Otinum: instructions for use ear drops for children and adults, analogues and composition

How to apply drops «Otinum»?

Otolaryngologists for symptoms of otitis media often recommend ear drops «Otinum». The drug is prescribed for medicinal purposes, to soften cerumen prior to removal in preparation for surgery.

The drug has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, inhibits the synthesis of pathogenic microflora.


«Otinum» — pharmaceutical product of the Polish company ICN Polfa Rzeszow SA, presented in polyethylene bottles with screw neck and a tube-dropper, dosage 10 ml, Packed in cardboard boxes.

Contents – transparent liquid with light yellow color and a peculiar odor.

Dispensed without a prescription. The photo shows what drops go on sale.

«Otinum» refers to the group of NSAIDs. The therapeutic effect is relieving and easing pain and neutralize the inflammation.

In slightly alkaline medium has antimicrobial and antifungal activity.

The structure of the drug

The active ingredient is a derivative of salicylic acid, choline salicylate (1 ml of suspension contains 200 mg. of choline salicylate). He shows the ability to inhibit the synthesis of cyclooxygenase and its isoforms (thromboxane, prostacyclin), triggers vasodilation (enlargement of blood vessels) and inflammation.

Complement the composition of the auxiliary components:

  • glycerol – gives the suspension antiseptic properties, softens the seal of earwax, which facilitates the process of its removal;
  • ethyl alcohol 96% — has a disinfectant and local irritant action, is active against wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms;
  • the chlorobutanol hemihydrate – enhances blood flow, stimulates the receptors of the mucous membrane, is famous for its anti-inflammatory effect;
  • distilled water.

All of the above substances are well absorbed by mucous membrane, are not involved in the processes of hemocirculation not disrupt the functioning of the compressor mechanisms.

For reference! The average price of the «Otinum» is 205 rubles per 10 ml.

When prescribed

The expediency of use of the drug justify ENT diseases, provoked by mechanical damage to the auditory apparatus, or infection.

Indications represented by the following list:

  • inflammation of the middle or external ear acute forms;
  • myringitis
  • tympanitis;
  • the formation of trophic ulcers on the projection of the inner lining of the oral cavity and nasopharynx;
  • localization of foreign objects.
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Effective «Otinum» at a congestion of the ear due to the increase in the number of sulfuric mass that causes obstruction of the auditory canal, partial or complete alleviation of the perception of sounds.

Limitations to the use of

Positive feedback from patients confirm that the medicine is well tolerated by the body, almost does not cause side effects.

«Otinum» ‘t prescribe when diagnosing following are the deviations:

  • perforation of the eardrum;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • growths of the mucous membrane (polyps);
  • allergic rhinitis.

Due to the high sensitivity to choline salicylate and auxiliary components, there is a likelihood of allergies, manifested by itching and a burning sensation in the projection of the external ear. Clinical data forms require reduction of dosage or complete replacement of a medication is analogous.

For reference! The concentration of over 2 g. of active substance inside the child’s body is having a toxic effect. The child is observed sweating, dizziness, vomiting and nausea, a slight change in consciousness.

Side effects require therapeutic action: gastric lavage, normalization of water-electrolyte balance, ingestion of drugs, contributing to a sharp increase in urine output.

Is it possible to «Otinum» drip children? According to the annotation contraindications include children up to age 1 year, the period of gestation and lactation.

Storage conditions

The sealed vial is stored for 36 months from date of manufacture at temperatures above 25⁰С. Shelf life after opening is limited to 28 days.

Instructions for use of ear drops «Otinum» for children and adults

The use of drugs requires consultation with an otolaryngologist. At the reception, the doctor conducts otoscopy to rule out the likelihood of deformation of the tympanic membrane, otherwise there is a risk of hearing impairment, partial or complete deafness.

«Otinum» adults administered according to the following scheme:

  1. The bottle is preheated in hands to room temperature.
  2. Lying on his side, the medicine is administered in the ear canal a dose of 3-4 drops. The next 3-5 minutes, the pose does not change.
  3. Similar actions repeat with the second ear.
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Daily frequency of treatments does not exceed 4 times. Treatment restricted to 10 days.

For the destruction of cerumen is to use the «Otinum» similar dosage (3-4 drops) 2 times a day for 4 days.

Important! The concentration of the drug is not adjusted for elderly patients with diseases of the liver and kidneys.

How to make «Otinum» children? The manufacturer recommends the use of medication, starting from the age of two. On the recommendations of the audiologist in rare cases, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of otitis media in infants, subject to the parents of the specified dosage.

In the case of concentration of large portions of medicinal fluid inside the body possible violations of the Central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Use during the period of gestation

Due to lack of reliable data on the impact of the derivative of salicylic acid, «Otinum» if pregnant do not use. Despite the fact that direct teratogenic effects have not been identified, scientists believe that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause development of renal failure in the fetus.

The «Otinum», starting from the 3rd trimester, is associated with risk of preterm birth. In the early stages of pregnancy it can cause fetal hypoxia, placental abruption in the worst case – a miscarriage.

Drugs of similar action

An identical effect on the body have the following medications:

  • «Patinum»;
  • «Helicops»;
  • «Mundial»;
  • «Sahal»;
  • «Ototon»;
  • «Atilan».

Pharmaceuticals belong to the group of NSAIDs. They inhibit the activity of prostaglandin synthesis, the actions of neutrophils and macrophages, relieve pain, inflammation.

The most popular analogues, cheaper «Otinum» — «Tireless» (price 15 ml vial ranges from 90 to 180 rubles), «Droplets» (15 ml – 176.), «Holisal» (149 rubles).

Often compared to the best «Drops» or «Otinum»? «Drops» is included in the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, so it also effectively eliminates the pain in the ears, disinfects the mucous membranes.

Lidocaine hydrochloride in combination with phenazone provide anti-inflammatory effect. By the doctor «Drops» includes a therapeutic regimen of the newborn.

For reference! The shelf life of open bottle «Otipaks» — 6 months, when the «Otinum» is stored in just 28 days.

Customer reviews

Alina. The ENT diagnosed inflammation of the middle ear on the background of colds. I was tormented by severe pain in the ears, which were periodically increased, became worse to hear, everything else, was joined by a headache.

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The doctor prescribed a 7 day course of ear drops «Otinum». Already after the first instillation felt improvement. For 4 day as normal, but took a full course of therapy. Only at initial use appeared slight burning sensation, but the doctor said that this is the norm.

Andrew. Before a business trip suddenly got a ear (lost in machine). The pain is unbearable, the feeling in the head that is audible to himself. Wife dripped in both ears a few drops «Otinum», closed with cotton wool.

I have during the day, repeated the treatments 3 times, in the morning all vanished. Among the shortcomings want to call little shelf life after opening. Paid 200 rubles, and had to throw the almost full bottle.


What drug is effective in a specific clinical case, is determined by the physician taking into account the peculiarities of the pathology, the physiology of the patient and related contraindications.

The choice in favor of «Otinum» determines increased susceptibility to lidocaine in some patients.