Pain in ear and head — headache gives the ear

Can ear headache?

If you have a sore ear and head should seriously think about your health, as these signs manifested in one and the same time, signaled the beginning of the inflammation.

The occurrence of unpleasant symptoms in the ears can be caused by many factors. Often the pain is manifested not only in the ears but in the head. At this time, a person feels heaviness, pressure changes, inflammation of the Eustachian tube, nasal congestion. To determine the cause and to answer the question of why the ear pain radiates to the head, should consult with a qualified physician.

Causes of pain in the ears and head

When the question of whether from ear to headaches, the answer is Yes. Pain in the head, the temples and the ears can be caused by a prolonged stay in a stuffy and dusty room.

Common causes of pain in the head and ears is the use of antibiotics for a long time.

A side effect of antibiotics and other drugs often causes nausea, vomiting and ringing in the ears.

However, in addition to these reasons, it is possible to determine many factors, of which headache and gives to the ears. In this sense can be shooting, cutting, aching, or sharp.

Often pain in the ears and head are not linked and are independent of inflammation. In addition, it is important to determine the location and character of pain.

Causes of pain may include the following signs:

  1. The penetration of viruses and infections in the hearing aid.
  2. An inflammation of the sinuses due to the penetration of various bacteria.
  3. Trauma to the auditory organ.
  4. Changes in the structure of the jawbone.
  5. Pathology development.
  6. Problems with the teeth.
  7. Caries.

In addition, another common cause is hypothermia. As a result, it may be otitis external or middle ear, causing the emergence of a strong shooting pain.

In the case of complications of otitis media, the pain may move to the temporal region. In acute otitis media the pain experienced not only in the head, but in the jaw. The patient experiences aching and throbbing pain. Most often according to the symptom worse at night and when eating.

To these symptoms with increased body temperature, dizziness, purulent or mucous discharge.

In the case of the transition of otitis media in chronic stage the patient feels a continuous pain in the temporal part. It is enhanced in the period of tilting the head forward or to the side.

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Another cause of pain can be a cold, flu or runny nose. In this case, the pain manifests itself in the temporal and frontal part of the head. Feeling aggravated by sharp bends and meal.

To less occurring signs include inflammation in the doubles joint head.

This happens in the case of penetration of bacteria and viruses as well as malware infections that causes malfunction of maxillofacial joint.

As a result, the person experiences a shooting pain and discomfort with every movement of the jaw. In the case of ignoring of this process appears arthritis and other diseases in the area of the face.

Arthritis caused due to severe damage to the head, bruises or sharp movements of the lower face. This leads to the development of sharp pain in the joints of the jaw and the frontal lobe.

Pain often appear when the change in blood pressure. In addition to unpleasant symptom, the patient feels throbbing pain in his head and dizziness, and stuffy ears.

Prolonged pain pay attention to dental health. Often the headache appears because of tooth sensitivity, and caries and other problems in the mouth. At this time, the pain goes to the head, neck, face and ears. A patient experiences shooting pains and fever.

If the pain becomes unbearable, take a painkiller and rinse your mouth with a solution of hypertonic saline.

For its production need to mix one tablespoon of salt in a warm glass of water.

Dial the mixture in your mouth and hold for one minute. The operation should be performed to reduce pain. Commonly it takes about five minutes.

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If it hurts my ear and gives head

Remember that the treatment of head and ear pain is only possible after the diagnosis of inflammation. Therefore, it is important to establish the root cause of the disease and to perform all the symptoms.

Besides, it is necessary to establish the localization of the disease and its character. It is possible that an accurate diagnosis must be examined by several doctors.

So, if the cause of the pain associated with teeth illness, you must contact your dentist. Specialist will conduct a visual inspection and produce a treatment, if necessary.

If the tooth was infected and bleeding before treatment it is necessary to conduct x-rays.

In cases of pain due to infection in the upper respiratory tract is assigned a treatment that eliminates the source of inflammation. It is important to prevent the recurrence of inflammation. For this patient appointed vasoconstrictor drops course of five days.

If the pain is a result of trauma of the ear must pass a comprehensive examination of the organ of hearing, which includes such surveys as otoscopy and CT scan of the brain.

It is important to examine the inner ear for violation of the vestibular apparatus and to conduct an audiogram.

The obtained results will help in assigning accurate diagnosis and course of further treatment.

So, in the case of lung damage to drug therapy is prescribed, and in more severe situations, surgical intervention is necessary with the replacement of damaged bones for implants.

In addition to these procedures, require different preventive methods, it is also necessary to drink a course of antibiotics and decongestant drugs.

With the unbearable pain, the patient is prescribed pain pills.

Injuries to the external ear can cause intermittent pain in the ear varying degrees. In addition, the pain may become chronic stage. It is therefore important to treat inflammation in the first symptoms.

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Pain can be caused by violation of the integrity of the eardrum.

If you experience sharp pain after diving, diving into water, hitting her head and other stimuli on the organ of hearing, the examination.

As often perforation of the tympanic region is precisely in such cases.

The symptoms are in violation of the integrity of the following:

  1. Nausea.
  2. The feeling of dizziness.
  3. The feeling of congestion.
  4. Squeaking noise and crackling in my ears.
  5. Loss of hearing acuity.
  6. Spotting.

Do not self-medicate and not bury in the ears alcohol drugs, as in perforation of membranes possible serious consequences. In addition, do not apply compresses, or apply other methods of treatment.

When you see the hole in the eardrum, it is important to urgently refer to a specialist.


It is important to understand that the pain in ear can occur due to various reasons, so it is important to be attentive to the condition. To prevent pain, you must strengthen the immune system, as well as to treat viral disease of the upper respiratory tract to the end.

In addition, maintain daily hygiene of the ears and mouth.

Try not to SuperCool and avoid getting water in the ears.

During inflammation of the ears do not do self-treatment and seek professional medical help immediately.