Vitamin eye drops — how to choose the best (taufon, visimax, Vita-Iodoral, Japanese drugs,price)

Increased eye strain obvious in today’s society, so the organ of vision is particularly acute needs reliable protection. In this case we are talking not only about the reduction of visual activity, you also have the additional use of vitamin-mineral complexes which will enhance the structure of the eye and to prolong the visual acuity for a long period of time.Витаминные капли для глаз - как выбрать лучшие (тауфон, визиомакс, вита-йодурол, японские препараты,цена)

In the free market is dominated by a vitamin drops for eyes of domestic and foreign manufacturers, and their main objective is to improve eyesight, prevent exacerbation of ocular diseases that require surgical involvement, tend to their chronicity. But what vitamins are most effective, how to use them correctly? That’s the main question that needs be answered when buying.

Usual medications

The use of vitamin eye drops must be under the supervision of a doctor and strictly according to his purpose.

Important! Use vitamin eye drops constantly is pointless, better to go the prevention or the treatment of courses: each course lasts three months, after which requires a break for one month. This scheme is enough to maintain or improve vision, prevent eye disease.

Vita-Iodoral is a combined preparation, the active substances which are involved in the metabolism of the lens.

Catachrom and Vitaphakol is medicines which are available in the form of eye drops intended for the treatment and prevention of cataract. Moreover, they can be used in inflammatory processes, but to observe strictly the agreed dosage. In each eye is required to drop 2 drops of the drug, and to repeat the procedure 3 to 5 times for medicinal purposes, 1 – to prevent.

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If the patient prevails allergic conjunctivitis, or the main work associated with increased visual load, it is very important to pick the best vitamin eye drops in order to avoid serious vision problems.

This can be, for example, Visimax. Positive changes are observed in those clinical pictures, where the patient is dominated by increased lacrimation or, on the contrary, dry eyes, itching, or redness and first symptoms of acute inflammatory processes. Single dose 1 – 2 drops up to 5 times per day, and the duration of the application is discussed individually.

If you choose a reliable vitamin eye drops, Taufon in this list is the last place and enjoyed remarkable popularity in modern ophthalmology. But he belongs to the group of amino acids. Prescribe the drug for injuries of the cornea, increased corneal sensitivity, «night blindness», as well as early cataracts, a weakened view function. During prolonged work at the computer and constant eye strain, at the initial stage of inflammation or allergies this is the best tool that removes all the alarming symptoms already after the first instillation.Витаминные капли для глаз - как выбрать лучшие (тауфон, визиомакс, вита-йодурол, японские препараты,цена)

Riboflavin is a time tested remedy for all eye problems. For example, the drops help with injuries and burns of the cornea, contribute to the rapid scarring wounds, improve vision and relieve fatigue. It is a healing and prophylactic should always be in the home medicine Cabinet. His reception without evidence is not dangerous, since the list of contraindications and side effects are minimal, does not cause tangible harm to the patient.

Also useful 5% solution of Tocopherol acetate — that is, vitamin E, ascorbic acid solution — vitamin C and others. But such drops in the package don’t sell, they are prepared to order in specialized pharmacies.

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Drops from Japan

If choosing a vitamin drops for eyes, price doesn’t matter, and for the patient the end result is important, pay attention definitely is on foreign manufacturers that also supply to the domestic market highly effective vitamins in the form of drops.Витаминные капли для глаз - как выбрать лучшие (тауфон, визиомакс, вита-йодурол, японские препараты,цена)

In high demand, as a rule, use vitamin Japanese eye drops, which show results within a few minutes after single use. Know the following medications:

Sante Fx V – eliminate the inflammation, irritation, dryness, blurred eyes and relieve inflammatory processes, allergic reactions.

Rohto – have long-lasting effect, and are assigned to those patients who throughout the day have to overly strain your eyes, enhance visual acuity. In order not to disrupt the optical system, it is a perfect preventive tool.

Sante Fx Neo is an excellent prevention for eyes and eyelids, which are appropriate when inflammation, chronic fatigue, loss of visual acuity, prolonged stress and the unpleasant appearance of the vascular network of broken capillaries.

Read more about Japanese vitamin drops for eyes you will learn from the following video:

In any case, treatment and prevention must be administered by a qualified ophthalmologist, who will study pre-indications and contra-indications, assess the clinical presentation and minimizes the risk of side effects.