Pimafucin for thrush: the pros and treatment

Pimafucin is a strong antifungal antibiotic with a broad spectrum of effects. The drug inhibits the metabolism of fungal cells directly to the site of infection with no penetration to the bloodstream vessels. The active substance of the drug – the antibiotic natamycin. The list of subcomponents depends on the type of drug. Pimafucin for thrush comes in many forms: candles, tablets, ointments and cream.

Indications for use

A variety of forms of the drug allows it to be used in the fight against the growth of the fungus Candida in various places on the body. Treatment Pimafucinom is made in the following diseases:

  • a yeast infection of the genitals;
  • fungal infection of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • atomikos (middle ear infection);
  • drozhzhevykh the growth of fungi caused by declining immunity after antibiotic therapy;
  • ringworm;
  • candidiasis of the intestinal tract;
  • fungal infection of the nails;
  • trichomoniasis, vulvitis, vaginitis.

The advantages of the use of Pimafucin

To date, the drug has established itself as one of the most effective tools in the fight against yeast infection. Has a number of advantages that distinguish it among similar drugs:

  • The existence of multiple forms of issue of Pimafucin allows you to fight with fungi in all the lesions (mucous membrane of the genital organs, oral cavity, intestines).
  • To take the drug for not only adults but also children.
  • Pimafucin is one of the few facilities permitted for the treatment of thrush in pregnant women and during lactation. It is not absorbed into the blood, and therefore has no negative impact on the fetus and milk.
  • In most cases, the drug is rather quickly eliminate candidiasis. A mild form of the disease is treated with one package, which contains all three candles.
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Treatment of vaginal candidiasis must be under the supervision of a physician.

Therapy vaginal candles

Most often, when therapy using vaginal suppositories. The average rate of 6-9 days. The uniform distribution of the active substances it is recommended to introduce the drug in the supine position. Use one suppository a day, before bedtime.

If the treatment did not bring positive result, or marked new manifestations of the disease, the doctor may prescribe tablets Pimafucin. They should take one capsule for 7-10 days.

If you notice signs of disease on the outside of the genitals can complement treatment with cream Pimafucin. Sexual partner must also use the drug, even in the absence of obvious symptoms of candidiasis. If both treatment a doctor may allow sexual contact. It is not recommended to use vaginal suppositories during your menstrual period.

Therapy pills

In most cases tablets Pimafucin used for treatment of intestinal forms of thrush. The obvious symptoms are weakness, apathy, confusion, lack of energy. Man begins to complain of nausea, indigestion, bloating, pain and cramps. Candidiasis of the intestine is often caused by lesions of the genital organs, the urinary canals, the kidneys.

For example, chronic vaginal candidiasis can be the consequence of activities drojjepodobnykh fungi that inhabit the mucous membranes of the digestive system. Conversely, a yeast infection of the genitals can cause infection of the intestine. Breaking the cycle is possible if the use in the treatment of pills and candles at the same time. Pimafucin tablets are available in enteric-coated shell and acts directly on the center of disease.

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Therapy cream

Treatment cream Pimafucin recommended candidiasis patients of different sex and age. In men, the disease is accompanied by burning and inflammation of the glans penis. Contaminated sites treated with the cream several times a day. Candidiasis in men may wear pronounced pain during urination and sex, and can occur almost without symptoms. The reproduction of fungi Candida in the stronger sex is a sign of reduced immunity due to sexually transmitted diseases or failure in the urological system.

Girls are recommended to grease with cream Pimafucin foci of infection until full recovery. Use the tool and otolaryngologists. In the area of the ear canal is laid an antifungal cream, and then the ear is closed with a cotton swab. The procedure is repeated up to 4 times a day.

The result of consolidation

It is not necessary to refuse treatment immediately after the symptoms of candidiasis. The fungus can be reduced but not completely destroyed. Pills should still at least 2-3 days after get rid of obvious signs of disease (light cheesy clots, itching or burning). The ideal option is to consult a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe some tests (swab of the vagina, the sensitivity of fungi to antibiotics) and, based on their results, make the right decision.

Side effects and features of the application

Treatment Pimafucinom virtually no negative effects. However, side effects still exist.

Some women may complain of hypersensitivity to the active substance of Pimafucin (natamycin). External signs of Allergy – the emergence of itching, burning and irritation in the area of the genitals once in the vagina are introduced vaginal suppositories. If the situation is repeated many times, and discomfort become pronounced, it is recommended to immediately stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

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Recommendations for the use of the drug

Pimafucin is a drug that has no contraindications. But for some tips on using it you should pay close attention:

  • vaginal suppositories you can use only girls who have turned 16 years of age;
  • tablets Pimafucin prohibited in the treatment of candidiasis in neonates (babies therapy is performed using special suspensions).

As practice shows, an overdose of medication has no negative health effects.