Pills and medication from noise in ears and head: medication

What drugs can be take from tinnitus?

Various noises and squeaks in the ear on appear quite often throughout life. Reasons and factors of appearance of crackling, ringing or other sounds rooted in the inflammation of the outer, middle or inner ear. Over time, patients begin to complain of poor memory, sleep disturbance, pain not only in the ears but also the mind.

In this case, it is necessary to conduct a diagnosis of the health condition, and then the doctor prescribes pills from noise in the ears and head. Medication for ringing in ears and head are appointed, if necessary, from time to time you are plagued by noises in the ears or head. However, before buying you should thoroughly study the manual and consult with your doctor. Remember that self-application of pills can exacerbate things.

About the causes and symptoms of tinnitus

The disease process can be caused by and due to domestic reasons. It is important not to ignore other sounds in the ears or head, as in independence from the factors of noise, they can significantly harm quality of life.

Medications tinnitus is assigned only after diagnosing the patient’s health status. As the treatment should be integrated first find out the root cause of inflammation.

If the factor of the abnormal sound lies in the mechanical reason, you must investigate and correct the symptom. So in some cases the noises are due to prolonged use of headphones, earplugs or hearing AIDS.

If your professional activities involve frequent and prolonged telephone conversations – noise in the ears acts by the end of the day and is a common symptom of fatigue.

Squeaking and rustling in the ears most often occur in people whose work is in Nightclubs where the sound level is several times above normal. In this case, patients often complain not only about the extraneous sounds, but the hearing loss and the constant feeling of stuffiness.

In addition, tinnitus may occur due to the onset of the inflammatory process or in the case of formation of sulfuric tube, and also:

  1. Otitis external, middle or inner ear.
  2. The formation of tumors.
  3. Fungal.
  4. Severe stress or depression.
  5. Exercise.
  6. Changes in blood pressure.
  7. Trauma to the skull or ears.
  8. Dysfunction of the vestibular apparatus.
  9. Lack of iodine or vitamins.

In some cases, the squeak and rustle in the head or ears occur due to prolonged use of antibiotics or antidepressants. At this time, it is important to notice the first signs and refer to the ENT doctor.

If the noises occur for a long time, many people are starting to ignore this symptom and get used to the beeping in my ears. This is a big mistake many patients as other sounds in the ears always stand as a signal to start the inflammatory process. Therefore, in many cases, necessary medical treatment noise in the ears and head.

The drugs

Once you have diagnosed the disease and conducted the necessary tests, the specialist prescribes medications and physical therapy.

Remember that the pills and drops from the tinnitus must meet the following requirements:

  1. To improve blood circulation.
  2. To relieve the tension.
  3. To remove toxins.
  4. To normalize blood pressure.
  5. Reduce inflammation in the ears.

In addition, in the process of treatment, the doctor needs to prescribe a course of vitamin and supplements. They are necessary throughout the course of treatment.

After drug therapy specialist appoints physiotherapy:

  1. The laser treatment.
  2. The influence of ultrasound.
  3. Treatment with high frequency electromagnetic field.
  4. Infrared treatment.

In some cases the patient has a prescribed heat treatment and exposure to blue color.

Cure for vertigo and tinnitus

Consider the most popular medications that quickly relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and have virtually no side effects.


Tanakan known on the Russian market for quite some time. They have a powerful effect at the expense of active substances included in the prescription.

This medicine acts on the blood circulation. This medication is prescribed in case of strong noise and loss of visual acuity and hearing.

In addition, the drug is prescribed when severe dizziness and disruption of the vestibular apparatus.

You need to take medicine orally three times a day. The treatment can last up to three months.

During treatment ensure that the drug had side effects. Among these are:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • severe dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • eczema.

To prevent side effects should not break the dosing of the drug. Do not take the medicine in case of pregnancy and during breast feeding, as well as in case you are hypersensitive to any substance that is part of the medication.


Active product that contains various natural and herbal elements – tablets «Kapilar».

