Pain in tragus of the ear with pressure — types and treatment

What to do if you have a tragus on the ear when I touch it?

Unpleasant sensations in the ear may be associated with infection trapped in the ear, and the beginning of inflammatory process in the outer, middle or inner ear. But not always the causes of pain associated with otitis or other ear diseases.

Sometimes the pain is associated with inflammation on the tragus of the ear. In any case, if the pressure hurts the tragus of the ear, pay attention to it. As this symptom can lead to many diseases.

The structure of the tragus

The part of the ear called the tragus is composed of cartilaginous tissue and is located on the outer ear. It is a small ledge, and additional on — proteomelab, which is located above the earlobe.

The tragus is a small size and performing on the outer part of the ear, in the ear cavity.

It is known that the body is important in the organ of hearing, as its functions include the perception of sounds, including those that are published behind the man. In addition, the trestle is responsible for the direction of the sounds.

In addition, the operation of the tragus includes:

  • increase or decrease frequency of sound waves;
  • increases the sensitivity of the ear;
  • reflects sounds back;
  • determines the location of sounds and noises;
  • indicates infection with the disease of middle or external ear;
  • partially fulfills the protection of the auditory organ from infection, viruses, foreign objects.

Each person, the size and shape of the tragus of the individual. It depends on the structure of the whole organism and individual characteristics of the organism.

In rare cases there are pathological problems of the structure with a deformation body.

Thanks to the trestle you can learn about the beginning of inflammations such as otitis media and other ear diseases.

This requires gently pressing the tab in the outer ear.

With the development of purulent otitis media or inflammation in the middle ear, the patient experiences acute pain during the contact. In some cases, the skin around the body becomes red.

Partner tragus – protivogaze. He is on the opposite side of the ear and is less visible. However, in the operation of protivootecna includes protection against too high sound waves.

In addition, this body finds the sound vibrations in the area to the sides. And this projection allows the sound to pass inside, transforming it in a milder form.

The manifestation of inflammation of the tragus

The advantage for the definition of inflammation is that the trestle is on the outside. Touching this body, people will easily be able to understand whether there are problems.

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When inflammation of the tragus affects all three parts of the ear: outer, middle and inner region. The patient may experience various manifestations of pain:

  1. A feeling of pressure.
  2. Shooting sensations.
  3. Nagging pain.

So, if you feel pain in the ear when pressing on the tragus, then you can be diagnosed with the following diseases:

  1. Otitis external ear. If you touch you experience pain, it is likely that you have inflammation in the outer body. The disease is not linked to age and get sick, she can, like an infant, and the elderly. To provoke the appearance of external otitis can various infection, or microtrauma of the skin.
  2. Diffuse otitis. This is the second type of disease in which the patient experiences pain when pressing on the tragus. In the course of the disease violated the integrity of the skin. The trestle when it is swollen.
  3. In the process of inflammation of the hair follicle occurs a limited otitis. Subsequently, the diseases occur boils full of pus. To get rid of them is possible only with surgery.

Scratches, cracks and wounds in the ears also cause inflammation of the tragus. Any mechanical damage negatively affect the overall health of your ears.

In all cases of pain whether it is dull or, conversely, shoot, don’t delay going to the ENT doctor. Timely treatment will relieve you from severe forms of the disease, such azagury otitis.


Causes of pain tragus distinct. But when any disease the patient common symptoms:

  1. In contact with the tragus or the area near the ears is caused unbearable pain.
  2. Constant itching in this region.
  3. Increasing the size of the tragus.
  4. Swelling.
  5. Hearing loss.
  6. Itching.
  7. Burning.
  8. The appearance of redness in the ears.

In addition, the feeling of pain increases during eating, and swallowing movements.

