Vitalux Plus vitamins for eyes: manual, price and analogues

Vitalux Plus is a patented drug. This complex of biologically active substances, which stimulate and normalize the course of metabolic processes in the eyeball. The composition of this formulation includes vitamins and micro-, macroelements and also the natural components that are necessary for the normal functioning of the visual analyzer.

Виталюкс Плюс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиThe main indications for the use of vitalux Plus are:

  • the lack of content in the body of certain vitamins which are necessary for the normal functioning of the eyeball;
  • the deficit of micro — or macro;
  • insomnia;
  • fatigue of eyes;
  • age-related degenerative processes in the eye, etc.

The composition and form of issue

The supplements vitalux Plus is an integrated and represented by the following substances, which act as active components:

  • a number of vitamins;
  • fish oil;
  • lutein;
  • certain micro — and macronutrients;
  • taurine etc.

Accessories allow you to keep the activity of the main substances, therefore they are always present in any drug. They provide a long shelf life.

Vitalux Plus is available in tablet form. There are packages with different number of pills, so the patient can choose the one that best suits him.

Method of application

Виталюкс Плюс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиMethod of application of the drug vitalux Plus as follows:

  • taken orally;
  • adult daily dose is two pills, and children – half a tablet;
  • the drug should be taken with room temperature water without gas;
  • the minimum duration of treatment should be one month, if necessary, increase it.


Mandatory before taking vitalux Plus you need to consult with an ophthalmologist. This is due to the fact that this additive has certain contraindications, when to use it. These include:

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  • hypersensitivity to any component component in vitalux Plus;
  • individual intolerances of biologically active complexes;
  • failure of the kidney (the last and penultimate stage of this pathological state);
  • children up to 4 years, as there is no convincing data on the safety of this tool in this age category;
  • pregnancy (for the same reason);
  • mothers who are breastfeeding, because the components of the drug received in breast milk, but their effect on child not studied.
  • Side effects

    In the process of applying vitalux Plus there may be some side effects. When they appear, you should immediately consult your doctor to decide the question of whether to continue to take this dietary Supplement or you want to replace it with another vitaminized means.

    Виталюкс Плюс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиThe main side effects that can develop in the treatment of vitalux Plus, are as follows:

    • increased intestinal peristalsis, leading to diarrhea;
    • spasmodic pains in the intestines, which appear for the same reason;
    • reaction of intolerance (an Allergy to a particular component of the drug).

    Special instructions

    Special instructions must be considered during the use of vitalux Plus. These include the following:

    • this drug is additive with biological activity, and not a patented drug so it is used in combination with other drugs;
    • it is necessary to observe storage conditions, the shelf life is up to 2 years;
    • it is imperative to consult with an ophthalmologist before you start using the drug.


    The analogues, which are replaced vitalux Plus, have similar chemical composition and belong to the group of vitamin funds. Replacing one drug for another is carried out only by a competent ophthalmologist, in order not to bring harm to the eyes.

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    Виталюкс Плюс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиFixed assets with a similar mechanism of action are the following:

    • Lutein complex;
    • The anthocyan Forte;
    • Complivit ophtalmo;
    • Kuwait lutein;
    • Bilberry Forte;
    • Multicam;
    • Vitrum vision;
    • Nutri total;
    • Tianshi;
    • Glazorol and others.


    The price of the drug vitalux Plus is in the range of 450-550 rubles per pack. The price is acceptable for the majority of people who choose to use this Supplement, activates metabolic processes in the eyeball.