Ovarian drilling: when an operation is performed?

Speaking about what is an ovarian drilling, this term refers to an operation where the ovaries make holes in diameter of 2 mm. and is all this by means of laparoscopy or fertiloscopy.

The operation is indicated for women diagnosed with infertility due to a absence of ovulation in the setting of polycystic ovary syndrome, abbreviated PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome – highlights

Ovarian drilling helps many women to conceive and give birth to a child and in this case, timely diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome will allow you to spend all the time and give the best dynamics in the treatment.

In particular, PCOS is an endocrine disorder, mostly diagnosed in women of reproductive age and according to the statistics of doctors is a cause of infertility in 70% of all potential mothers due to the lack of ovulation. The polycystic doctors conventionally divided into the true diagnosed on the basis of patient complaints, inability to conceive and ultrasound showing the decrease in the size of the uterus and enlarged ovaries and the presence of many small cysts. They also allocate and secondary polycystic – it is diagnosed at a later age and the cause is chronic inflammation of the urinary system in women.

Symptoms of polycystic

In this case, it is worth noting that polycystic ovaries in different patients can manifest their symptoms, unlike each other, but often occur following symptoms of this disease:

  • dysfunction of the ovaries, expressed in infrequent menstruation or prolonged absence, as well as uterine bleeding.
  • the inability to conceive because of a dysfunction in the ovaries, or rather the lack of ovulation.
  • enhanced and intensive growth in the breast area and on the face, back, and formation of acne on the face.
  • the increase in size of the ovaries, with the formation of small cysts and thickening of their sheath.
  • sharp and unconditioned by anything weight gain up to obesity and increase insulin levels, diabetes and a failure in carbohydrate metabolism in the body.
  • hypertension and the appearance of dark brown spots on the face, neck and under the Breasts, on the inner side of the thigh.
  • the increase of cholesterol in the blood, plus anxiety and depression because of the inability to conceive and give birth.
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Because of the mechanism of development and course of disease are distinguished:

  • the primary form by which changes in the gonads of the primary in relation to hormonal issues in the body. At this stage, disrupted the structure of the ovaries, and then goes and crashes in their work.
  • the secondary form, but, rather, it is policiesa ovarian syndrome – in this case there is a failure in the hormonal system and sexual glands in particular.

The reasons of this disease

  • violation in the work of the organs of the neuroendocrine system – the ovarian, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid.
  • constant stress and psychological injuries, and often infectious and viral diseases, especially if they are transferred into puberty and childhood.
  • genetic predisposition.

When shown drilling

In the absence of ovulation associated with PCOS, treatment in the early stages is to conduct medical, obesity – adherence to diet – the approach in the half-case gives a positive trend and in the first half of a woman can get pregnant.

Drilling is used if the previous methods of treatment have not yielded positive dynamics – it helps to give a positive result in 50-60 percent over a period of six months to a year a woman can conceive and bear, give birth to a child.

The operation gives the following advantages

  • after surgery and normalization of the menstrual cycle, the patient was not prescribed prolonged courses of treatment, and need not be observed long before the year period for physicians.
  • at conception after the operation extensive drilling and workover no special risk of the issue of multiple pregnancy and
  • ovarian hyperstimulation, as it can be after drug treatment.
  • swiping operation, it is possible to conduct a parallel examination of the uterine cavity by hysteroscopy, as well as the patency of the fallopian tubes.
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In this case, it is also worth noting that the drilling, which is performed with the help of fertiloscopy is less invasive than laparoscopy, which is performed as an outpatient using local and regional anesthesia, and anesthesia.