Pektusin during pregnancy: instructions for use, 1st and 2nd trimester

Is it possible during pregnancy to use Pektusin?

In the autumn-spring season, many people have weakened immune system, which contributes to the development of catarrhal inflammation. Infectious lesions of the body are accompanied by a runny nose, cough, fever. To cure such pathological inflammation, people use various methods of therapies, and use recipes of alternative medicine.

But to treat pregnant women this way out is not always suitable, as the position requires close attention. If the expectant mother is sick, doctors recommend not to make independent decisions and to seek medical help. In consultation with the therapist, the doctor may prescribe «Pektusin». Treatment this medication helps to accelerate the healing process, but can I use during pregnancy «Pektusin»?

How is the therapy «Pektusin» with the development of the fetus

Cough and runny nose when waiting for the child should be treated immediately as it is always quite a negative impact not only on the patient’s health, but also on the embryo. In the early stages of pregnancy coughing can cause the destruction of the integrity of the placenta, which in turn causes a miscarriage.

In the later stages respiratory failure, viral infection or cough also negatively affect the pregnancy and often cause an early labor.

To avoid the negative impact of a catarrhal inflammation of the health of women and children, it is important at the first symptoms of the disease to consult your doctor.

After the diagnosis of inflammation, the specialist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, in which «Pektusin» acts as an auxiliary form of therapy.

The properties of the «Pektusin» contribute to a speedy recovery at various inflammations of the upper respiratory tract. The drug has a local irritant and anti-inflammatory effect and active components of drugs within a short time bring germs and other harmful elements from the body.

Apply to pill «Pektusin» in the case of pregnancy is possible only after personal consultation with the doctor. During the inspection the specialist will determine the degree of risk. In the absence of pathological action of the drug on child development, the doctor may prescribe a drug for the treatment of a pregnant woman.

For this reason, independently to apply the medication undesirable. The woman will not be able to determine the possible danger of the use of «Pektusin», so you should not risk their health. Treatment inflammation during pregnancy in all cases must be approached with caution, as while taking the medication does not exclude the development of side effects.

Interaction with other medications

It is important to study the effect of the drug when taken with other drugs.

«Pektusin» is assigned only as an auxiliary substance and are not able to eliminate all the symptoms of inflammation and disease.

While receiving «Pektusin» with powerful anti-inflammatory drugs the effect from tablets is not as strong.

Therefore, simultaneous treatment with several drugs is not always effective.

If you are pregnant and found signs of inflammation – consult a doctor. It is not necessary to consult with pharmacists in the pharmacy, so as to set the period of taking the drug and to determine the impact can only therapist.

Possible allergic reactions

After establishing interactions with other drugs, it is necessary to clarify the presence of allergic reactions to components of the drug. The composition of the drug includes:

  • menthol;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • crystalline composition of sucrose;
  • sodium chloride;
  • crystalline substance talc;
  • calcium stearate.

In case of allergic reactions to substances, within the structure of the drug, it is necessary to clarify side-effects.

With the appearance of itching, burning, nausea, rise in body temperature or blood pressure, the medication is strictly prohibited. At this time, it is necessary to replace the drug by a more gentle or to revise the course of treatment.

Usually, menthol and eucalyptus oil does not cause unwanted processes in the pregnant woman’s body and are easily digested. Therefore, serious contraindications to receiving the drug no.

The most active component of the medicine is menthol. It has a local irritating effect on inflamed and provokes the sensitive receptors located in the mucosa of the nose. Thus, menthol causes reflex reaction, which increases the secretion of. It protects the nasal cavity from the action of germs and bacteria. So after taking the medication, the patient feels relieved breathing, and normalization of breathing.

In addition, the active ingredient of the drug anaesthetizes the affected area and has an antiseptic effect. Therefore, patients feel a reduction of pain in the nose and throat.

Menthol in rare cases, cause allergic reactions, which a pregnant woman usually knows in advance.

Eucalyptus oil is used in ENT practice for a very long time, as its performance is proven time.

Active effect drug directed on stimulation of work of the mucosa, which activates receptors.

In addition, eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.

Eucalyptus oil may be prohibited during pregnancy only in case of special sensitivity to a component.

The effectiveness of the drug active ingredients proven in clinical studies, so afraid of the negative impact of drugs on the fetus is not worth it.

Treatment and effect of the drug

Instructions for use of «Pektusin» during pregnancy suggests that to use the product during pregnancy is not prohibited.

But to apply the remedy is recommended only after a doctor’s prescription.

With self-acceptance of medication can cause unwanted side effects that expectant mother might not know. Don’t risk your health.

After assessing the nature of inflammation and its severity, your doctor may prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms of the disease. It is important to understand if the common cold has caused serious complications, e.g. obstruction of the Eustachian tube, inflammation may trigger the occurrence of acute otitis media or sinusitis. With this disease need more serious treatment. Does not exclude the treatment with antibacterial drugs.

To determine the degree of inflammation may only qualified doctor.

«Pektusin» may appoint as an aid in the following inflammations:

  1. In case of laryngitis.
  2. When severe hypothermia.
  3. When overexertion of the vocal cords.
  4. Angina.
  5. When disease of the throat.
  6. In case of pharyngitis.
  7. Active effects of various stimuli on the region of the nasopharynx.
  8. Inflammation of the trachea.
  9. Disease of the larynx.
  10. Tonsillitis.
  11. Inflammation of the tonsils.
  12. In the formation of bronchitis.

In each case, the disease should be treated under strict medical supervision. Do not use the methods of traditional medicine, as well as do not use drugs without a doctor’s prescription.


The drug «Pektusin» causes undesirable effects very rarely.

But we should not use tablets in bronchial asthma, excess vitamin D, as well as in the case of stenosing laryngitis.

In the case of reception in these cases may develop severe coughing, which can cause miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy or early childbirth to a later.

You cannot use «Pektusin» in the case of diabetes, because the drug is sucrose.


After prescribing your treating physician and identify all side effects and contraindications, it is necessary to study the instruction manual.

In the case of pregnancy the treatment is as follows:

  1. The dosing of the drug in each case individually.
  2. Usually permitted one pill in the morning and evening.
  3. The medication should be put under the tongue and wait for complete resorption.
  4. Do not chew and do not swallow the tablet.

After taking the drug, prohibited from eating for two hours.

Apply «Pektusin» in pregnancy 1 trimester undesirable. But in the appointment of your doctor is necessary to get ahead no risk to the fetus.

Drug treatment in the 2nd and 3rd trimester is not dangerous, because at this time the placenta is fully formed and the child is under good protection..


Despite the fact that contraindications and side effects of the drug a little the pills should be carried out only after a doctor’s prescription. For pregnant women self-treatment can be dangerous.

Not many expectant mothers are aware of the fact that some drugs cause serious health deterioration, dizziness, disruption of the vestibular apparatus or high blood pressure. These symptoms are dangerous in the first trimester as its negative effect on the embryo. Such features can act on the fetus, which will cause a violation of a child’s development.

In case of any airway inflammation is necessary to visit a doctor. The sooner you do, the less the risk for the development of a fetus. Remember that acute inflammation is dangerous for the baby.

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