Pain in forehead between the eyebrows and cold there: how and what to treat

What to do when pain between eyebrows when cold?

Education of discomfort with rhinitis or seasonal respiratory infections at the initial stage often go unnoticed. However, this symptom should pay attention is mandatory, because pain is the first sign of a serious inflammation of the body. Often the pain between the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose is formed by the multiplication of bacteria and pathogens in the nasal cavity. This factor leads to acute rhinitis, sinusitis and frontal sinusitis. Not be assured for hundred percent that in your case the reason lies in the lung inflammatory processes, which tend to take place in the evening.

Incorrect or delayed diagnosis of inflammation may be the main cause of a serious process. The sooner you visit a therapist’s office and determine the cause of discomfort, the easier it will be for your treatment. At the stage of diagnosis the doctor will tell you how and what to treat runny nose if it hurts the forehead near the eyebrows. Adhering to his advice, the patient will eliminate the inflammation and normalizes its status in a few days.

Causes painful sensations

To establish why pain in forehead between the eyebrows and nose, it is necessary at the stage of diagnosis. Don’t ignore the signs of pain, as in the progression of the process the pain will only get stronger. In rare cases the unpleasant sensations are alone and hope the case is not worth it.


Pain between the eyebrows generally occurs on the background of prolonged rhinitis.

The fact that mucus discharge eventually localized not only in the nasal cavity, but also the paranasal sinuses. Accumulating in this zone, the patient increases, the symptoms of the disease.

Localizes in the forehead or right above the eyes, pain with time becomes stronger and causes a disruption in sleep, loss of appetite, fatigue, lethargy, weakness. In addition, at the time of progression of rhinitis, the patient noted severe intoxication.

Education pain due to stagnation of fluid in the nasal cavity, which begins to put pressure on the brain membrane. As a result, the patient feels severe pain.


Another cause of the pain – intoxication. Such a process is characterized by infection of the entire body of toxins, which are allocated to pathogens. Penetrating the mucous membrane of the nose, the patient formed a serious defeat functions, causing a number of acute symptoms.

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In addition, at the stage of diagnosis is necessary to determine the presence or absence of an infectious inflammation.

At this stage the patient is often sick not only in the area between the eyebrows, but the ears and on the breath.

Symptoms are characteristic in the formation of a cold or flu.

At this time patients wonder why it hurts the forehead between the eyebrows and cold there? Pain at cold is only the first symptom of the disease. At later stages pain becomes more acute.

In addition, patients complain of swelling of the mucous cavity, the inability to maintain breathing through the nose, nasal congestion, malaise, muscle pain.

To understand what the patient forms an acute inflammatory process by the following features:

  • the aggravation of inflammation on the second or third day;
  • the penetration of the virus into the cavity of the nasopharynx;
  • the formation of strong pain in the head;
  • increased pain on the street;
  • in the morning, the patient noted the formation of copious amounts of mucous secretions;
  • with a sharp rise, the patient feels a shooting feeling in frontal sinus;
  • when you turn your head or tilt the pain is worse;
  • in case of cough, the patient is forced to hold his head, as the pain becomes unbearable.

In the course of such inflammation you need to take immediate action. Otherwise the illness will invade nearby organs and trigger the formation of otitis media or sinusitis.


Often the pain in the bridge of the nose is formed as a result of complications of rhinitis.

When moving mucous secretion in the paranasal sinuses, in the maxillary cavity accumulates a copious amount of viscous secretion.

While patients report a feeling of pressure in the nose, and on palpation one feels a sharp pain.

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is accompanied by nasal congestion, pain in the cheekbones and temples, as well as an abundance of purulent secretion.


When inflammation of the mucous membrane in the ethmoid bone region of the patient can also appear painful sensations between your eyebrows.

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When diagnosing etmoidit in addition to pain, patient has fever, stuffy nose, as well as shooting and pressing sensation in region of the frontal sinus.


If the pain is localized not only between the eyebrows, but in the frontal sinus, it is likely that the patient is diagnosed with sinusitis.

The disease is accompanied by profuse mucous secretions, and fever, fever and swelling of the mucous membranes and the eyelids.

Sinusitis and other inflammation of sinusitis, should be treated at the earliest stages.

If the therapy treatment was not rendered in time, the patient noted the lack of oxygen.

This factor in turn causes severe headaches.

What to do when pain between eyebrows when cold

To get rid of painful sensations in the head and the bridge of the nose is possible with conservative treatment. In addition, the patient must stay in bed and take plenty of water.

During the treatment the patient should not play sports and be active. At the same time, pain may increase due to prolonged reading, watching TV, or tablet, as well as during prolonged work at the computer or laptop.

To reduce inflammation and reduce pain at the time you need to reduce the load on the organ of vision.

In addition, in the course of treatment includes medication anti-inflammatory effect and anti-fever medications and pain pills.


To reduce the pain between the eyebrows and eliminate the source of inflammation, the patient is assigned to the following medicines:

  1. Antibacterial drugs aimed at the local impact. When more serious process, the patient is prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics – Augmentin, Cefazolin, Clarithromycin. These drugs will reduce the symptoms of inflammation, eliminate hearth, but will also reduce the signs of intoxication.
  2. In addition to pills the patient is prescribed nasal drops with antibiotics — the local fight against germs assigned Bioparox, Polideksa or Izofra.
  3. During the development of inflammation it is important daily to rinse the nasal cavity with solutions of sea salt — Aqua Maris, Phrase, Dolfin, But Sol.
  4. To restore the functions of the nose are appointed vasoconstrictor drops – Otrivin, Naphazoline, Tizin or Nazivin. They needed to reduce mucous secretion and edema in the mucosa region.
  5. In the course of getting rid of the inflammation, doctors prescribe antihistamine drugs — Suprastin, Cetelem, claritin, Cethrin Zyrtec. They help to reduce swelling and improve nasal breathing. In addition, antihistamines improve the flow of mucus from the maxillary sinuses.
  6. To reduce the viscosity of the secret patient is prescribed mucolytic agent.
  7. Pain in the bridge of the nose is usually accompanied by a strong increase of temperature. In this case, the patient was prescribed antipyretic drugs — Nimesil, Ibuprofen.
  8. If pain resulted from infection of the body, the patient prescribed antivirals — Rimantadine, Aflubin, Noirin.
  9. For a full treatment the patient needs homeopathic medicine is Cinnabsin, Sinuforte. They facilitate breathing and reduce the amount of allocated secret.
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If such therapy was ineffective, the patient can carry out surgery. During the operation, the technician pierces the sinuses and eliminate accumulated pus, which presses on the nose. Cleansing of the sinuses leads to improved breathing and a rapid reduction in pain.

Preventive measures

To avoid the pain between the eyebrows and to reduce the risk of sinusitis drink a decoction of herbs with honey and essential oils. In addition, take two liters of water a day.

Watch your diet and eliminate harmful foods from the usual diet today. Avoid exposure to air conditioning and hypothermia.

It is very important to abandon bad habits and to strengthen the immune system.