Otrivin during pregnancy: 1, 2, 3 trimester and reviews

Can I take Otrivin during pregnancy?

Runny nose and other symptoms of spoils the mood, interfere with sleep, eating and adversely affect the life of the patient. In acute or chronic rhinitis, treatment should to provide the first manifestations of mucosal secretions. It is particularly important to start treatment in time in case of pregnant women, as any respiratory inflammation can adversely affect the development of the baby.

But many drugs in different trimesters, the company is prohibited, which greatly affects the treatment of the patient. Many women at this time use the methods of alternative medicine, which is not always right. Therapists in acute inflammation of the nasal passages prescribed for children «Otrivin», but is it possible to use «Otrivin» during pregnancy? This question arises quite often, so read the detailed material.

The composition of the spray and its purpose

Spray «Otrivin» first and foremost, a vasoconstrictor, and gently eliminates mucous discharge inflammation of the rhinitis. The drug is aimed at constriction of blood vessels, bronchi and increase in normalizing respiration.

Thus, the drug has a beneficial effect in inflammation of the sinuses, severe nasal congestion and in case of appearance of edema in the mucosa of the nasal passage.

The drug is indicated for acute or chronic rhinitis, allergic forms of inflammation, when the penetration of viruses and infections, which provoke the appearance of inflammation and thick mucous secretions.

In the product contains active ingredients that act within five minutes after injection into the nose. Effective combination of active ingredients allows to restore breathing, and normalize the nasopharynx.

Make «Otrivin» in the case of pregnancy should be only after personal consultation with the physician, as the drug is different from other vasoconstrictor drugs with lot of side effects.

Despite the good and fast action of medicines during pregnancy need to be more careful when choosing medicines. Avoid any unpleasant effects of drugs therefore in the treatment of ENT-inflammation requires resolution of the General practitioner or gynecologist.

Don’t take the spray without seeing a doctor, as in the case of hypersensitivity to active components may be a manifestation of serious consequences: nausea, vomiting, dizziness and change in blood pressure. In the latter case, it is dangerous with the risk of miscarriage.

How to use spray in pregnancy

Apply «Otrivin» in the case of pregnancy without prior consultation is strictly prohibited. It is especially important to take medication with severe side effects in the first months of pregnancy.

At this time, any uncontrolled treatment of future mothers may negatively affect the development and structure of the unborn child. Therefore, for any signs of illness, contact your primary care physician.

Treatment in the early stages of pregnancy

«Otrivin» in pregnancy 1 trimester take dangerous. But some doctors may prescribe a medicine when there is no risk to the fetus and placenta. To determine the degree of risk can only be a qualified doctor.

Keep in mind that in the wrong dosage, in the early stages is very often seen bleeding from the nose and dryness in the mucous gland. Some patients complain of a burning sensation, sneezing, nasal congestion, frequent use of «Otrivin». It is noted sore throat, rinalia.

In very rare cases appear mucus and significant discomfort in the area of paranasal sinuses, discomfort in the throat and swelling of the pharynx.

Be careful when you dry mouth, nausea, appearance of pain when taking food or fluids, and the appearance of the rash on the skin, dysfunction of the kidneys and urinary system. In such cases, you need to seek medical help, as the body forms unwanted processes after application of the medication.

Treatment in the second trimester

We all know that in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are more susceptible to any infectious inflammation.

But with the onset of term 2 the immune system of the expectant mother is recovering.

Women get sick much less often, but to be fully confident in the protection of the body is not necessary.

To catch any inflammation at this period is dangerous, because at this time is the development of internal organs of the baby.

If the expectant mother is sick, you need to take the necessary steps and choose a product that is less traumatic for the body.

Treatment with medicine «Otrivin» at this period may negatively affect the formation of organs of the child. To take self-medication is prohibited, as it is necessary to examine the degree of risk. It can be done only by a therapist. In case of favorable outcome the patient is assigned a drug in an individual dosage.

In each case, the doctor determines the dose of the drug. Usually a pregnant woman in her second trimester, allowed the introduction of up to two vspryskivaniu spray per day. You must clear the nose of mucous secretions with solutions prescribed by your doctor.

