment of astigmatism, macular degeneration, myopia, hyperopia, as well as to relieve eye strain.

That is a visual color therapy?

This set of procedures includes the impact of selected colours on the eyes during visual perception. It is held on a special medical apparatus, which usually equip the rooms for physiotherapeutic manipulation. In addition, modern devices can be found available for sale in stores of medical equipment, since these models are much more compact and safe to use, and dealing with it can a person without special skills. Because of this vision correction visual therapy can be performed independently at home, saving the time that would have gone to the clinic.

Features of application of the method

Визуальная цветотерапия для глаз - цена, фото, отзывы и как проводится такая процедураIn color therapy it is necessary to consider a number of important points:

  • hardware treatment leads to the most effective results in the case of therapy, rather than one-off sessions or 2-3 sessions. Therapy can last from 6 to 20 sessions, and the exact number may vary depending on the disease type, its complexity, limitations, complications and other factors. To clarify the exact number of sessions is to consult with a specialist;
  • for best results, it is important to know how to prepare the body for therapy. You need to be able to relax, to master the basic situation of gymnastics for eyes. Visual color therapy for the eyes (photos of devices designed to that you can find online) is a process that leads to positive results in combination with other manipulations, and separately, but this requires time: it can take from a couple weeks to a month;
  • break between treatments should not be more than a day, because otherwise the effect will be weaker;
  • the treatment can be repeated after 3-7 months.
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Contraindications to treatment

Визуальная цветотерапия для глаз - цена, фото, отзывы и как проводится такая процедураThis method is suitable for people aged 3 years, so practically anyone will be able to undergo treatment for color correction. In fact, the only significant limitation is epilepsy: if the patient suffers from this disease, color therapy it is contraindicated, since the change of colors and color contrast can provoke attack.

Most often, the color therapy is used for treatment of age-related vision changes, and chronic problems. The elderly is one of the categories of patients who most often resort to this method.

Price, colour therapy depends on the rates of a particular specialist or clinic that offers this service. The average price per session ranges from 400 to 1000 in different cities and hospitals; given that an average of 10-15 procedures, the cost of treatment varies from 4 to 15 thousand rubles. The purchase of a machine can cost 15-20 thousand that will be more beneficial if the rates of correction will be required repeatedly.

Important! The acquisition of such equipment is more suitable for those who are planning at least once a year to conduct such a course.

Visual color therapy: patient testimonials

Визуальная цветотерапия для глаз - цена, фото, отзывы и как проводится такая процедураThe majority of the reviews of people who have passed at least one course correction, are positive. Patients reported that visual acuity improved, began to disappear in the fog. This suggests that the state of the retina after treatment is improved. Also many report that in the course of color therapy became less eye strain, causing your eyeballs stop hurting. Some also notice the cessation of the headache: this is because the optic nerves cross to the Central nervous system, so the eye strain is often associated with migraines.

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Negative and neutral feedback mostly leave those who went through one treatment and left the treatment. This suggests that color therapy is a complex effect, which requires a series of sessions and will not be fully effective with a single application. Reviews patients does not talk about the negative effects, which suggests that the procedure is not harmful to health (contraindications, however, should be taken into account in any case).