Physiotherapy for colds in children: what are the most effective in rhinitis

What is physical therapy with a cold in children?

A runny nose is a rather unpleasant phenomenon that is accompanied by nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. Total treatment time averages 1-2 weeks. This disease often affects children, and lack of proper treatment can lead to serious complications.

Physical therapy for colds in children is particularly effective with the use of different methods of rehabilitation.

The use of physical therapy in the occurrence of rhinitis

Physiotherapy for colds in children include treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis. Consider the basic methods of treatment.

UV rays

Conducting ultraviolet irradiation. Rhinitis physiotherapy when performed during the development of chronic, acute forms of the common cold using special devices — emitters.

Treatment for 2-3 days mainly in the morning, once during the day. The duration of irradiation for 1-2 minutes.

UHF therapy

The use of UHF therapy is carried out with the use of special machines for all forms of rhinitis. In acute rhinitis is recommended three times a day procedure. A chronic form of rhinitis involves the use of this therapy 6-7 times, mostly in the morning.

Laser therapy

This method of physiotherapy is conducted in hospital and at home. For the implementation of therapy using the apparatus with the exposure area of 2 cm Sharp for the common cold involves the appointment of 4-6 sessions in the morning and chronic rhinitis involves providing treatment 8-10 times throughout the day.

Important! Conduct appropriate therapy for children with a cold only after a doctor. Self-treatment can lead to negative effects!

Blue lamp

Warming up with blue light efficiently at the initial stage of cold and is contraindicated in purulent rhinitis, nosebleed, and General febrile condition. The appliance bring the nose angle to prevent discomfort. The child should feel a slight warmth without discomfort. Duration of procedure is 10-20 minutes three times throughout the day. The average course of treatment is 5-7 days.

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Inhalations are an effective way to treat rhinitis in children, as relatively easy to carry out and bring fast relief.

The procedure can be performed independently at home, but when there are no contraindications (bleeding, acute inflammation in the nose) therapy should be discontinued.

During allergic reactions the treatment is carried out in the presence of a medical professional.

Mainly use inhalation of cold type, as the use of hot air efficiently enough in childhood.

Foot bath

Special bath for feet, warming character. This method is characterized in the prevention and treatment of rhinitis in children. The procedure is contraindicated in acute course of the disease, as well as children under the age of 2 years. The essence of the method consists in taking a bath with hot water. After, be sure to wrap the baby up and dressed in warm cotton clothing.


Applying a mustard plaster is a traditional method of home physical therapy, but lately it is rarely used because of allergic reactions in children.

The advantage of this method is the high warming ability of the medicine, which greatly enhances the process of blood circulation in the body that helps to eliminate symptoms of rhinitis.

After applying a mustard plaster to the back in hot conditions, should avoid areas of the heart.

Important! Physiotherapy for the nose, of course, are an effective way of treatment, but in the presence of contraindications should abandon therapy! As such treatment may lead to additional complications and prolonged period of rehabilitation!

Physiotherapy in children with a cold are the main methods of treatment of this pathology. While it is best to use the techniques assigned by a qualified technician, in order to avoid the development of negative consequences!

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Proper treatment and prevention of rhinitis in children precludes the development of severe complications and ensures quick relief from discomfort in the nose. For positive effect you should complete the full course of treatment. A healthy and cheerful child is the key to well-being of every mother!