Zovirax eye ointment: manual, price and analogues

Zovirax is an ophthalmic ointment, which belongs to antiviral group. Is applied topically.

The composition and form of issue

The ointment in the form of a uniform white consistency. Has in its composition as the active and excipients. The first is aciclovir, (weight 3 g). Helper function performs white petrolatum (100 g). Available in plastic or aluminium tubes, with a weight of 4.5 g.

Pharmacological action

Зовиракс глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиAcyclovir, part of Zovirax, has a powerful effect on herpes simplex and chicken pox first two types. An important role plays the fact that this antiviral drug has no negative effect on human cells.

Acyclovir works in this chronology:

  • enters the cell, which is a carrier of the virus;
  • in combination with timidinkinazoy, which synthesizes the virus, acyclovir becomes ATP;
  • it then performs the role of an inhibitor and a substrate for DNA polymerase of the virus;
  • suppress synthesis of viral DNA, which thus does not damage human cells.

Acyclovir can be detected only in the urine, provided that it is applied topically.

Indications for use

Zovirax is prescribed for keratitis, which is caused by the presence of herpes in humans. The cause of these diseases may become common cold or a draft. There is also a risk of herpes infection from the long stay under sun rays or in the case of an eye injury.

Method of application

Зовиракс глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиFor all age groups method of use of Zovirax is no different. The ointment is put in the conjunctival SAC of the strip into 1 cm Per day to produce 5 manipulation. At the same time, between applications must pass at least 4 hours. Even after the disappearance of symptoms treatment should continue for another 3-4 days, to secure therapeutic actions to avoid recurrence.

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Do not use Zovirax if the patient there is an individual intolerance to the incoming substances, namely to acyclovir or valacyclovir.

Side effects

Zovirax can cause side effects, some of them often appear such as: pain, conjunctivitis, and superficial punctate keratopathy; and some are quite rare: blepharitis, angioneurotic syndrome, and allergic reactions, manifested instantly.


Overdose Zovirax is unlikely, however, when the first abnormalities should consult a doctor.

Special instructions

Eye ointment Zovirax has its own individual characteristics in use:

  • Зовиракс глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиnot allowed to use contact lenses;
  • during pregnancy is used strictly under medical supervision;
  • store away from children;
  • storage temperature should not exceed 25 º C;
  • shelf life 5 years.


If for any reason, purchase Zovirax is not possible, then instead you can use the following remedies:

  • Ophthalmoferon;
  • Aktipol;
  • Poludan.

It is worth remembering that these analogues Zovirax have not only similar, but opposite impact.


The average cost of up to 480 rubles.