Workout for the eyes for adults and children at home, in school, in the classroom, after the computer — pictures, photos, videos

Statistics show that today’s generation, people were often complaining about the early deterioration of vision. What is the reason? Given the time spent in front of the TV screen or computer monitor, reading in the bumpy public transport or before bed in dim light — it is worth considering how to preserve sharp vision? There are many ways or workouts for the eyes. Useful for a day at least five minutes to give exercises for tired eyes.

Workout for the eyes for children

Разминка для глаз для взрослых и детей дома, в школе на уроке, после компьютера - картинки, фото, видеоModern children — the most vulnerable part of the population. All the more time children spend in front of computer monitor. About the dangers of such a pastime is known to every adult. Immature eye muscles are constantly tense and are under extreme pressure. What is the solution in such a situation?
You should limit the time of stay of the child in front of the TV or computer monitor. School assignments for reading and writing should be alternated with rest periods. And, of course, regularly do exercises for the eyes. Such studies should also be carried out in schools. Daily warm-UPS for eyes can stop vision deterioration and significantly strengthen it. Five minutes is enough warm up to bring your eyes to rest.

The following exercises will be useful not only for children but also for adults:

  • eyes tightly shut for a few seconds, then open. Repeat several times;
  • frequently blink the eyes;
  • eyes to «draw» an imaginary circle;
  • rhythmically glancing from left to right;
  • close your eyes, use your fingertips to gently massage the eyelids.

Important! Pay due attention to children’s vision. It is better to prevent than to cure. Limit the time of sessions at a computer, spend more time walks with the child and physical education.

Workout for eyes after computer

If your activity requires a long pastime at the computer monitor, you can perform the workout without interrupting the workflow.

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Разминка для глаз для взрослых и детей дома, в школе на уроке, после компьютера - картинки, фото, видеоTry to carry out similar warm-up regularly:

  • close your eyes for a few seconds, the eyelids are widely open and look out to an imaginary point behind the monitor. Repeat this exercise several times;
  • rotate eyes left, then in right side;
  • do the eyes movement from the left of the imaginary corner to the right;
  • often just blinked for centuries.

At the end of each work session at the computer is helpful to spend a relaxing workout for the eyes:

  • lie on your back, take a relaxing posture. Breathing deep and slow. Look spend an imaginary line from the middle of eyebrow to tip of nose;
  • select any visual object, to focus on him. Close your eyes, try not to lose the image of the subject;
  • warm cover your eyes with your palms for a minute.

Pictures: how to do workout for the eyes with them?

Разминка для глаз для взрослых и детей дома, в школе на уроке, после компьютера - картинки, фото, видеоThe most interesting and effective workout for the eyes is looking of stereocarto or video, a stereo. Such a good workout and relax tense eye muscles, has a stabilizing effect on blood circulation.
Image of stereocarto available in both printed format and virtual form. The principle of creating stereo images is the ability of our brain to collect and correlate the information from both eyes at the same time. In the picture the encrypted object, it can be both color and black-and-white. What you will see will be of the same shades.

Here are recommendations on how to consider the stereo image correctly:

  • Near your eyes at the closest distance the image.
  • Don’t take your eyes off the center of the image.
  • After 30-40 seconds, the picture will blur.
  • Not taking his eyes from the picture, start to slowly push himself from the picture.
  • If everything was done correctly, you will see a three-dimensional image of the encrypted object.
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    This is a very exciting and useful for vision exercise. But you need to be persistent and patient if to hurry the picture you simply will not see and will consider this method ineffective. The principle of examining, in fact, very simple, but good for the eyes will be noticeable.

    Workout for the eyes of children can be offered in the form of moving pictures, so it will be easier and more fun to perform the desired movement. An example of such a workout — in this video:

    There are several types of exercises and workouts to improve and preserve vision. These types can be alternated or combined in any order. Start with a warm up, followed by the main part and finish the rest. Gymnastics spend regularly, do not skip classes. During operation, be sure to do one or two exercises.
    Take care of your vision and pay him maximum attention!