Pills and syrup of Rengali cough for kids: instructions for use

How to receive Ranglin cough?

Cough is the first symptom of colds or infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, the reflex process in the throat can occur due to allergic reactions when the patient noted excessive dryness and itching in the mucosa of the throat. It is important to cure this process as quickly as possible, otherwise the discomfort will provoke a number of serious consequences, including chronic cough.

Reflex cough can cause severe pain in the throat, provoking a discomfort in the mucosa and cause poor health. At the first sign of a cough, you must take action and pass medication. The specialists advise to buy the drug from cough «Regulin». The drug has a potent antitussive and antibradikininovoe effect and restores the function of the throat in a single course of treatment.

About the drug

When manifestations of cough, the patient should undergo a detailed diagnosis and determine the disease. From the root causes inflammation largely depends on the further treatment. If the patient is tormented by Intrusive and prolonged cough, the patient is often prescribed «Regulin».

«Regalin» — a strong antitussive drug which has bronchodilator properties. Preventing the formation of spasm in the throat, the tool significantly improves the patient’s state of health. Medication used to treat inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lungs and bronchi.

The effect of the drug is associated with the active components of the drug. Antibodies act directly on the inflamed area and reduces the process, eliminate swelling of tissues and relieve soreness in the throat. It is important to note that «Regalin» does not cause respiratory disorders, so it is safe to treat patients of all ages.

For reference! «Regalin» is not addictive.


For the treatment of children, physicians are advised to purchase the drug in a syrup. It is a universal tool for treatment of catarrhal inflammations, which are accompanied by a severe cough. The effect of the medication is aimed at reducing symptoms not only wet but also dry cough. In addition, the drug is active when thick secretions of mucus.

Important! «Regalin» is prescribed for the treatment of children from three years.

For the treatment of cough acts comprehensively, so this tool can be used when inflammation of influenza, colds, SARS, as well as in acute or chronic cases of inflammation of throat and bronchial tubes.

For the treatment of itching and burning in the throat improves the health of the patient and reduces the bouts of severe coughing, reducing, thus, the risk of complications.

Syrup from dry and wet cough «Regalin» can be used in complex treatment when patients are prescribed several drugs for effects on inflammation. In addition, «Rengali» can be used in conjunction with antipyretic and antiviral drugs and drugs to improve the immune system.

The structure of the drug

The composition of the solution «Regalia» includes active components, including active to histamine and bradykinin. Among the additional components include have glyukopiranozil-D, a chemical compound of salt and stearic acid, saccharin, a chemical sweetener.

With this composition, the drug has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, relieves spasms in the site of inflammation and improves the function of the throat.

How to apply

In the treatment of cough in children it is important to know the source of inflammation and to determine all the factors of formation of cough.

Many patients wonder what to take cough syrup «Regalin»? The product is suitable to treat all forms of inflammation, regardless of the underlying cause. However, to apply the «Renalin» after consultation with the doctor to avoid the risk of complications and does not cause harm to the baby’s health.

Syrup «Regalin» used inside. Instructions for use syrup «Regalin» for children the following:

  1. For children aged three to six years, the doctors advise to apply not more than five milliliters of solution.
  2. For the treatment from six to twelve years, the dosage is increased to ten milliliters.
  3. For the treatment of children of twelve years are most often assigned to the tablet form. Instructions for use of tablets «Regalin» cough for children warns that at one time you can use one tablet of the drug.

The product has a pleasant taste, so kids are usually easily treatable. The solution should be taken with a small amount of water. Per day should use the product no more than three times.

Dosing of medication can change depending on symptoms and severity of the inflammation. In extremely dangerous cases, the course tool should be used up to six times a day, but after the third day the dose is reduced.

Important! In applying the syrup, hold the solution for a few seconds in the oral cavity. Then spotlite the drug and drink a small amount of clean water.


In the treatment of adults «Regalin» is assigned in tablet form. This drug reduces the intensity of cough in adults and speeds up the healing process.

«Regalin» can be used simultaneously with antiviral and anti-inflammatory medicines and immunomodulators.

«Regalin» in the form of tablets is prescribed for the treatment of the following forms of inflammation:

  • cough due to acute pharyngitis;
  • when inflammation laryngitis and laryngotracheitis;
  • in case of inflammation of the bronchial mucosa with acute or chronic nature;
  • in allergic cough.


The composition of the tablets «Regalia» includes antibodies, which are mixtures of an active alcohol-water dilutions, as well as additional substances. Antibodies to bradykinin, morphine, histamine effect on inflammation and reduce the coughing spells. In addition, the composition of the drug is anhydrous citric acid, isomalt, magnesium stearate, sodium saccharin and sodium cyclamate.

Thanks to the active ingredients, the drug has antispasmodic and analgesic effects. Easing the symptoms of colds and flu, «Rengali» reduces cough and kills a variety of allergic manifestations.

Method of application

For the treatment of adults and children twelve years is assigned to one or two tablets per day. The dosage depends on the form of inflammation and severity of symptoms. Pills «Regalia» should dissolve.

The drug must be taken several hours before eating.

If the attacks of coughing accompanied by severe cramping, «Rengali» is assigned to six times a day. After improvement, the dosage prescribed less than half. The duration of treatment should be not less than one week.

For reference! Usually «Regalin» is used throughout the course of treatment, until the complete elimination of the cough.

The tablet form should not crack or swallowed, as in this case, the therapeutic effect is reduced.


Feedback about the drug «Regalin» positive.

Irina Kurkina: «With a strong cough, the doctor prescribed pills «Regulin». Applied three times per day for one week, although signs of inflammation were already on the third day. Great side effects did not notice.»

Violeta Kirova: «When the son of five years got a cold and my throat appeared dryness, itching and burning. Then the doctor has prescribed solution «Regalia». Applied twice a day for ten days. As a result, the cough is gone, and the health of the child quickly returned to normal».

Olga Tokareva: «After the flu I had severe dry cough. On consultation the doctor advised to buy pills «Regulin». Was resorbed tool several times a day. The bouts were held on the third day, while the cough was cured in a week.»


Cough – is a dependent disease, so the patient should receive a comprehensive treatment of the disease. In the absence of timely medical therapy, the patient may receive a chronic form, which has a strong impact on the quality of life of the patient. Don’t risk your own health and take the treatment at the first cough.

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