Pansinusitis: what is it, symptoms and treatment, folk remedies

How to recognize and cure pansinusitis?

Many diseases of ENT-organs with inflammatory in nature, patients tolerated very hard. The treatment takes a long time, the wrong approach leads to the development of other more serious pathologies. One of such diseases is pansinusitis. If you have recently from this disease simply died, today pansinusitis successfully treated, but timely surgical intervention.

Treatment of pansinusitis is a comprehensive therapy, and sometimes hospitalization is required. The inflammation in this disease has a rapid growth, covering the frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal and ethmoidal area of the nasal sinuses. Often the pathology is accompanied by the release of purulent masses, which complicates the condition.

Pansinusitis: what is it and why is there

When inflamed mucous of the nasal passages, they say that there is a rhinitis. Few people pay the issue the attention and rhinitis gradually passes into sinusitis – an inflammation of covers one or both paranasal sinuses. When rhinitis occurs in conjunction with sinusitis, physicians diagnose the occurrence of rhinosinusitis.

Complication of sinusitis leads to the development of pansinusitis, at this stage, the pathology of the inflammatory process covers all of the sinuses at the same time, further affecting the mucosa. The disease can be considered rare, but to delay his treatment is dangerous.

To the development of pansinusitis result:

  • launched the development of infectious, fungal, viral, bacterial pathologies of the respiratory tract;
  • a weak immune system;
  • chronic caries;
  • injuries of the nose;
  • swimming in contaminated waters.


The main indications for suspected pansinusitis are:

  • causeless headache;
  • problems breathing through the nose;
  • the weakening of the sense of smell;
  • fever, chills;
  • in the morning, a feeling of dryness in the mouth, nausea, vomiting;
  • there is a sepsis.

In addition there are all the signs of intoxication. Painful sensations become more pronounced when tapping localized in areas of inflammation. After the accumulated fluid cannot flow out, the pain had somewhat subsided.

In addition to nasal congestion in a moment observed the excretion of fluids from the sinuses. The shade changes from gray to purulent green. Sometimes the fluid generally passes the nasal cavity, because in the process of development of the pathology is blockage of the sinuses.

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Pus has nowhere to go, it is spreading rapidly in the direction of the brain, which causes the development of abscesses or meningitis.

Forms and types

Doctors there are two forms of pansinusitis:

  1. The acute form of disease, occurs with fever, headaches, nasal congestion. Acute pansinusitis is a real threat of developing more severe forms of pathology.
  2. The chronic form is divided into normal and low grade. This can be called insidious, as the symptoms are hardly noticeable.

Types of pansinusitis differ in the degree of occurrence of pathology:

  1. Catarrhal pansinusitis – the most mild form, causing viral infections. The pus at this stage is not formed, despite the strong swelling of the mucosa of the body.
  2. Polypoid — accompanied by extensive edema. Mucous like growing, forming on its surface neoplasms – polyps. In this case, the disease often takes a chronic form, the polyps are slowly growing stronger, and to remove them required surgery.
  3. Purulent – pus accumulates, blocking all channels of the nasal passages. Typically, such accumulations from the body is not excreted, causing other complex pathology.
  4. Acute purulent pansinusitis is the most severe form of the disease, when purulent mass localized near the brain. Their removal is possible only through surgical intervention.

The most severe forms of the disease often lead to death of patients. When pus enters in the structure of the brain, death is inevitable.

Drug therapy of pansinusitis

To the treatment of the disease must be taken very seriously. Time has not revealed pathology, improper medication, neglect on the part of doctors and patients can lead to death or, at best, disability. Leaving a patient without proper attention, there is a risk of accumulation of purulent masses in the structures of the brain that often causes vision loss.

Medical focus on:

  • the restoration of the proper breathing through the nose;
  • eliminate pain and related symptoms.

The nasal passages are washed with the use of special equipment or at home. Rinsing based on the method Proetta, balloon sinusplasty and performed using Yamik catheter. If you have to open the frontal sinus, a necessary procedure of trepanopuncture. Also, punctures are made on the clogged sinuses.

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Rinsing can be carried out using:

  • solution;
  • sea water;
  • Furatsilina;
  • baking soda;
  • salt water;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Is assigned to the following nasal nose drops, antibiotics:

  • Naphazoline;
  • Sanorin;
  • Loratadine;
  • Nazin;
  • Anaferon;
  • Interferon;
  • Triamcinolon;
  • Prednisone;
  • Dexamethasone;
  • Eden;
  • Trixaicin;
  • The nystatin.

Additionally, the doctor may prescribe the use of Immunostimulants, vitamins, and warming ointments – Star Doctor.


To establish the diagnosis and to choose the treatment needs a doctor. For example, to recognize the symptoms of chronic pansinusitis quite difficult to select the appropriate treatment. To independently determine the choice of medication will not work, because you need to consider not only the possible reaction of the body not a drug, its interaction with other drugs, but the degree of development of pathology. Moreover, in some cases, required surgical intervention.

The decision on necessity of operation takes the attending specialist if drug therapy fails, purulent accumulations to drain in a natural way does not work, they are moving in the direction of the brain. Well in that case, if polyps grow.

Pansinusitis treatment of folk remedies

In the initial stages of the pathology, when the disease has not yet adopted an extremely dangerous form allowed treatment of pansinusitis at home. However, experienced experts strongly recommend first to go on reception to the doctor, and only after, when the worst form of pathology is not confirmed, it is possible to self-medicate.

Traditional treatment of pansinusitis include:

  1. Washing with decoctions of herbs. The nasal passages should be regularly up to five times per day, rinse decoction of herbs – sage, chamomile, succession, marigold. You can use drugstore products – the solutions prepared on the basis of sea water, salt. For these purposes independently prepare saline solutions of normal salt, diluting teaspoon per liter of water.
  2. Inhalation. In case of approval of the Tippet, you can try a breath of hot decoctions of herbs, based on which it performs a lavage of the sinuses. Additionally used oregano, eucalyptus.
  3. The compresses. On the diseased parts surface can be applied a compress of ointment own making. Connect the wax with a small amount of aloe, honey, is applied to the areas where pain is felt. After an hour wash off. Such homemade ointments have antibacterial, therapeutic effect. You can use natural juice, Kalanchoe, eucalyptus oil.
  4. Laying turundae. In the nasal passages after flushing channels placed cotton balls soaked in special facilities. As impregnation use a decoction prepared in the following way: a handful of dry eucalyptus pour 1/4 Cup of boiling water, allow to cool and to stand, therefore, tightly cover with a lid. The tool then strain. Add in the broth, half tablespoon of honey, impregnated tampon, or turundas, placed in the nasal cavity for a quarter of an hour. If there is discomfort immediately removed.
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All methods of treating the disease are available and easy. However, if sensibly assess the situation, to understand what pansinusitis, and as it is difficult to cure, even with a highly qualified professional assistance, better self is not engaged. Moreover, if on the second day no improvement is seen. Such techniques are widespread in the preventive purposes, the prevention of occurrence of pansinusitis, but treatment is not always highly effective.

To the hospital with similar conditions need to contact as early as possible. At the initial stage of the disease, the patient’s state of health can quickly lead to normal, to suppress accompanying symptoms. Advanced forms of pansinusitis very dangerous in such cases to prevent the lethal outcome is possible very seldom.

Especially not to be negligent to what is happening, when a child is sick. Children’s bodies are very weak and predict the consequences impossible. You should always be alert, since these can be provoked by ordinary cold.