Pain in lower abdomen as with menstruation, but no menstruation: causes

Many girls and women suffer from this ailment, premenstrual syndrome. However, pain in the abdomen are not always associated with menstruation and can occur long before its onset. Also causes pulling sensations become like the state of pregnancy and unwanted diseases in the reproductive system. If you have a belly as at monthly, but monthly not, the delay could have undesirable consequences.

Therefore, if you note a certain delay menstruation that lasts more than five days, it is mandatory to consult the gynecologist to exclude the possibility of development of diseases of the genital organs. This is true for situations where the menstrual cycle is unstable, and discomfort manifested as pain in the lumbar region, nausea or vomiting. All this may indicate a serious illness.

Pain syndrome at the onset of ovulation

A woman’s body is a complex and multi-functional mechanism, whose main task is carrying and birth, consequently, the reproductive system it is necessary to pay attention to and watch for conditions that may cause concern. In most cases it is the state when the bottom of the abdomen begins to whine and or there sipping the attack.

Lower abdominal pain may Herald the onset of menstruation. This is because in the approximation period, the woman usually feels as it begins to SIP the stomach on a psychological level, because despite the calendar, biological clock of the individual and to determine the time of menstruation can only be a woman.

If pain in lower abdomen as with menstruation but not monthly, as well as for testing of pregnancy the result is negative therefore the condition can cause anxiety and main reason for referral to a specialist for advice.

With regard to the period of ovulation, in some cases, when pulling the lower abdomen and no menstruation can indicate that time has come. The condition in most cases, when the egg enters the abdominal cavity. Therefore, nagging pain may occur two weeks before the onset of menstruation.

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With regard to the duration and localization of this state like abdominal pain during ovulation, they can be observed on both the right and left, and in some cases down to the abdominal cavity. The duration of assessed symptom continues from a few minutes to two to three hours.

Ovulatory feeling when your abdomen hurts – this is the fate of all women, but some feel more and some can take the feeling of attention. This factor depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. Therefore, the pain at the onset of ovulation is not a pathology or disease, and physiological process that occurs in the body of every woman.

Pain as an indicator of the norm or incipient pathology

The menstrual cycle is the period of the women’s calendar, which starts counting from the first day of such phenomena as menstruation. In most cases, the average duration of the period is twenty-eight days, but not always indicator is an average. In some cases, the period can last from twenty-one days to thirty-five. Consequently, periods can be delayed with the individual characteristics of the female body or the presence of chronic diseases such as endocrine, and reproductive systems.

The delay period pulls the lower abdomen – this is considered the norm for one or two days. As for feeling the pain during this period, it can be the following:

  • pull the abdomen;
  • sore chest;
  • pronounced dizziness;
  • there may be nausea and other related symptoms.

Regarding the delay of menstruation during the formation of the menstrual cycle in adolescent girls, the period can last up to three years. The entire specified period of menstruation can be late or early to start, there are all these symptoms of ailments and you may also experience pain at the bottom of the uterus.

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Therefore, in such a situation, if it hurts your abdomen and your time of the month is the period of the settlement of the menstrual cycle, which is to wait and it will install and be regular. Lonely, you should consult a doctor who will confirm the diagnosis and rule out the possibility of disease.

The reason why there is a delay of menstruation and abdominal pain, may be taking oral hormonal agents. In this case, you should consult with your doctor about the possible removal of the drug, however, you should not cancel your own. If rashly stop taking hormonal medications may cause abnormal bleeding, which in some cases can not be stopped. Not worth the risk, and the need to consult a gynecologist.

Adnexal or yellow body – in some cases, are the reason that stomach pain as in menstruation. Polycystic can have a huge impact on egg maturation, the consequence of what can be observed phenomena such as low blood pressure, headaches, pain starts in the abdomen and marked delay of menstruation.

As you can see, not always the appearance of abnormalities may be a consequence of the fact that the sore area of the uterus during the delay period. Therefore, to correctly identify the cause of the condition, should go to female consultation, the doctor had correctly determined the cause of the occurrence of such sensations as aching stomach.

Features problem-solving delayed menstruation

When a woman is expecting monthly, but they are not and if a stomach ache, it is often women may resort to the use of traditional medicine. This is because, when there is no menstruation is not always a reason for the use of medical drugs.

If in a particular month is not celebrated menstruation, and the absence of hundred percent has no connection with the pregnancy then you need to be diagnosed to determine the cause, which may precede the position. This is because the sipping sensation and lower discomfort in the absence of menstruation is not the cause of the pathological condition, but a consequence.

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After the diagnostic steps are taken, the gynecologist takes a decision about the correct prescription of medicines to address the phenomenon. If the cause is imbalance in hormonal level of women, the condition is favorable can be eliminated with the help of drugs based on hormones. However, the physician must consider the age, weight, presence of chronic diseases and other factors that can occur in women.

The main reasons why a stomach ache and menstruation is not:

  • drinking large quantities of caffeine, alcohol, and other harmful means;
  • failures in the diet, the use of strict diets;
  • unbalanced mode, work/rest;
  • low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle;
  • stress, conflicts, provoking stress and as a consequence the occurrence of depressive States;
  • the lack of vitamins, minerals and other negative factors.

The critical days is a condition which may be accompanied by moderate pain and this will be an indicator of norms. May experience other pathological phenomena, which may indicate the presence of any diseases of female sexual sphere, especially if there is a delay in menstruation. Address to the gynecologist – the key to health.