They are appointed in the presence of extraneous noise in the head and also in the case of severe fatigue, strenuous exercise, in case of poor performance.

In some cases, specialists prescribe «Capilar» to slow aging.

The structure means includes dihydroquercetin, which strengthens the vascular system of the body, and reduces the inflammatory response. Among the active effect of the drug observed antioxidant properties.

It is known that this drug protects cell membranes, normalizes the elasticity of the cells and the circulatory system. Used in swelling of the ears, strong external sounds in the head and also has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect.

In the presence of noise in head or ears, the drug should be taken one tablet four times a day for thirty days. In the case of severe symptoms, the experts can increase the dosage to two or three tablets three times a day. The treatment should last up to three weeks at intervals of seven or ten days. Thereafter, the procedure of treatment should be repeated.

In the case of prevention it is recommended to use one tablet a day for one week.


Another effective measure against noise in the head is considered the drug «Westcap».

It consists of the active ingredient betahistine dihydrochloride, which effectively relieves inflammation and noises in the head.

Excipients included in the product, act on the receptors of the body, improve blood circulation and normalize the General condition.

The drug restores the receptors of the nervous system, blood vessels of the inner ear and increases the blood flow.

Specialists prescribe this remedy for disorders of the vestibular apparatus, and also in the presence of a constant squeak or crackling in the ears.

The resultant effect occurs within two weeks of medication, so don’t miss the reception «Westcap».

Stable therapeutic effect occurs after 14 days.

The drug should be taken with caution to pregnant women and mothers who breast-feed. Follow the dosing of the drug and in the case of severe vertigo, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, contact your doctor to replace the drug with another.

The drug is prohibited in the treatment of young children.

When you purchase this medication, you must specify the dosage. Usually, with the noise in my head, is assigned to two capsules three times a day.


Another drug that is indicated in the presence of extraneous noise – «Vinpocetine».

It effectively improves blood circulation in the brain, and also relieves inflammation and has a beneficial action on the circulatory system of the body.

Due to its composition, «Vinpocetine» not only eliminates inflammation but also improves metabolism, stimulates the nervous system and has antioxidant effect.

Experts prescribe the remedy in the case of viscous blood, decrease in functioning of vascular system, with a strong squeak in the head.

To take the drug you need in the morning and evening one tablet. The drug is absorbed almost instantly and exerts its action within one hour.

Do not take the medicine in case of high sensitivity to components of the medication or in acute diseases. In the case of pregnancy or feeding baby breast the drug is prescribed only under strict medical supervision.

The drug is prohibited in the treatment of children and adolescents, therefore, in the case of the presence of extraneous noise in children under 18, replace «Vinpocetine» on the analogues.


Active drug with frequent dizziness and squeaking in my ears – «Stugeron».

Its active ingredient is Cinnarizine, and support elements, improve the blood circulation in the brain.

In addition, the drug blocks the negative viruses and bacteria, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improves overall health of the patient.

«Stugeron» is assigned in case of violation of circulation in the head, noise in the ears, severe pain, memory loss. In addition, the drug is effective in the case of diseases of the inner ear, migraines, Raynaud’s disease and other disorders.

Apply powder two or three tablets depending on the severity of symptoms and on prescription. In the case of treating children the dosage should be reduced in two times.

Among the contraindications separately noted the prohibition on the use of medication in case of hypersensitivity.

If after applying you notice dry mouth, headache, various allergic reactions, drowsiness, you should consult your doctor for replacement medication.


In the treatment of unusual sounds in my head need to find out the root cause and then pursue a course of treatment. Remember that every drug is selected strictly individually, because in some cases the active substances included in the composition of the medication may not be suitable to the person.

If the period of exacerbation of the symptoms you’re in an interesting position, every action must be agreed with your doctor. Thus, you will avoid many side effects and will protect the health of the child.

It is important to know that some drugs do not interact in combination with other medications. Specify the question the pharmacist when you buy tools.

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