Plasty of the labia majora: indications and characteristics of the operation

The aesthetics of the external genitalia for every woman is not less important than beauty of face and figure. It is becoming increasingly popular surgical plastic of the labia majora, aimed at changing their shape and size. This operation is one of the types of labiaplasty and brings excellent results.

The function of the labia

Large and small labia — just folds of skin, but their importance for normal functioning of the female body great. They cover the vagina, protecting it from the penetration of infections, maintaining a certain temperature and normal humidity. Too large or, conversely, the small size of these protective folds can cause diseases of the genital organs, chafing, dryness of the mucous membrane.

In addition, for women is of great importance to the aesthetics of the labia, their symmetry. Cosmetic defects are the cause of complexes, self-doubt.

Indications for labioplasty

Intimate plastic labia minora aims to solve both medical and aesthetic problems. Surgery is recommended in the following situations.

  1. Too large labia that interfere with normal movements, female, walking, sex. In this case, the area of groin sweating heavily, appear rash. Surgery may help to improve intimate hygiene.
  2. Too small labia, does not provide adequate protection of the genitals from dirt, infection, temperature and humidity extremes.
  3. Damage, injuries labia. This factor is especially important for women giving birth. Very often combined with labiaplasty vaginoplasty.
  4. Age-related changes. Skin in the intimate area (as well as in other areas of the body) with age is sagging. In addition, the labia become lethargic, lose their elasticity after a sudden and severe weight loss.
  5. Aesthetic defects, asymmetry. A woman can consult a plastic surgeon, even if the shape or size of the labia cause her not so much physical as psychological discomfort.
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Contraindications to the surgery on the external genitals may be venereal disease, hepatitis, immunodeficiency and cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory processes in this region.

Surgical plastic labia

Deciding on the operation, the woman should go to a plastic surgeon and discuss with him the necessity of this step. The doctor will be convinced there is evidence to plastics, will appoint the necessary tests and tell how to prepare for surgical treatment.

Preparing for surgery

Intimate plastic surgery is simple procedure under local anesthesia. However, it is still interference in the integrity of the body, so you need to conduct some research and make sure that the patient well surgery. For this purpose:

  • comprehensive analysis of samples of blood and urine;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • tests for sexually transmitted diseases (Wasserman), human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis;
  • the study of blood clotting (coagulation).

It is necessary to consult a General practitioner, a gynecologist and in some cases of an oncologist for the detection of inflammatory diseases, benign and malignant tumors of the reproductive system and other pathologies.

Before surgery to stop taking most medications (multivitamins, and anticoagulants). It is recommended to refrain from Smoking. On the day of surgery can not eat or even drink water.

A woman should be confident in the professionalism of my surgeon. If plastic is done improperly, may appear different complications: scarring, infection, joints, pain.

The process of labiaplasty

During the operation, the surgeon changes the shape of the labia majora. In addition, can be held simultaneously increase or reduction of the labia minora, and vaginoplasty.

There are two methods of carrying out intimate plastics.

  1. Traditional surgery in which the skin is excised with a scalpel and the excess tissue is removed. The result of such transactions on the spot of incisions and sutures leaves scars of varying severity. The postoperative period is long and painful, there is a high probability of microbial infection. Of course, it all depends on the skill of the surgeon, and surgical plastic can go fine without complications.
  2. Plastic laser – the most modern method. Under the influence of the laser beam there is an immediate coagulation of the cut blood vessels. The laser also has a bactericidal action, requires no stitches, leaves no scars. This method is most effective, as it provides the surgeon a very precise effects on tissues. The postoperative period is much shorter: two weeks later, the woman is allowed to have sex life. However, laser surgery cannot always be applied.
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It’s also possible liposuction (removing excess fat).

In some cases, required an increase of the labia majora. For this you can use your own fat tissue. Their transplantation from areas of excess deposits to a correction of the labia is called lipofilling. In addition, uses a special bio-gel based on hyaluronic acid, which fills the labia. However, the effect of such a procedure is temporary, it lasts from six months to two years, after which requires re-introduction of the gel.

During plastic surgeon is trying to have on healthy tissues is minimal impact to preserve the natural shape of the genitals, their pigmentation and innervation.

The duration of the operation together with the preparation and anaesthesia is around one hour. Another two hours the patient is in the clinic, waiting for the end of anesthesia. Then the woman can return home.

Recovery after surgery

For several days after surgery, the patient may be painful, especially if the plastic was carried out using surgical resection. The recovery period in this case lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. For quick and successful healing you should follow some recommendations:

  • to reduce the physical load;
  • to refrain from sexual contact;
  • do not visit baths, saunas, pools;
  • carefully observe the intimate hygiene;
  • to sit less;
  • closely monitor the possible changes of the external genitalia and, if necessary, immediately contact the doctor.

To prevent bacterial infection of damaged tissue prescribed antibiotics and antiseptics.

If after 2 — 3 days after surgery, swelling of the labia subsides, the body temperature rises, there is bleeding or severe ongoing pain, you should immediately consult a specialist.

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Plasty of the labia majora in modern medicine – a simple operation that brings remarkable results. Women studied her, noted the acquisition of self-confidence, get out of life (including sexual) are much more fun. In most cases the simplified procedure is necessary intimate hygiene, thus reducing the probability of diseases of the female genitalia.