Oxolinic ointment for nose from the cold: the shelf life and efficiency

How to treat rhinitis and sinusitis Oxolinic ointment?

Oxolinic ointment was created by Soviet pharmacists in the 70-ies. Affordable price, easy and safe to use, are key to the popularity in our time. Possessing an effective antiviral effect, it is able to resist flu, cold, herpes.

The main pharmaceutical ingredient in this ointment is the Oxoline, which has a high antiviral activity and protects cell membranes against the penetration of the virus. Oxolinic ointment does not accumulate in the body, shows no harmful toxic effects, and it is completely excreted from the kidneys during the day.

Method of production

The drug is available in two types:

  • Of 0.25% is intended for treatment of infections, prevention of influenza and sinusitis.
  • The 0.3% is intended for the treatment of viral skin diseases: lichen, herpes, adenovirus.

The pharmacological properties of ointments exert a virucidal effect, in contact with which the virus dies. The effectiveness of Oxolinic ointment depends on proper storage conditions. To preserve the antiviral activity of the drug is best stored in the refrigerator or a dark place, with temperature not exceeding 12 degrees. The shelf life of Oxolinic ointment depends on the date of issue and it can be stored for two years.

Treatment of the common cold

Cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinuses, or simply rhinitis, is a viral infection which is the causative agent adenovirus.

Having virucidal, effective action helps Oxolinic ointment when cold, resists infection and speeds recovery.

For the treatment of rhinitis is necessary to put the drug on the mucosa of the nasal passages 3 times a day.

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It is important to note that Oxoline able to get rid of a cold, it only enhances the action of other medicines for the treatment of nasal breathing.

Treatment of rhinitis should be supplemented with a vasodilator or vasoconstrictor drops. Oxolinic ointment nasal reviews, which you can read below, has established itself as a «working» product at a low price.

Treatment of sinusitis

Disorders of the respiratory system leads to a rather serious disease — sinusitis, the cause of which is the runny nose and nasal congestion, they impede the free flow of air.

Oxolinic ointment for the nose is applied prophylactically, to prevent disease sinusitis.

In the predisposition to inflammation of the sinuses enough to cause Obsolence on the nasal mucosa before going out on the street within a month.

After coming home from the street, be sure to rinse with warm water nasal passages, as there is accumulating virus bacteria. Oxolinic ointment in the sinus is used 3-4 times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms.

The use of the drug in infants

Is it possible to smear with ointment Oxolinic nose baby? This question is raised by many moms, most pediatricians believe that the use Oxoline not harm the baby.

It is important to know what to use the ointment you need to be especially careful.

How to apply Oxolinic ointment baby? The must mix it with baby cream to smear and not to the mucous membrane of the nose and over the nostrils and under the nose, before going for a walk.

Such a method of prophylaxis gives the body of the infant the ability to withstand the virus.

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Here you can learn how to treat a runny nose in a child with Kalanchoe.

Attention! Description is not a guide for self-treatment and is provided as a reference. Treatments and doses are determined only by the doctor. Any self-treatment is dangerous for your health!


Irina, 25 years: Many years of use from just runny nose Oxolinic ointment, don’t know anyone, but helps me perfectly. As winter comes, so all the snot flowed. Their children smeared in front of the school as a prevention, it is better to protect yourself once again, than then to be treated with expensive medications. In a drugstore freely available, and cheap, easy to use and tested over the years, good help from colds and flu, and besides has no side effects.

Olga, 31 years: I have never used Oxolini, until I became pregnant. Here began my problems with the nose. A runny nose is so tortured and I just didn’t know what to do, because to use drops impossible. Trying to treat people’s means of warming up all sorts of did, the improvements were, but not for long. Then a friend got to talking on this subject, and she advised me Oxolini nose smear. Honestly, a cheap ointment did not inspire me much confidence, but I still decided to try it. It helped, of course, not immediately (in fact, I did not expect a miracle), but two days later felt a marked improvement after just a week the cold is gone. Since I use this ointment and smear your baby’s nose before you walk in any case.