Plastic labia: preparation, surgery and recovery

Labiaplasty is cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of the female genitalia. The procedure is performed in two cases: as a result of any traumatic injuries or to improve your body to the smallest detail. The desire of women to look stunning at present, surpasses all conceivable limits, so this procedure, like plastic labia, has long been no surprise. The stereotype of human thinking, based on the admiration of the male sexual organs for a long time did not allow the society to realize the importance of the external appearance of female genitalia. In the modern world is an imperfect structure that is hidden deep beneath the underwear, is subject to adjustment on a par with other parts of the body. If the beautiful half of the population does not feel happy completely only because of the uncertainty in the beauty of your most intimate areas, so why not to use the services of cosmetic medicine and did not recover his composure?

Preparatory procedures before labioplasty

A variety of surgery include plastic small and large labia, reduction and increase their size. Whichever type of surgery nor had the patient’s aesthetic or reconstructive, is mandatory to pass a set of preliminary surveys in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and complications. Usually assigned full laboratory services, including common tests, examination of blood for HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. If the history of life there are various chronic diseases of the genitourinary system the body, perhaps passing an examination by the physician and urologist in order to prevent relapse and recurrence before or after surgery. Corrections of the labia are strictly contraindicated during pregnancy and positive tests for the identification of skin and venereal diseases.

Operation of the labia

Plasty of the labia minora is relevant almost for every woman, because this area of the genitals nature arranged asymmetrically; for the life fabric of this intimate area is stretched. The surgery is conducted by cutting the small lips or, on the contrary, the increase of large elements of the genitals to the size that allows you to close small. As practice shows, most often a woman raises the question: how to reduce the labia? Getting rid of excess epithelium is V-shaped or linear clipping, which allows to preserve the structure of the genitalia. Linear resection involves removal of the lower edge of the lip with a scalpel, laser or radio wave device «Surgitron». Use a standard surgical scalpel currently has the minimum percentage possible, because the period after such intervention is fraught with complications. The cutoff part of the labia minora with the help of hardware cosmetology is more efficient since it implies instantaneous cauterization of damaged tissues, eliminating infection and complications. Of course, the appearance of the female genitalia loses its naturalness, because of the folded fabric are smoothed, but here you have to choose: security operations, or natural appearance of the genitals. V-shaped cut off the extra tissue is a complex operation, but it preserves the natural form of elements due to the special technology of the implementation of cuts. Any transaction conducted with such a purpose, as a reduction of the labia, is considered minor and is performed under local anesthesia in half an hour. The stitching of incisions made with catgut or other absorbable material.

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Compared to the frequency of operations for decreasing the small elements of genitals, an increase of the labia occurs much less frequently. Change the dimensions of the small lip in favor of their growth is considered to be aesthetically incorrect, rather the extremely-geeky, but, nevertheless, sometimes plastic surgeons have to spend this kind of procedure. In the case where the plastic of the labia minora is increasing applied biopolymer gel that is injected into the base of the body.

Surgery large labia lips

The labia majora, whose main function — protective, ensure the integrity, safety and the required temperature of the body as a whole. The frequency of medical evidence to change the size of genitals depends on the degree of stretching of the skin due to age or birth effects. Need the correct amount of labia majora lies in their main task of preventing the ingress of various infections and pathological microflora inside the female body. The increase of the labia is due to the introduction of a biopolymer gel or adding the native adipose tissue taken from another part of the body.

The surgical reduction of the labia is much less than the one just described, and most often by liposuction method. Medical appointments to change the size of the female genitalia in the lower side are:

  • congenital or hereditary defect;
  • the stretching of the skin of the lips to the maximum size that makes on noticeable when walking.

Liposuction is a procedure to drain excess fat from the labia majora with a large surgical needle. In the case of sagging skin and tissues due to age or traumatic stretching of the excess is clipped the same way as for reduction surgery of the labia.

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The recovery period

Given that any cosmetic surgery to change the shape and size of the labia is carried out not more than 30 – 40 minutes stationary treatment labioplasty not assigned. The patient stays in the clinic of plastic surgery, a maximum of one working day, after which rehabilitation is continued at home during the week. Anti-inflammatory therapy with antibiotics is obligatory outpatient treatment to prevent postoperative complications. The symptoms characteristic of the recovery period after plastic surgery, expressed General weakness, malaise, dizziness, pain and swelling in the genital area, and a small bleeding.

Postoperative complications are rare during operations to reduce/increase the labia because the excellent blood supply to these parts of the female body ensures rapid healing without consequences, and rough scarring. Ignore the use of antibiotics is undesirable, as this could drag the recovery process. The duration of the full period of postoperative healing is one month, during which it is necessary to adhere to compliance with the specific lifestyle, which excludes the overheating of the body, physical fatigue, and sexual activity.

One of the most frequent problems of a temporary nature, which leads to corrections of the labia, is painful sensations in the beginning of sexual intercourse. This is due to the mechanical reduction of the vagina due to operations with partial loss of tissue elasticity. Do not be afraid and panic — in case of regular sex life, these effects disappear in a fairly short period of time.

Plastic labia is a very expensive pleasure, but a woman’s whim is always worthy of performance, especially if this is resolved and even psychological problems for elimination of so-called inferiority complex.

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