Vitamins to improve eyesight — what is needed where and what is their action

In the conditions of aggressive environment visual acuity can rapidly decline on the background of provoking factors, so that should definitely take care of prevention. If employment, for example, is associated with increased eye strain, it is important to acquire vitamins to improve vision, systematically to accept them. But what medicines it is advisable to give your preference? What drugs are most effective, while are deliberately, gently in the body?Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

Natural vitamins for eyes

Before buying medicines in pharmacies, it is worth remembering that the best vitamins for improving vision are found in many foods that you want to include in your daily diet. But what useful elements for the definition of sight is it?

Retinol protects the cornea and extends visual acuity to pensioners, when it is combined with other valuable microelements. Large number contains dairy products, liver, carrots.

Ascorbic acid, being a natural antioxidant, participates in the updating of the cornea, promotes the natural growth of the retina, prevents the course of inflammatory processes. Contained in greens, citrus fruits.Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

Tocopherol is an excellent prevention of cataracts, but also provides a subtle removal of free radicals from the body. Predominant in peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds.

Calciferol enhances immunity of body against infectious and inflammatory eye diseases, prevents irreversible age-related changes of the retina. They are rich in butter, vegetable oil, liver, chicken egg yolks, whole grain bread, yogurt.

Omega 3 fatty acids prevent the syndrome of «dry eye», exacerbation of glaucoma, cataracts. Dominate in cod liver, fish and olive oil.

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Zinc and selenium in a succinct presents seafood, and their completion of the daily diet significantly increases the activity of vitamin A.Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

Beta-carotene improves the clarity of vision for any age, but predominates in red and orange vegetables, fruits, berries.

Lutein is an excellent prevention of inflammatory diseases of the eye, and particularly appropriate to its use to prevent the tendency to conjunctivitis, barley. Contains this element in corn, all varieties of cabbage.

Important! Wanting to compensate for a deficiency of a vitamin, people often lean on one product, which it is. But excessive consumption of certain products can cause allergies, so you need to these products have been varied.

Folic acid strengthens the walls of blood vessels in the eyes, increases the elasticity of the cornea, precludes the development of strabismus, myopia. Contains virtually all root crops, but especially in large amount it can be found in bananas, apples.

Nicotinic acid effectively blood circulation of the optic nerve, strengthens the eye muscles. You can find it in mushrooms, fish, meat.Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

The answer to the question what vitamins to improve vision the best, is and it is obvious: of course, natural. You can buy them in every shop, and eat recommended daily.

Medicines for eyes

If pharmacy to choose high quality vitamins to improve vision reviews, it is advisable to ask the pharmacist and your doctor. The choice of medication should be strictly according to indications, but in recent years, high demand for certain names.

Bilberry Forte is available in tablet form and is used for treatment of improving vision quality, at high visual load, vascular pathology eyes, «night blindness». Contraindications and side effects do not exist, the only thing you need to remember, it is better not to give vitamins to children up to 3 years.Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

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The anthocyan Forte is also effective tablets for eyes, which is dominated by blueberries and grapes. Prescribe them in the prevention of cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, improved twilight and night vision. Contraindications side effects do not exist, so this drug is absolutely safe for health.

Vitrum vision is a highly effective preventive tool to enhance visual acuity that can be used by all patients independently and comprehensively. The drug is not recommended to take up to 12 years, and also in hypersensitivity to the active substances. Side effects do not exist, clear vision provided.Витамины для улучшения зрения - какие нужны, где содержатся и в чем заключается их действие

Lutein-Complex comes in the form of tablets with blueberry extract. Necessary to improve visual acuity, improve microcirculation, strengthen capillaries in the eyes, preventing age-related changes in the retina. Containing full vitamin complex, which acts to gently and efficiently. In the absence of contraindications and side effects approved for use in all patients.

Complivit Ophtalmo — pills involved in the treatment of diseases of the eye, and for enhancing the therapeutic action. These vitamins are recommended to take daily, then all eye problems will not bother you again.

Important! There are also vitamins for vision in the drops, but since their range is rather narrow, most often appointed by such drugs in the form of tablets and capsules.

Doctors recommend such prophylaxis for the eyes, believing that modern society is protection of view for many years. However, before buying, will not prevent further consult with ophthalmologist regarding the name of the preferred vitamins or carefully read the enclosed instructions.