Parasites in the bladder of man: types and characteristics

Many of us believe that parasites is the problem of people living in undeveloped countries. Imagine yourself as infected with worms poor difficult and scary. So more or less effective protection against helminths take is that of a doting mother preschoolers and children of primary school age. In civilized man, even on a subconscious level strengthened the confidence that purity is a constant attribute of his life. But even in the most affluent countries of the parasitic diseases are not considered as something sensational.

Every kind of worms feels comfortable in a certain area of the body of the host. The most well-known parasites live in the intestine and liver. While some types of helminths remain in the bladder. And if these pests a long time to uncover, they will bring on tremendous harm. It will be useful to figure out how to manifest themselves «guests», and most importantly – how to netbeat their appearance.

Tiny and clever – shistosoma

A variety of household products, quality products, availability of clean water does not save us from the worms. The threat of catching parasites relevant even for a very neat lady or a neat men. Therefore, it will not hurt to know more about these «guests», about the signs of infection with them.

There are many varieties of parasites. It is advisable to elaborate on those that fall into the bladder of a man. Are worms Schistosoma. Area of their habitat become bowel and bladder.

Areas with tropical climate – the real «Champions» in the number of infestations of these pests. In any fresh waters in large quantities are present adult worms and their eggs. Introduced parasites in the human body in two ways. The first method is familiar to our understanding: helminth eggs man swallows water. And the second way is characteristic for schistosomes in the human body worms enter through the pores on his skin. Someone this fact may seem incredible, but many years of experience working in Africa and Portuguese, Brazilian doctors confirmed that even walking on water barefoot, in most cases, ends with the infection.

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In places of penetration of schistosomes the skin is inflamed. On the hands, feet (and quite often on the back and stomach) person to have reddish dots, reminiscent of allergic rashes. To the extent that, as developing larvae of the parasite, the number of ailments the patient is growing (due to migration «guests»). In the veins of the bladder the adults settle in a few months. First, the inflammation affects the upper layers of the mucous membrane of this organ, which contributes to hemorrhage. Over time, the bladder appears a lot of ulcers, its walls thicken. The main feature of schistosomiasis is the presence of blood in urine of the patient. Is called and other signs of damage to the urinary bladder sistemami:

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Constant fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Soreness during urination.
  • Renal colic.

The body usually reacts violently to helminth eggs.

Swollen lymph nodes may indicate that the activity of parasites was strongly exhausted person, has shaken the work of important organs. And the best solution would be if the victim will go to the experts. But excessive hope for different treatment many only complicates life. No plant, no drink will not be able to clean the bladder from schistosomes. Judge for yourself: to protect yourself from «attack» to the human immune system, the adult worms are covered with antigens generated from host cells. This creates a strong pest protection. The duration of the life of schistosomes sometimes exceeds twenty years. I can only imagine how many negative consequences such tiny cunning creatures bring to people. It is not surprising that in a neglected parasitic disease can cause tumor of the bladder.

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Many complications of Schistosoma women bring. Because parasites can spread to the genitals of patients, cause vaginal bleeding. It is possible the appearance of polyps in the uterus.

Men also have to endure great discomfort for worms. Prostatitis, pathology of the seminal vesicles, infertility is something that often face men infected with parasites.

If a sick person will in time turn to professionals for help, it is likely that the urogenital system will be saved. Usually for elimination of schistosomes used the drug «Praziquantel». It is especially valuable because it rarely gives side effects.

Other «generators» diseases

The bladder becomes a «shelter» not only for schistosomes. There are other beings, negatively affecting the work of this body.

In Argentina, China and some other countries cause atypical cystitis can become Entamoeba histolytica. In the bladder these simple fall on the blood and lymph. The patient with this disease will experience a violation of urination, in the urine it will appear mucus. Irritation and ulcers in the bladder due to the activity of amoebas, sometimes declare themselves severe pain, loss of appetite. Eliminate pests can often with antibacterial drugs. It is worth saying that for European countries amebic cystitis are rare.

To helminth lesions of the bladder include whereas and brugioz. The insidious parasites are hiding in the lymph vessels of the body. This can lead to rupture of the lymphatic ducts. The staining of urine in the color pink and aching pain in the lumbar region is the most characteristic feature of that patient harm worms. For African countries, for India, this problem is common. To eliminate the worms with a special medication.

Life is not sterile

The information that the tiny pests can enter our body and live, using its resources for years, of course, disappointing. But knowing about the existence of danger, you will be able to prevent the parasites have a «beach» for your well-being.

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Particularly prone to infection of people traveling to different

countries and beware not to swim in fresh water. Stay

away from rivers, lakes and the main danger you will neutralize.

Worms are dangerous not their appearance, as those that discover them very problematic. Doctors can treat the patient from ailments of the intestines or allergies, and «unwelcome guests» will continue to live in the human body, weakening it. So if you are a long time suffering from pain in the stomach or the kidneys, notice on the face and body a weird rash, suffer from causeless weakness, hurry up and examined, be sure to leave a stool sample, and – repeatedly. Experts say that for reliable results you need to conduct such a study two or three times. In addition, the doctor may order an ultrasound of those organs that are associated with pain.

In addition to parasites, «attackers» on the bladder, there are other, less harmful creatures. And not to put your body at risk of infection, it is also important to remember the rule of clean hands.