Ovulation before menstruation may fail cycle

Ovulation before menstruation is a phenomenon that can most directly answer the question — is it possible to get pregnant forward to menstruation? Therefore, this phenomenon may be due to the fact that the cycle of the woman is not very regularly or in the same cycle, there may be two of ovulation, which also is a rarity.

The average menstrual cycle in women

In most cases, a classic menstrual cycle in women is within twenty-eight days.

So, maybe ovulate around the fourteenth day of the average cycle. In this case, some women who can boast of such a biological regularity of the period can afford the second part of the cycle to live a sexual life without contraception. But, most gynecologists recommend that this term greatly reduce and allow yourself the pleasure only from the eighteenth through the twenty-eighth day of the period.

This is due to the fact that women can be observed any defects in the body or may occur the phenomenon of double ovulation, so how many days into cycle is very important, it is equally important that relatively safe period can be quite variable.

Also the need for such exception errors due to the fact that the stability of women’s biological calendar is not always regular. Thus, it is with very great care to protect the calendar method, as it can end up absolutely unwanted pregnancy, especially when there is ovulation.

What may be a failure of ovulation period

Irregular menstrual periods is a problem faced by most women of reproductive age. But not always women with this problem go to a gynecologist and try just to experience this phenomenon, hoping that next month it doesn’t happen again.

However, it should be noted initially that delayed ovulation may be the cause of the phenomenon of unplanned pregnancies, which in some cases totally undesirable. Thus, the egg can Mature with a certain delay due to following main reasons:

  • a variety of load mental or emotional nature;
  • various inflammatory processes in the body women;
  • chronic pathology in aggravated degree.
  • unreasonable diets or diverse failures in power women;
  • diseases of endocrine nature.
  • pulmonary pathology, including pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • a variety of neoplastic processes of benign and malignant course;
  • the effects of various toxins or other harmful substances;
  • traumatic condition of the reproductive or urinary systems;
  • menstrual can often lose due to a genetic predisposition;
  • pathology of psychic nature;
  • pre menopausal condition in women and other diseases of the reproductive system.

Possibility of pregnancy during ovulation before menstruation

How many days into the menstrual cycle in women primarily depends on what factors surround the fairer sex. But, often the question becomes, can you get pregnant before menstruation? Thus, based on the fact that ovulation can occur before menstruation, it may be noted that it is possible to get pregnant not only to the menstruation, but also immediately after.

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If the cycle is absolutely irregular, in this case, the calendar method of calculation of «safe days» does not affect whether a pregnancy before menstruation or after it.

Double ovulation in the menstrual period

Whether there can be double ovulation in women? The answer is simple — of course you can. This is because ovulation can double at least once in your life to experience each of the fair sex. It is especially true for those women in the family who were born or twins twins.

Thus both oocytes undergo fertilization and in this case, how many days lasts the cycle does not matter. But as the period when a woman learns of a pregnancy, such period shall be not less than one month.

Therefore, this fertilized egg gets to the uterus, it attaches to the wall and immediately come monthly, but the pregnancy also occurs at this time. But, the only difference of this phenomenon from the normal menstruation is that it be able to go very to the ship or to identify herself with the period of expected menses.

Based on this, we can simply conclude that pregnancy before menstruation is quite common, especially if in a woman’s body ripens from two full eggs. If you need to choose the most suitable contraception, in this case, the calendar method is not the best option.

The possibility of ovulation directly before menstruation

As noted earlier, how many days into the menstrual cycle the most direct impact on such indicator, as the day of ovulation. In this case, if the loop is stable, the fairer sex can quite simply calculate the ovulation period and the days that are dangerous you terms of unwanted conception.

But, there are times that a woman is sure that ovulation is going to be solely on the specified day, and it comes to ourselves monthly, which is also not uncommon. In this case, pregnancy can not be considered impossible, and contraception should be consistent only with gynecologist.

In this case, the calendar method is not considered highly accurate and can fail at the most inopportune moment. Thus, it is necessary to consider why this is so:

In most cases the cycle the woman is at least twenty-eight days, but not more than thirty-five. The beginning of such period due to commencement of such phenomena as menstruation, and the end is the beginning of a new period. Thus days, to conceive a child which is quicker to calculate it is easy, however this is only possible if the cycle is characterized by a special stability.

