Vitamins for eye drops Taufon, Taurine, Riboflavin (purpose, application, feedback)

At a high visual load requires constant prevention of eye diseases, which timely warns the relapse, strengthen the muscles of the eye, will protect against infection with its further distribution. It is therefore very important vitamins for eye drops that are recommended daily, after agreeing daily doses with a competent ophthalmologist.

Efficient drug Taufon

Витамины для глаз в каплях Тауфон, Таурин, Рибофлавин (назначение, применение, отзывы)What are the best vitamins for eyes? Drops Taufon is particularly relevant for the prevention of eye diseases degenerative nature. When taken regularly improves metabolism of cells, tissues optical system; normalize the natural functions of cellular membranes, and significantly improves energy metabolism.

This medication is widely used with the aim of prevention, treatment, where a single course lasts for three months, and prevention is additionally regulated by a qualified technician. Such long-term use is not addictive, does not reduce the therapeutic effect, while between courses, it is advisable to perform monthly break. You need to drop 2 – 4 drops in each conjunctive bag up to 4 times a day, while an overdose can not be afraid.

Taufon has no contraindications and side effects, but hypersensitivity is advisable to choose an analogue with a better sparing effect on the nidus.

Equally effective analogue of Taurine

Витамины для глаз в каплях Тауфон, Таурин, Рибофлавин (назначение, применение, отзывы)If the above eye drops-vitamins for the eyes what the same therapeutic and prophylactic effect of the medication is endowed with Taurine, which also prevails in the free market, has a limited list of contraindications.

This medication works similarly, but unlike his predecessor rarely provokes such side effect, as the syndrome of «dry eye». If the anomalies on the background of treatment or prevention remind about yourself, the more often they are associated with local allergic reactions on the skin. The abolition of the drug is not required since General condition is normalized after a few days if applied regularly on the testimony of these vitamins for eyes. Taurine drops to treat cataracts, glaucoma, degenerative processes, trauma of the cornea.

Important! Although many drugs can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, but to self-medicate and to appoint himself vitamins for the eyes, definitely not worth it.

Riboflavin is an effective struggle for eye health

Витамины для глаз в каплях Тауфон, Таурин, Рибофлавин (назначение, применение, отзывы)Doctors claim that one of the best options of vitamins for eyes drops is Riboflavin, which differs affordable price, high efficiency. The same name of the active component not only supplies the body an acute shortage of vitamin B2, whom he is, but also has a therapeutic effect in inflammatory processes of the optical system.

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It is prescribed for conjunctivitis of all shapes, Evite, keratitis, blepharitis, corneal ulcers and other pathologies that reduce visual acuity, can lead to complete blindness of the patient. Contraindications and side effects are available, but before the reception, you also need to consult with your doctor on the subject of sensitivity your own body to the active substance.

Method of application – standard, and implies that the emission in each conjunctive bag of the dose of medication three times a day. The duration of this therapy depends on the disease and its extent in the affected organism. In General, doctors do not doubt that Riboflavin is an efficient vitamins eye drops, reviews on the subject are only positive, optimistic, enthusiastic.

Important! The effect will give only the regular use of vitamin drops for the eyes. The course of treatment prescribed by the physician individually.

Vitamin for eyes is a must in today’s society, because the increased load on the organ of vision is dominated by home, at work and in the street, in public transport. In order to minimize it and to maintain visual acuity, you need to choose for reliable prevention of one of the proposed medications.