Pills Inital: instructions for use and reviews

How to take pills “Rental”?

The most frequent changes of the nasal mucosa, which are accompanied by specific symptoms that are allergic reactions. Including seasonal and all-year allergic rhinitis.

According to statistics, runny nose allergic nature of manifestation, is subject to more than 30% of the population. In most cases, in order to save the patient from allergies, doctors prescribe pills “Rental” . Instructions for use this medical product will be discussed below.

Components “Inital”

Produced the drug in solid dosage form that contain active substances Luffa operculata D4, Cardiospermum halicacabum and Galphimia glauca D3.

Of the additional ingredients — lactose, with an attached water molecule and the additive used as emulsifier Е572. In essence, the “Rental” tablets on the basis of the structure, represent no more than a mix of starch and sugar.

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If you look more closely at the composition, it can be concluded that some components do not have a pronounced spectrum of action on the organism, because the minimum content in their preparation. Therefore, the efficiency of homeopathic medicinal product can be questioned.

Moreover, there are no research results tablets “Rental”, and reviews the majority of patients also do not confirm its effectiveness. Of course, not exclude a positive opinion on the drug, but more patients taking “Rental” succumbed to the placebo effect.

It is important to know! With the help of antihistamines, which has a powerful effect to cure allergic rhinitis impossible, not to mention homeopathy. Taking funds from allergies, it is possible to reduce the manifestation of symptoms, and complete recovery is possible only after completion of the course ASIT (allergen specific immunotherapy).

How to take a “Rental”

According to the manufacturer of the drug, “Rental” is able to provide pronounced anti-allergic and anti-pruritic effect.

According to the instructions, the medication should begin six weeks before the occurrence of possible allergic reactions. For example, a patient should identify the flowering cycle of plants and to begin early therapy. Recommended dosage for adults is one tablet three times a day. For children up to 12 years twice a day.

If allergies have already begun, you should follow the following procedure taking the drug:

  1. Children over 12 and adults: one dose means every 60 minutes. The marginal rate of medical product — 12 tablets per day.
  2. Children from 2 years to 12, you should take the same amount of medication, maximum dose equates to 8 tablets per day.

When the period of exacerbation of Allergy will be held, you can return to standard schedule “Rintala”.

The drug is taken before/after meal (must withstand at least 30 minutes). “Rental” refers to the sublingual group medical products (dissolves under tongue).

Important! If for 3 days reception “Rental” not relief, you must consult your doctor for change of drug.

The duration of treatment is not limited, according to the instructions “Rental” can be used to full recovery.

“Rental” — instruction for use for children

Children under two years of age reception “Inital” denied because no known data on the effect of the drug on the child’s body.

Moreover, kids of this age is almost impossible manifestation of allergic rhinitis, and deliberately to use any drugs, especially the dummy medication, no need.

“Rental” during pregnancy and lactation

This drug can be administered to pregnant and nursing mothers with caution. Although “Rental” and declared as safe medicinal product, a doctor’s consultation, which is based on individual characteristics will prescribe effective therapy. During pregnancy it is better to use products based on sea water.


The contents of the minimum quantity of plant components in the composition, does not exclude an allergic reaction to the drug. Therefore, when the reduced reactivity of the organism (hypergeo) it is necessary to monitor the patient after taking two doses of the drug.

You may experience the pathological elements of the skin (rash) and provoked the intensification of the cold. In this case we select a drug on the recommendation of a specialist.

At risk are patients with diabetes, as well as immunity to the cereal protein gluten, due to the high content of sugar and starch in the product.

Also “Rental” is prohibited when:

  • deficiency of the enzyme lactase (lactase deficiency);
  • of hypolactasia;
  • the syndrome of malabsorption of glucose.

Feedback about the drug “Rental” very controversial, so before you buy this health product, you need to consult with your doctor. You may offer an alternative method of treatment, because homeopathy is actually a recognized proven method.

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Irina. Homeopathic medicine “Rental” bought on the advice of friend. In her belief, only them she is saved from seasonal allergies. Of the benefits identified — a lack of chemistry, taste good, relatively inexpensive cost. All is good, but here’s the obvious effect I found, maybe because I use it for a week. I will continue treatment, I hope to continue to manifest the effect.

Alexander. For myself, useless drug did not meet. With seasonal flowering generally got me nowhere, although clearly followed the dosage. Moreover, it turns out expensive, when the required number of tablets. In principle, I did not expect from homeopathy.

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