Other types of pain during pregnancy: instructions for use

Is it possible to use «other means» during pregnancy?

From the moment of conception a new life in a woman’s body physiological changes occur. Increases the load on the organs and system, making the immune system more vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms. From 52 to 80 % of expectant mothers are at risk of Contracting respiratory infections.

Timely treatment helps to prevent the development of fetal hypoxia, bronchitis and pneumonia in the patient. In practice, in the therapeutic scheme of the expectant mother often used the suspension of «Aqualor». What argued the harmlessness of medicinal substances?

Compatibility and safety of medication during pregnancy

When selecting medicines for the relief of inflammatory processes of the nose and throat, preference for homeopathic drugs, including «other means» during pregnancy.

Instructions for use do not contain any restrictions for use, therefore, the period of gestation of a new life and breastfeeding are not contraindications to the use of pharmacological product.

Fact! The drug meets the standards of the Uniform European standard.

The basis of «Phrase» is represented by sterile salt water mixed with trace elements of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine. Intake water from its source to the Atlantic ocean, subject to filtering, which allows to achieve optimum salt content in the composition.

The drug is aimed at the normalization of the protective functions of ciliated epithelium, reducing swelling of the nasal mucosa. Active ingredients moisturize the nasal cavity, prevent inflammation,ease breathing.

The basic properties of the drug are manifested in the following aspects:

  • the protection of the mucosa from the effects of foreign biological agents;
  • promote active regeneration of the mucosa;
  • the cleansing of nasal openings from allergens, viruses and contaminants;
  • maintenance of favorable physiological condition of ENT organs;
  • enhance the therapeutic effects of vasoconstrictive and antibiotics in contact with the nasal mucosa, reduce their side effects.
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It is important to use the drug with allergic rhinitis, to restore the paranasal sinuses after surgery medical care. The medicinal substance is an effective preventive measure during the epidemic period of SARS, flu.

For reference! The medicinal substance is suitable for the regular toilet of the nose, because it is not addictive.

In the composition of the medicament is not detected synthetic products, preservatives, so it is assigned from the first days of life, if necessary. The question of whether you can during pregnancy «, the Phrase» unambiguously positive, as in the complex treatment of respiratory diseases and as a preventive measure.

Characteristic species of the drug

Pharmaceutical canadian manufacturer introduced a series of sprays and drops from a cold. The portfolio includes the following options:

  • «Aqualor baby» spray outdoor use allowed from first days of baby’s life for the daily toilet of the nasal cavity, the treatment of the common cold;
  • «Pharmstandard» neosmectin «Soft» — appointed in allergic rhinitis, abnormalities of the nasopharynx in children from 6 months and adults. Has a calming effect on the irritated nasal membrane, soothes, eliminates excessive sensitivity and dryness;
  • «Phrase Rules» is a universal tool for washing the nose, is used for the relief of symptoms of respiratory diseases, adverse environmental conditions, as a preventative product in the treatment of children older than six months and adults;
  • «Pharmstandard» neosmectin «Forte» is prescribed for nasal congestion in children, starting from the 2nd year of life and adults. Acts as a natural antiseptic and immunomodulator, effective in acute and chronic form of sinusitis, the complex therapy of ARVI, acute respiratory infections;
  • «Pharmstandard» neosmectin «Extra» — is characterized by a reinforced form of action on pathogenic microorganisms in protracted or chronic rhinitis. Allowed to use adults children over 2 years.
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Buy «the Phrase» specialized organization of the health system (pharmacy) without prescription. To the weighty arguments in favor of the drug include its ability to preserve the sterility of 36 months. Pharmacological raw material has a compact shape, does not shed and does not leak.

Peculiarities of irrigation of the nasal passages: the course of treatment and dosage

The main rules for using «other means-Forte» during pregnancy include the following recommendations:

  • to treat the sinuses with a sterile solution with a special anatomical device;
  • bury ENT organs should be in the position to keep the head tilted to one side, alternately processing each nostril;
  • after therapeutic manipulations to free the nasal passages from detachable to blow his nose;
  • allowed concurrent use with other pharmaceutical products.

Fact! The instillation procedure is absolutely painless, no discomfort, eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions.

«The phrase» provides for intranasal introduction in nasal cavity lavage with 2-4 per day as a preventive measure or toilet of the nose 4-6 times – respiratory problems.

Without the permission of the specialist is prohibited to increase the dosage. The course of treatment varies from 7 days to several months, depending on disease etiology.


In the treatment of rhinitis in pregnant women drug is selected with the minimum risk to the health of mother and child.

«Aqualor» — medication on a natural basis, which has passed clinical trials demonstrated the safety and compatibility with the gestation, in lactation period. This factor does not cancel the request for medical assistance to eliminate the possibility of complications.

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