You cannot use «Otrivin» in case of contraindications. These include:

  • excessive sensitivity to current components;
  • in the case of atrophic rhinitis;
  • surgical interventions on the head;
  • disruption of the brain;
  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • severe change in blood pressure;
  • heart palpitations.

In addition, we should refuse treatment «Urvinum» in the case of diabetes and in cases of inflammation glaucoma.

Keep in mind that you cannot break the dosing of the drug.

By excessive use of the active component of the drug there are rare cases of overdose, which is manifested as dry mouth, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations.

In this case, symptomatic treatment.

Appropriate measures must be taken at the first sign of overdose. Medical supervision required for up to eight hours after intoxication.

In more severe cases, the necessary measures must be taken within one hour. Otherwise possible unintended consequences.

Keep in mind that the drug should not be combined with certain medicines in one go. Such drugs include monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and different types of antidepressants and antibiotics. Therefore, tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking currently or have taken within the preceding two weeks.

While admission of inadmissible medicines increased blood pressure. With a strong change in pressure can be fatal or severe injury on fetal development.

Treatment in the third trimester

The safest is the use of «Otrivine» in the 3rd trimester.

At this time, the fetus is protected compacted by the placenta, through which it is impossible to penetrate viruses or other harmful microorganisms.

But treatment should be under the constant supervision of the attending physician, as copious mucous secretions there is a risk of complications.

Runny nose often provokes otitis media, sinusitis or disease of the Eustachian tubes, which invariably leads to the blockage of ears and other effects.

In the later stages, as before, the expectant mother is assigned to the children’s form «Otrivin». It is believed that it is more gentle and does not harm the placenta. Moreover, in children the drug the minimum concentration of Xylometazoline.

This form of the drug is easier to dose and spread evenly in the nasal cavity.

In the case of a catarrhal inflammation, or rhinitis, caused by allergies need to take two inject into each nasal cavity three times a day. Apply the spray must be no more than three days.

The treatment can be extended, but keep in mind that during pregnancy women are quicker to get used to the medication.

This causes the ineffectiveness of the drug in long-term care.

«Otrivin» with pregnancy in the later stages may negatively affect the pressure.

If you change blood pressure a pregnant woman feels unwell.

In addition, such changes are dangerous for the child, as may occur the violation of the integrity of the placenta or placental detachment. Such consequences can cause premature birth, negative impact on child development.

Reviews about the «Otrivine» during pregnancy

Ekaterina Reshetnikova: «When I was pregnant with my second child, at the eighteenth week of a bad cold. Appeared mucus, characterized by density and viscosity, increased temperature, and there were all the symptoms of the disease. Immediately went to the therapist. It is prescribed complex therapy with the use of «Otrivin». Make feared as familiar with the side effects of the medication. But the doctor assured there is no risk to the fetus, so sprashivala spray according to the dosage. Two days later all symptoms of the common cold has passed.»

Valery Knyazev: «When was the second trimester of pregnancy was very simple. Immune system was weak and I felt really bad: shaking hands, has a bad cold, headaches and other symptoms. Gynecologist for examination, prescribed child «Otrivin». Was sprashivala once in each pass, pre-rinsing the nose. Noticed improvement already the evening of the day of taking the medicine. On the morning of the next day of mucus from the nose became much smaller. And three days later, after the start of treatment, has fully recovered».

Olesya Nedugova: «during the end of the first trimester and beginning of second cold, runny nose, felt a strong deterioration of health. At this time I had an appointment scheduled inspection. The doctor, noticing my state appointed children’s spray «Otrivin». I did it twice, morning and evening one injection just two days. All gone by the beginning of the second day, but for prevention, I have introduced another time. Medicine now advise their pregnant women».


Make the medication without medical supervision during pregnancy can be dangerous for the expectant mother. At the time of pregnancy occur vital processes, which strongly affect the immune system of the woman. Therefore, any medical intervention can have a detrimental impact on fetal development.

Treatment of any form of inflammation should be carried out only after doctor’s permission. During the inspection specialist to determine the risk of medications on the fetus and appoint a more gentle medication. To determine the usefulness of drugs is impossible, so do not do self-treatment.

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