Pills sage during pregnancy: a gargle with sage and lollipops

Can I use Clary sage during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a long period, during which the expectant mothers can appear or worsen any disease. Has always been considered that the treatment in this case eliminates the use of chemicals. Even widely used and allowed during pregnancy medications can cause great harm to the baby.

Therefore, many women resort to folk remedies of treatment, considering them harmless. Anti-inflammatory herbs are most appropriate medicine. However, some herbaceous plants can have a sudden and negative effect on the fetus, so mindlessly apply them when pregnancy is impossible. In this article we will look at how effectively and safely during pregnancy is cough and cold medicines like sage.

A little about the benefits of sage

Among the many medicinal herbs which is very popular sage. Many healers call it a panacea for all diseases. Despite the fact that medicinal preparations based on this plant belong to the category of folk medicine, do not underestimate its impact on the human body.

About the healing qualities of sage known for a long time. The complex of active ingredients included in its composition has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, has a hemostatic and binding capacity, might tone a specific muscle group and provide soothing effect.

Lollipops and decoctions of sage can be used as an antiseptic. In addition, it rapidly reduces swelling in the throat and reduces the activity of pathogens.

Sage during pregnancy

Quite logical is the question: whether to take sage during pregnancy? You can respond to it by far: unfortunately, this medicine to pregnant women is contraindicated.

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However, the opinions of experts on this matter differ somewhat. Some doctors prohibit the admission of herbaceous plants in any form. Others argue that in medical practice there are many cases when the admission of metered-dose preparations of Salvia in small amounts did not affect the woman’s body during pregnancy.

What harm can a sage?

Despite the fact that the methods of traditional medicine in most cases are an effective treatment for pregnant women, the use of certain herbs and minerals should be treated with extreme caution. As practice shows, sage just one of them. And we are talking about a particular danger for the body.

What is this statement? The fact that the intake of a decoction of sage inside can cause contractions of the uterus which is a direct threat of miscarriage. The same effect is given tablets, lozenges and pastilles sage.

Herbaceous plant has an effect on hormonal balance. As a result of getting it into the body in large doses there was a decrease of progesterone while reducing the level of estradiol.

In addition, sage may cause elevated blood pressure and to cause circulation between the umbilical cord and placenta.

However, there are many cases when treatment with sage during pregnancy, that is, use it in small doses and not brought the expectant mother any harm. Although it is worth noting that gynecologists strongly recommend not to use it.

Despite the ban doctors, many women tend to make decisions on their own. They firmly believe that any weed, no matter how potent they may be, will not bring more harm than drug drugs. Anyway, but before you can use sage during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor.

The decoction of sage is dangerous and lactation, as a result of its use reduces the production of breast milk.

Permitted application methods

As we know from practice, absolutely harmless drugs do not actually exist. This applies to herbal medicine.

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As for sage, it is not recommended to take oral women in the state.

However, the external effects of drugs on the basis of this weed is completely harmless.

Gargling and mouth

Gargling with sage during pregnancy will help to speed up recovery during colds. In this period, women’s immunity is weakened and hardly anyone who can avoid viral infection penetration into the organism of pathogenic microbes.

To prepare a decoction for rinsing a snap. It is necessary to pour boiling water 1 tbsp of flowers and leaves of dry grass, to insist 10 minutes and strain. The solution is applied in the form of heat.


Fortunately, there are plenty of harmless ways to get rid of cold and cough during pregnancy. One of them is inhalation with sage. In decoction it is possible to add medicinal chamomile, Linden, thyme, series, yarrow and calendula.

For this procedure it is best to use a nebulizer. If this is not possible, you can use ordinary enamelled kettle. In this case you will need to roll a cone out of construction paper and insert into the spout. In extreme cases, in the course of going and a small pot: this kind of inhalation can be carried out using a Terry towel.

You should bear in mind that the inhalation is not suitable for high temperature.

Ingaliruyut procedure should be done correctly: after testing, it is desirable to rest in a calm state. Within an hour to drink less, not eat, try not to strain your vocal cords, and especially not breathe in cold air.

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At the moment, the drugs, based on the sage are the most effective, especially when using this tool, you can avoid the effects of potent drugs on a chemical basis.

Using the above methods, the therapeutic effect could be achieved fairly quickly. This is especially important during pregnancy. Because of the condition of health of the mother depends on the health of the baby.

Given that the herb during pregnancy is not always harmless before taking the pills and decoctions of sage, first you need to get expert advice.