Xalatan eye drops: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Xalatan is an ophthalmic vehicle, which is intended for the treatment of glaucoma. This drug effectively lowers high intraocular pressure (this is the main symptom of glaucoma). Especially effective, its use in open-angle form of this disease, as the main mechanism of action is blocking of processes of formation of intraocular fluid.

The composition and form of issue

Ксалатан глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe main active substance is latanoprost which is a prostaglandin receptor agonist. It allows to effectively suppress the process of fluid secretion in the eye that is accompanied by a lowering of the intraocular pressure and prevents the development of complications of glaucoma (prevents blindness). In addition, the composition of the medicinal product are excipients that serve as preservatives, stabilizers and solvents. In addition, they can be responsible for the development of side effects.

These substances are the following:

  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • dihydrogen sodium;
  • the hydrogen phosphate of sodium;
  • sterile water intended for injection.

The drug is available in plastic bottles fitted with a dropper. This makes very convenient the use of this drug. One vial contains 2.5 ml of solution. Dosage form Xalatan eye drops are.

Method of application

Method of applying ophthalmic drug Xalatan is as follows:

  • Single dose is one drop (instilled into each eye).
  • A single instillation, as the drug has a long validity period.
  • In the process of treatment is necessary to control the level of intraocular pressure. However, due to the fact that the result does not develop immediately, but gradually, in the beginning of its use, the necessity of the first measurement occurs only after 2 — 3 weeks. Control then produce one every three months.
  • The product can be used for 2 years, after which it must be replaced to avoid habituation and reduced therapeutic efficacy.
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    The main contraindications when to use Xalatan must be abandoned are the following:

    • children’s age;
    • individual intolerance to components of the ophthalmic drug, which is observed only in a small number of patients.

    Side effects

    Ксалатан глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиIn General, the drug Xalatan, used in ophthalmology, are well tolerated. However, sometimes you can develop these or other side effects, which include:

    • increased ketopropane;
    • increased sensitivity to light;
    • redness and swelling it;
    • momentarily blurred vision;
    • the possibility of development of inflammatory processes of the eye structures.

    Special instructions

    Special instructions to be followed in the treatment of ophthalmic data tool are the following:

  • It should be remembered that there are no convincing data on the safety and efficacy of Xalatan in patients with the neovascular form of glaucoma.
  • After instillation may occur blurred vision, which reduces the ability to rapid psychomotor reactions, so the driving should be extremely careful.
  • Simultaneous administration of adrenomimetic and adrenoblokiruyuschim means, which affect different types of receptors, enhances the therapeutic effect.
  • Not to bury in the presence of contact lenses in the eye, as it can cause clouding. Before burying the lenses off and re-wear it only after 20-30 minutes.
  • In the process of backfilling should not touch the dropper foreign objects or eyes to avoid a contamination of the bottle content.
  • Reviews

    Alla, 55 years

    «Recently started having problems with vision. Went to the doctor. Diagnosed glaucoma, and prescribed drops Xalatan. The drug is not cheap, but it is doctor prescribed, then you need to buy. After instillation appeared a terrible allergic reaction: burning, itching, swelling. So, I came up, I had more time to go to the reception».

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    Andrey, 67 years

    «Eye drops use Xalatan for a long time. No side effects no. Eye pressure is the norm in the aisles».

    Marina, 33 years

    «I this medication bought for eyelash growth. He was justified. Eyelashes grew and darkened. However for 4 weeks and darkened eyelid, but that’s okay, when you stop using the drops all the passes.»


    Ксалатан глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиSome analogues represent substitutes Xalatan, which have, as he protivoglaucomny action. They should be used in cases when the treatment by the above means is not possible. This can occur in the following situations:

    • the absence of this drug in the pharmacy network;
    • the need to move to another protivoglaucomny the drug to avoid the development of addiction and loss of effectiveness;
    • the development of side effects during treatment;
    • the presence of contraindications Xalatan identified before treatment.

    Basic analog drugs which can be used to replace the drug are:

    • Cosopt;
    • Arutimol;
    • Pilocarpine;
    • Ocumed;
    • Trusopt;
    • Travatan;
    • Azopt;
    • Azarga;
    • Drops fotil;
    • Timolol;
    • Betoptic.


    Price eye care drug Xalatan is in the range of 650 — 750 rubles depending on the pharmacy network, engaged in its implementation.