Pain in ear and head with one hand: gives the ear

Why ache right side of head and ear?

As you know, our body is a complex mechanism consisting of many bodies linked together. It often happens that sometimes it malfunctions. In this case, the human body sends us signals in the form of pain and other discomfort. I’m sure many of you have ever in your life felt the ear pain, shooting sensations in the head or the frontal sinus, as well as other unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the head and in the temporal region.

Pain discomfort and the way of life of the patient. In the case of chronic inflammatory process which takes place without the use of drugs, then it may be a signal to serious health problems. Why pain in ear and head with one hand, and how to deal with it, we’ll look at later.

The symptoms and causes of pain

Often, experiencing headache, we immediately try to resolve it with the help of painkillers, not particularly thinking about the reasons for its occurrence.

In case the pain returned after a short time, and in addition accompanied by pain in the ear, it may mean that you need to begin the process of treatment of this disease.

Like many diseases, headache has different characteristics. It can be sharp, throbbing, can become ill only a separate part of the head I.


The most common disease with similar symptoms is a migraine.

In this case, pain may be felt gradually, over time gaining momentum.

If the pain is felt each time stronger, and medicines are no longer active, please contact the hospital.

According to medical statistics, most often, migraine affects women. Men have also found this disease, but much less frequently. Most often, the pain localized on one side of the head, is a marker of dysfunction of any element in the brain.

In this case, the pain may be shooting, and sharp in nature, which is transferred to the ears or on the frontal part of the head.

Along with this there are numerous symptoms that greatly interfere with the patient and worsen his health. Often, patients complain of stuffiness in the ears and blurred vision. Flash light, high sound waves and the smell can only increase the sensation of pain.

If one day you have trouble with the whole right side of head and ear, but then the direction changes, it may mean that you are not sick headache, and for the exact symptom, you should consult a doctor.


If you experience pain in the whole right side of head and ear, due to a previously received head injuries, it could signal the beginning of a dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment.

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At this time, it is important immediately to be examined for the cause of education pain. In the course of examination include tomography, and other types of research that depend on the nature of the injury.

Based on these data, the specialist will prescribe a course of treatment.

Cluster pain

Another cause of pain can be a cluster of pain. They are similar to migraine symptoms, but in contrast, this disease is still not fully understood by physicians.

It usually occurs suddenly and lasts for a certain amount of time. The time cycle of this disease may consist of few days and couple of weeks.

Severe headache in one part of the head, almost always accompanied by pain in the ear and the temporal region.

In addition, the main symptom is high blood pressure, which leads to the redness of the eyes and skin.

In this situation helps neither one of the painkillers, all I can recommend doctors at cluster pain is to be in silence.


Another reason why headache in the right side and gives the ear, may be a brain tumor. It is not necessary that the tumor is in the part of the head which is in pain.

In different types of tumors of the head can hurt in different ways. In some, the pain only occur in the morning, others only in stressful situations. Almost always signs of a brain tumor, in addition to headaches, are dizziness and nausea. In some cases, secondary symptoms can be rapid weight loss, convulsions and disturbance of consciousness.


Also, the reason why the sore ear and the head on the right side, it may be osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The cause of this disease is more often a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, affects the intervertebral discs of the neck.

When moving the eyes, headache may increase. The disease is accompanied with noise in the ears, fainting and dizziness.

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Often, the reason for the systematic pain in right side of head, may be sinusitis. This happens because of inflammation of the mucous membrane in the paranasal sinuses. More vulnerable in this situation, the nose, the eyes and nose.

As in humans, the nose, the throat and the ear are closely linked, almost always, the pain is still in my ear. With a sharp head movements and tilts, headache increases.

Drug therapy and other treatments

How to most effectively get rid of such unpleasant feelings and at the same time without hurting my body? In each disease, the treatment method an individual. It is necessary to consider them separately.

In medicine at the moment there is no effective method of treatment. In such a situation, doctors can prescribe certain pain medications, along with anticonvulsants and antidepressants. At each migraine attack, it is recommended to consult a doctor for further treatment methods.

  1. However, in the case of weak seizures, specialists prescribe the following drugs — Aspirin, Analgin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Naproxen, Ketrolac.
  2. For more severe attacks will be effective course of treatment with the following medicines, Tsitramon, Askofen, Pentalgin, Migranal, Kaffetin, Solpadein.
  3. In the case of seizures, sleep-disturbing, causing tearfulness, exhaustion and persistent pain are assigned – Zomig, Relpax, Naramig, Remig.

Throughout the course of treatment the patient required massage, and the use of special vitamins and supplements. In the course of treatment includes physical therapy exercises.

At the first symptoms of a brain tumor, should immediately seek medical help. If this is done well in advance, in the initial stages of manifestation of the disease, the treatment will be most effective.

Despite the fact that a brain tumor is very serious and dangerous disease, the chance of recovery is always there. And the sooner the disease is detected, the more chances to cope with it.

Usually, doctors treat it with the help of modern procedures like:

  • chemotherapy;
  • radiosurgery;
  • cryosurgery.

In benign tumor needs urgent surgery. Remember, the sooner you seek medical help, the more chances of a positive outcome.

To combat headaches in cervical degenerative disc disease, doctors use a variety of warming ointments and massages on the neck. For getting rid of pain at home enough to take a horizontal position. But, this method can relieve the symptoms in case of acute. For getting rid of the disease, contact the medical institution to diagnose the nature of the disease and the individual treatment.

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If your headache is accompanied by sinus symptoms in this case, you will only the doctor-the otolaryngologist. After the diagnosis of the disease, the expert clearly will choose which medication will fit in your case. After treatment, headache side effects, will be fully.

Most often, treatment includes the following medications:

  1. The antibiotic Sumamed, Clarithromycin, Spiramycin, Erythromycin, Amoxicillin flemoksin soljutab.
  2. Sprays for the sinuses – Izofra, Polideksa, Bioparoks.
  3. In the case of acute inflammation can not do without the injection for intravenous or intramuscular use – Cefazolin, Cefotaxime, Ceftriaxone.
  4. Vasoconstrictor drops and sprays to eliminate the puffiness and alleviate the patient’s General condition – a Cold, Afrin, Nanospray.
  5. To moisten the mucosa needed – Renolux, Phrase, saline.

Remember that self-treatment for the described disease is unacceptable. You will not only ease the condition of the patient, but also exacerbate inflammation. In addition, during therapies is strictly prohibited methods of alternative medicine. Teas and tinctures can provoke increased negative process.

Therefore strictly adhere to the prescribed course of treatment by a medical professional.


Regardless of what this disease will cause symptoms, it is important to remember that the main key to a fast and full recovery is quickly and properly diagnosed.

All diseases are much easier treated if you start to get rid of them in the early stages. Also do not forget that to self-medicate not only undesirable, but can be dangerous for your health. Only a qualified technician can easily and accurately identify the causes of your illness, and in what direction to move on.