Pain in ear after swimming — what to do if the child has ear pain after swimming

What to do if ear hurts after swimming?

Inflammation in the outer, middle or inner ear in humans, the event is frequent. However, in each case, the cause of the inflammation are different indications: viral diseases, the penetration into the hearing aid of certain bacteria or viruses, as well as the formation of cerumen or water.

Unlike other sources of inflammation, water is usually lightning fast to cause various infections in the organ of hearing. So when you visit the pool or swimming in open lakes and ponds, it is important to ensure that no water gets in the ears. However, what if the water still got into the ear and what to do if the pool has an Earache?

What caused the pain

Inflammation in the ear have different factors of appearance. If the inflammation is accompanied with pain, you should immediately consult a doctor to identify the root cause and resolution an accurate diagnosis. Do not leave this problem without attention, as any disease in the ear can lead to serious consequences.

Remember that self-medication is not always on hand the patient.

Thus, you can cause significant injury, having sad consequences.

Pain in the ear can cause various causes:

  1. Diseases of the ear canal.
  2. Inflammation of the middle ear.
  3. Dysfunction of the auditory tube.
  4. Inflammation in the inner ear.
  5. Dysfunction of the auditory ossicles.
  6. Trauma to the external ear.
  7. The lack of hygiene.
  8. Health problems teeth.

However, the two most common causes of pain in the ears are education cerumen and water.

In the first case you must consult a doctor to eliminate the problem. In the home, provided small concentrations of sulfur, can be addressed with the help of special drops «Remo-wax» or «HHonors». These tools effectively, but gently and delicately remove sulfur in small amount of time.

In case of contact with water is necessary to take urgent measures, as the stagnant fluid can cause serious abnormalities in the structure of the ear. In addition, water can cause hearing loss, and in some cases lead to deafness.

Symptoms pain in the ears

In the case of getting water in the ear after bathing or swimming in the pool should eliminate the liquid in the near future. Otherwise water can cause serious pain.

Once water has entered the outer ear, it quickly spreads to the middle ear, causing dysfunction of the hammer, the anvil shoot.

To remove the water from the outer ear is easy. Enough to hold a cotton swab in all areas. Wool quickly absorbs excess fluid.

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However, if the liquid gets into the middle area of the ear, it is necessary to take urgent measures, as water is a dangerous provocateur. Do not leave this situation unattended, because the situation is very serious.

In order to protect themselves when swimming, you must wear specialized earplugs and a bathing cap on top. They exclude the contact with water.

When injected into the auditory canal, the water flows alone. It’s enough to tilt your head to the right and to the left. However, there are times when the water passes through the auditory canal further to the middle and inner ear. In this position liquid cannot flow out on their own and begins to stagnate.

In this case, the water provokes swelling of sulphur and the formation of traffic jams. This leads to serious inflammatory processes, up to the otitis.

It is known that earwax can fill seventy percent of the ear canal.

Pay attention to the following symptoms. Commonly the following symptoms are the first sign for referral to a specialist:

  • a sense of audience in the organ of hearing;
  • feeling of stuffiness in one or both ears;
  • the loss of sharpness of sounds;
  • not the right perception of sounds;
  • a little dizzy.

In some cases, there are nausea, vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbance.

If after each bathing you have these symptoms, contact your doctor.

Pay attention to pain in contact with fluid in the ear. If the pain associated with the violation of the integrity of the tympanic region, you will manifest the following symptoms:

  • significant hearing loss;
  • severe dizziness;
  • stuffy ear;
  • sharp pain in the middle ear;
  • discharge from the ears.

In this case, the patient should not be put off going to the doctor, as it is necessary and urgent to establish the degree of perforation and initiate emergency treatment.

The cause of the inflammation

In General, the occurrence of pain in the ear after swimming, often. This can be caused by multiple reasons:

  1. Abundant water ingress.
  2. Along with fluid in the ears can get infected in the water.
  3. Violation of the integrity of the eardrum. Perforation of the ear can be caused due to diving.
  4. Inflammation can be caused by hypothermia after a swim.

Commonly after the pool the child has an Earache. This is due to the anatomical structure of the body. Because the Eustachian tube and the organ of hearing in children are more susceptible to bacteria and infections, pain takes a very severe complications.

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It is important to know that pain may not occur immediately. Therefore, carefully inspect your child’s ears after each bath. Remember that a long presence of fluid in the ears of a child causes inflammation and pain in the ears increases.

Often when such symptoms appear, the noise and crackling in my ears. In this case, immediately consult the ENT doctor.

After examination, the specialist decides an accurate diagnosis and prescribes treatment. It includes a variety of fisioterapista treatments and heat therapy.

In addition, the patient is assigned ointments, creams and anti-inflammatory medications.

What to do if your child has an Earache after swimming

Remember this rule of thumb, if after a dip in the pool you have a sore ear – in the ear canal is exposed to water. It is necessary to withdraw urgently.

There are several methods of removing water.

The easiest way to remove stagnant water like this: stand on right leg, and bend your head to the left.

Jump in this position for about one minute. Then stand on your left leg and bend your head to the left. Retry the operation.

The second method to remove water is also simple. You need to inhale deeply and then hold your breath. Next, pinch the nose with your hand and exhale, but do not open the mouth. This leads to pressure in the Eustachian tube, which facilitates the removal of water.

After a dip in the pool, use turundy. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or make yourself. For this you will need a sterile cotton wool. It must be rolled tightly and whip.

The flagellum must be entered in the auditory canal, pre-moistened in olive oil. Keep turundas in ojokoro fifteen minutes, and then wipe the ear clean with a cotton swab.

If the described methods did not help, lie down the patient’s ear. In this position, you need to make a few swallowing movements. Such action will provoke to work a muscle located in the area of the ear. This action will bring the water out.

Then turn back and begin to tilt your head in different directions. Thus, the liquid will flow down the walls of the ear canals.

On some forums there is information about the method of drying the ear with a Hairdryer. Remember that they should not do that, because this method provokes the appearance of burns, and also affects the skin condition. Instead, use dry heat.

If after applying all the treatments effect is not achieved, you should consult a doctor. As by the action of liquid cerumen swells. She provokes the start of inflammation.

Traditional treatment provides medicines that can reduce pain. In addition, it is important that the medicine had removed the cause of the disease.

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In case of ingress of water into the middle ear should also consult to the doctor, as the means at hand this problem can’t be resolved.

To get into the middle ear the water when diving or jumping into the water. In this case, the Eustachian tube widens, and the water easily penetrates. As a result, after the pool man has difficulty with breathing and swallowing.

Treatment folk methods

In the case of benign disease, a specialist may prescribe the use of recipes of alternative medicine. These include the following recipes.

It is known that compresses a beneficial effect not only on the affected area, but also on health in General. During insertion into the ear water and is caused by inflammation, use a compress of onions.

It requires to chop the onions to form a slurry.

The resulting mixture wrap in a gauze compress and bandage. Keep the bandage on for several hours.

After removal, flush the ear with warm water and dry wipe. The result is noticeable after the first application.


In order to protect yourself and your baby while bathing, don’t forget to wear ear plugs and a cap. This will help eliminate contact with the liquid and not allow water to penetrate.

Remember that it is best to swim on the water surface. Try to eliminate diving and Snorkelling. If such opportunities to give hard, remember that underwater you need to hold his nose.