If we consider the most dangerous days, they are for the most part of five days before ovulation and five days after, and it happens from month to month. All other days are potentially dangerous and carry the risk of unintended pregnancy provided that you are not using oral contraceptives or do not use condoms during intercourse.

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If we consider the process of pregnancy, it has long been known that sperm can remain viable for period of more than three days. They can be configured for fertilization of an egg, just concentrating on the inside of the female genital organs. However, even this fact is not the key.

Ovulation to menstruation, that is what is most fundamental in this process. This can be observed both in adolescence and in women before the onset of the phenomenon of menopause. Hormonal instability are not the exception, and may be the reason that ovulation occurs just before the menstruation or immediately after them.

Also, the reason for this phenomenon may be that ovarian maturation occurs not one egg, but two, even though it is rare, but it is possible. Therefore, again it is impossible to guess when ovulation occurs and how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

On this basis it should be noted that the menstrual cycle in women is not always stable and ovulation may not occur in the allotted time. For example, if before menstruation experiencing this phenomenon, it will not absolutely be considered a pathology.

How to determine that a pregnancy before menstruation or after it

In order to become fertilization requires that the sperm has done its job and fertilize the egg waiting for him. As for the menstrual period. During it a woman’s body includes a certain self-protection from unwanted pregnancy, but it could happen. Primarily this is because ovulation can occur just before menstruation themselves, which does not affect the flow of your period, but sperm can fertilize already ready for the egg.

The time duration of the monthly

The most basic. What an impact on when ovulation occurs and, consequently, can be pregnancy is how many days and how many women have regular monthly cycle. Ideally, this number varies from twenty-eight to thirty-five days. This duration is considered to be normal, and that hormonal levels in the woman’s body is stable and does not cause any pathological conditions.

With regard to the primary phase separation, the whole cycle is usually divided into three main phases, which in turn are its Foundation. Thus the first phase is based on the fact that the hormone level, which provides for the protection of conception is not very high, but once the egg leaves the follicle, they also rapidly rise in order to provide the most comfortable conditions for conception and subsequent pregnancy.

But, once menstruation starts, a level again begins to decline, until the next ovulation. However, this sequence is not perfect and may introduce a woman to a certain fallacy, as ovulation may occur directly before the menses, or there may be two.

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Thus, unwanted pregnancy is possible in the following cases, even on the assumption that a woman could boast of a fairly regular menstrual cycle:

  • sperm are adaptable and can live inside the female body a period that exceeds the ordinary. However, this can only be fixed in the case when ovulation occurs immediately after menstruation, as if everything goes on as usual, in the period of menstruation the sperm just can not survive until the next ovulation;
  • typical failures in the cyclical menstrual flow. In most cases this is typical of adolescence, in the period of menstruation or at the time when a woman is on the verge of climax, which also involves the instability of hormonal levels as well as the fact that menstruation becomes irregular enough, and over time its function is actually terminated;

  • menstrual disruptions. Thus, if menstruating women are completely irregular, then ovulation may occur quite unexpectedly, which can cause unwanted conception, regardless of menstruation;
  • pathology of the reproductive system in women. Some inflammatory processes can serve a cause of bleeding that very often simple is confused with menstruation before the onset of more complex symptoms.

Thus, in most cases, especially if the women’s menstrual cycle is no different regularity, foresees that, when the menstruation becomes absolutely impossible, however, in most cases, this period not less than twenty eight and no more than thirty-five days. With regard to the maturation of the follicle and release the ovum into the uterine cavity, this term is also the most direct way dependent on each individual woman’s body.

The calendar method of protection, in turn as well is not unique and can fail at any time. Hence, choosing the necessary means of contraception should initially this issue will be discussed with a gynecologist who will help to choose the right contraceptive, based on all the factors that can affect a woman’s condition.

As for ovulation, before menstruation, this phenomenon is common enough. In most cases, it is observed if two matured oocytes or in the case where the period absolutely unstable and hormonal level is in the process of constant failure.