Peel the outer lips: possible causes of the pathology

Peeling skin in the genital area of the lips is an alarming sign that may signal the development of any disease in female reproductive system. Sloughing of the genitals can be accompanied by redness, itching, visible pain, which carry serious discomfort for each of the fair sex. Experts advise women not to leave the phenomenon without attention – because it can clearly indicate the development of certain infectious diseases in the female body. Why peel off the skin of the external genitalia and of what disease may reflect this phenomenon?

The causes of peeling

It should be noted that the peeling and discomfort in the bikini area can be caused not only by different diseases of the female intimate areas, but spring and banal beriberi. In the majority of cases the appearance of flaky particles on the surface of the outer reproductive organs is a result of vitamin B12 deficiency in the female body.

Sometimes a manifestation of vitamin deficiency may be accompanied by redness and itching of the mucosal surface of the oral cavity, eyelids, scalp. In such cases, for rapid and effective elimination of the deficiency is required to include in their diet sufficient amounts of protein of animal origin – in this case we are talking about the consumption of fermented milk products, chicken eggs, beef liver. Also an excellent prevention of beriberi may be taking multivitamin complexes.

In most cases peeling of the skin of the labia is a consequence of allergic reactions. Allergens can be very different.

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  1. Chlorinated tap water, which is used by the woman for various hygiene procedures. The best solution is to install special water purification filter.
  2. Almost half of the cases an allergic reaction delicate skin of the sexual organs is caused by sanitary pads and other perfumed personal hygiene. Most often vulvar irritation occurs after use of sanitary means in hot weather.
  3. If you notice that the skin in the intimate area started to peel off, refrain for some time from the use of a variety of gels for intimate hygiene, liquid Soaps, bubble baths and other cosmetics.
  4. Also, the discomfort in the bikini area can be a result of wearing too tight underwear or tight clothes made of synthetic materials of poor quality. Failure from wearing such clothing in favor of quality products made from natural materials helps to solve the problem of irritation and discomfort in the bikini area.
  5. Cause irritation and peeling of skin, the labia can become a variety of mechanical damage sustained during sex or childbirth, due to the use of condoms, sexual gels or lubricants.
  6. In some cases, the bikini area can peel off due to long-term administration of any medicines – such as antibiotics. In this case, you should contact your electrician for replacement of the medicament.

Peeling labia as a symptom of the disease

Flaky skin external reproductive organs can be a symptom of many diseases developing in the female body. For example, the strong hormonal failure often has a negative impact on the condition of the epidermis the bikini area. The appearance of flaky particles on the skin of the sexual organs can be caused by diabetes or other diseases of the endocrine system.

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Irritation in the bikini area can act as a symptom of candidiasis, cheilitis, genital herpes, candidiasis, trichomoniasis and other sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, itching, peeling or irritation of the skin in the intimate area can not be ignored – they can signal different diseases that require a full, comprehensive treatment.