Inflammation of the outer region of the disease can be caused by several aggravating symptoms. These include:

  • cracks and wounds on the skin of the ears. They occur when maintaining hygiene of the ear sticks. Often people injure delicate cover of the meatus a rough motion and cause scratches. In the future, the skin form of anthrax, which can affect health status;
  • the second common cause-is the water entering the middle ear. Usually it appears after showering or in the summer, when it was launched a season of swimming in reservoirs and lakes.
    After contact with water, be sure to wipe each ear with a cotton discs or cotton towels. So you cut off yourself from many problems.
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Inflammation of the tragus of the ear treatment

Many wonder when inflamed tragus of the ear, what to do in the first place.

Once you have identified the causes of the disease and identified the symptoms, contact your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

An effective method for getting rid of unpleasant feelings is considered boric alcohol. To use it, enter into the ears of turundy pre-soaked in three drops of money.

However, this method in the modern world has faded into the background, because there are more effective methods.

If the patient in the course of the disease appeared boils, they should be open and remove. This operation is carried out in a medical facility under the supervision of physicians.

Further, the specialized specialists prescribe drops, which are antibiotics. They will eliminate pus, if present. Being of the patient after treatment is improved on the fifth day.

In diffuse disease the operation is not required. In this case, the patient is prescribed medication. It includes:

  • a course of antibiotics for General treatment. Before you apply this treatment is necessary to ensure that the patient is not hypersensitive to any component that is part of the medication;
  • the second step is antibiotic therapy;
  • during the treatment the patient prescribed Allergy medicines for removing the swelling;
  • if the cause of the disease was the fungus, the patient is assigned to anti-fungal medicines, allowing you to quickly eliminate the source of inflammation;
  • to relieve pain anti-inflammatories are recommended, such as «Nurofen» or «Diclofenac»;
  • to maintain the body’s immune system are prescribed vitamins and active food additives;
  • considered to be an effective means ear drops containing antibiotics.

To maintain the achieved effect, specialists recommend to undergo acupressure. It will relieve fatigue and pain.

Usually massage is done by trained professionals, but in the absence of conditions it can be done at home. To do this you need to carry out gymnastics of the ear canal:

  1. Pull the earlobe down and up.
  2. Then perform a rotational motion.
  3. Close his ears with his hands for a few seconds and slowly open them.
  4. Tap your fingers next to the tragus.
  5. During the massage pinch the skin around the ear. This will allow the ear canal to the tone.

Do not perform any sudden movements. Thus, you will be able to inflict significant damage.

As you can see, the rate of cure is quite extensive. It is important to follow each step to quickly get rid of symptoms and effective recovery.

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The treatment of inflammation in children

If it hurts the tragus of the ear of the child to define the problem simply. Commonly in contact to the affected area, the kid’s really crying and fussy.

In addition, there are the following symptoms:

  • refusal of food;
  • when you touch it to your ear baby abruptly begins to cry;
  • the lack of sleep.

Factors diseases of the tragus in children are different. These include:

  1. Infectious diseases.
  2. Otitis external, middle or inner ear.
  3. Getting a foreign object in the ear.
  4. The lack of hygiene.
  5. Travmatizatsii ear.

Identifying the symptoms, consult your ENT specialist for treatment.

Commonly the child treatment is similar to treatment of an adult. But there are certain rules that must be heeded.

First and foremost, remember that the use of alcohol-containing components are prohibited. For example, boric alcohol can cause serious burns on baby’s delicate skin and aggravate the process.

If the treatment is initiated in a timely manner, the use of antibiotics is not recommended. Instead, doctors recommend the use of such drugs as:

  • antihistamines, quickly overwhelming the allergens in the body. A combination of drugs may be «Tavegil»;
  • antifungal agents;
  • drugs that suppress inflammation;
  • to maintain the body’s immune system are prescribed vitamins.

The manifestation of the disease is not be afraid to use the medication. Pain in the tragus easy to fix and to heal.


The emergence of unpleasant sensations in the ear most often associated with inflammatory processes. Therefore, prevention of the disease involves fighting bacteria.

Therefore, follow the hygiene of the ears. Wash the ear every day, and cleansing the specialized drops, or ear sticks spend once a week.

If you or your child is prone to ear infections, to avoid water entering. When the first symptoms consult a doctor. The technician quickly determine the cause and prescribe proper treatment.