Pills sinusitis: antibiotics, analgesic and green pills

What kind of medication you can drink with sinusitis?

The acute form of sinusitis is a complication after the disease, and in the absence of proper treatment can lead to negative consequences in the form of surgical intervention. This pathology should be treated with a combination of complex preparations of various degrees of exposure.

Positive results in the treatment of sinusitis brings you use tablets that quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms and the cause. Depending on the severity of disease, doctors prescribe certain treatment regimens with the combination of drugs in a certain category.

Overview of effective tablets for the treatment of sinusitis

In order to decide what kind of medication you can drink with sinusitis, you should consult a qualified audiologist, who will identify the cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. There are the following categories of medicines for treatment of the disease.

The use of antibiotics

In most cases the development of pathogenic microorganisms causes sinusitis. Therefore, the antibacterial drugs effects effectively fight inflammation in the maxillary sinuses. For the treatment of disease using antibiotics ampicilina, penicillin and macrolides.


Effective antibiotic penicillin. The drug is often prescribed for the treatment of purulent sinusitis, as it contains a synthetic analogue of penicillin and inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

The pill allowed women and children to breastfeeding.

The dosage for adults 250 mg three times a day, and for children the recommended special syrup at the rate of 25 mg per 1 kg of weight of the child.

If you use medication should take into account some contraindications: sensitivity to ingredients of the drug, diseases of the liver and kidneys, pregnancy, mononucleosis. Price 360-400 rubles.


Antibiotic tsefalosporinovoy group of broad-spectrum impact. Indications: acute infectious diseases of various etiologies. The drug effectively fights against staphylococci, the causative agents of purulent sinusitis. Form release: tablets and suspension.

Suprax dosage: adults and teenagers 400 mg during the day. Total dlitelnosti of treatment is 5-7 days. Children 6 months should take the suspension in the amount of 6-10 ml depending on age category. Contraindications:sensitivity to ingredients of the drug, liver and kidneys. Price 850-900 rubles.

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The drug is a number of antibiotics from the group of macrolides and is a good substitute when allergic to Penicillin.

Form release: tablets, capsules, suspension for internal use.

The use of the drug brings a rapid effect and short duration of reception of Preparata.

The dosage for adults is 500 mg once per day one hour before eating.

For children receive suspensions at the rate of 10 mg per 1 kg of weight of the child. The treatment lasts on average 3-6 days depending on the severity of the pathology. The medication not recommended for allergies, dysfunction of the liver, kidney, pregnancy. The price of 300-350 rubles.

Important! Antibiotics should be observed according to the established pattern of the doctor, as excessive use of such drugs can lead to adverse consequences in the form of side effects!

Drugs of the antiviral effect

This category of drug is also effective in the treatment of sinusitis, as the disease often develops on the background of the occurrence of rotavirus infection. An untreated common cold can lead to complications, therefore, to eliminate the negative symptoms use medications of this series.


An effective drug of the antiviral effect.

Active substance mefenamic provides the main properties of the drugs and block the development of influenza and colds.

Form release: pills and capsules in the shell.

Amount of medication for adults is 200 mg per day and for children from 3 to 12 years is 50 mg. the Drug has no side effects.

Contraindications: allergies against the drug, the age group of children up to 3 years.


Antiviral medication broad-spectrum impact. The main component of the composition of Kagocel is an inducer of interferon and prevents the development of viruses in the human body. Form release: pills brown. A medication used for the treatment of viral diseases.

The dosage of the drug are prescribed by the attending physician in the development of a certain pathology. Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, disorders of the fermentation, children up to age 3 years. The price is 230-250 rubles.


Medication antiviral action immunomodulatory effect. The active ingredient in the composition of tilorona contributes to the active development of interferons. Form release: tablets in the shell orange.

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The dose depends on the type of disease and severity of disease. Possible side effects in the form of dyspepsia and chills.

The drug is prohibited during pregnancy, breastfeeding, adolescents up to 18 years, newsvine lactose, allergic manifestations. The price of 600-650 rubles.

Homeopathic remedies

Have a positive effect during treatment of sinusitis and promote the natural liquefaction of purulent mucus in the maxillary sinuses. This therapy facilitates the breathing process and prevents the development of crusts in the nose.


Natural homeopathic drug effects on the basis of plant components.

The combination of active ingredients provides anti-inflammatory, secretolytic effect. Product form: green pills from sinusitis.

Adult dosage of 2 tablets 3 times a day, children’s age provides 1 thing during the day.

When using the drug there are rare side effects such as Allergy, itching, and headaches.

Contraindications: epilepsy, alcoholism, liver dysfunction, kidney, and period of gestation of the baby, breast-feeding. The price is 350-400 rubles.

Non-steroidal analgesics

used in severe sinusitis with severe unpleasant symptoms to eliminate severe pain. These drugs should be taken on prescription, since the constant use of pills can lead to serious side effects.


Effective pain reliever in the sinus in the form of tablets, ointment, gel, suppository, rectally.

The active substance Ibuprofen has analgesic effects and quickly eliminates severe pain.

Dosage of Ibuprofen for adults is 4 tablets throughout the day, and for children 1 piece a day. The length of treatment depends on the type of inflammation.

Contraindications: liver dysfunction, kidney failure, severe violations of the internal organs, alcoholism, children under 1 year. Price of 50-70 roubles.


Analgesic analgesic anti-inflammatory action. Form release: tablets, suspension, syrup, rectal suppositories. Base material Paracetamol helps to eliminate the pain syndrome in the development of diseases of different etiologies.

To take pills when sinusitis is recommended in the amount of 4 grams throughout the day. The use of medications in children suggests a dosage of 50 mg every 2-3 hours. On a background of reception of tablets may develop side effects such as urticaria, itching and angioedema. Contraindications: leukopenia, hematological pathology, violation fermentation, dysfunction liver and kidneys. The price is 40-50 rubles.

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Anti-Allergy drugs

Antihistamines are used when the causative agent of sinusitis is the development of the allergen in the nasal sinuses. In this case, it is crucial to prevent complications, which are subject to treatment only when exposed to strong antibiotics.


The drug is anti-allergic nature with mucolytic action. Form release: tablets, syrup for oral administration. The active substance Fenspiride provides antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory medication.

The recommended dosage is 2 tablets a day before eating.

When you use the medication, possible allergic reactions, headaches, upset stomach.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, do not assimilate lactose, children up to 3 years. Price 320-350 rubles.


One of the most effective antihistamine drugs, presented as tablet and solution. Hloropiramin is a blocker of histamine and prevents Allergy. The drug is prescribed for reactions allergies of different origin.

Taking pills at mealtime. Daily dose is 75-100 mg. Excess can cause obvious signs of intoxication. Contraindications: asthma, peptic ulcer, glaucoma, arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, Allergy to the active components of the composition. The price is 270-280 rubles.

Important! The independent use of any drugs to treat sinusitis is not recommended because uncontrolled use can lead to serious complications and improper treatment of the disease!


Treatment of sinusitis in the use of pills is the most effective method of therapy in which final deliverance from pathology without surgical intervention.

To obtain a positive dynamics should fulfill all the requirements and dosages assigned by a qualified technician!