Polideksa for kids nose: instruction and feedback

How to drip Polideksa children in the nose?

Catarrhal inflammation occur because of the penetration into the body of infections that cause a number of complications at the respiratory tract and other endocrine organs. To get rid of the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose or throat, and to return the function of the upper respiratory tract is not easy. Especially not with to fight the body itself, as his immune system failed. Treatment in such a serious situation should be timely, as there is a risk of transition of acute to chronic stage or to identify the more dangerous forms of diseases.

To get rid of acute symptoms of the disease to date, with pharmaceutical antibacterial drug «Polideksa». He belongs to a group of new drugs that no harm to the body derive harmful bacteria and restore affected organs. To take such a drug in the treatment of children should be carefully, and how to dribble «Polideksa» children nose will be discussed further.

About the drug, its action and other aspects

Nasal spray «Polideksa» is a relatively new drug that has gained wide popularity in the medical market. The drug has a combined action aimed at the destruction of harmful elements. The most common cause of acute rhinitis or sinusitis becomes a virus that enters the period of a weakened immune system. To eliminate the cause can be difficult, but the structure of the drug includes several antibiotics.

Antibacterial agents in the minimum course of treatment eliminate the cause of inflammation and symptoms that accompany the patient throughout the disease. This effect is achieved if «Politikoi» treat the following ailments:

  • inflammation pathologically enlarged pharyngeal tonsils, which makes breathing difficult and trigger the appearance of purulent mucus;
  • disease of the frontal sinus;
  • acute or chronic disease of the mucous membrane cells of the ethmoidal
  • acute or chronic bacterial disease of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses;
  • green or yellow mucus;
  • inflammatory process involving the mucosa of the pharynx and nose;
  • chronic or acute coryza.

Before buying the drug you must ensure proper diagnosis, and then to calculate the dosing of the drug. That can be clarified only with the help of the ENT doctor. Independent use of antibiotics can cause dysbiosis and other unwanted processes.

Before applying «Polydoxy» read the instructions for use, read side effects and contraindications. And also in conjunction with the physician determine the duration of therapy and Express an individual treatment plan.

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When and how to apply spray

A runny nose or any other symptom of infection in children should call the special attention of a parent. Negative processes in the nasal cavity can cause sinusitis, or other serious diseases.

To get fast result it is necessary to monitor the daily health of your baby. Often children get sick in the learning process in schools or kindergartens. Of catching cold, the patient may for a short time to get otitis media or sinusitis. The task of parents at this time to notice the signs of illness and take immediate action.

In such a situation it is important to have on hand nasal sprays and ear drops, which help relieve pain and restore function of the ENT organs. In more severe symptoms, you need to use the «PoliticaI».

For children it is available in two convenient forms, spray and drops.

Often young parents in the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx of the child use the methods of traditional medicine or listen to the advice of friends. Remember, to treat their own child without prior consultation with a doctor can be dangerous. Thus, you can cause hearing loss, the development of viruses in the nose or mouth, and cause more terrible diseases.

It is for this reason, even a simple runny nose should be diagnosed by a qualified doctor. If necessary, or acute course of inflammation, the specialist will prescribe the children the drops in the nose «Polideksa».

Due to the active component of the drug, treatment, «Politikoi» young patients are allowed, but must be under the supervision of a physician. This is not to violate dosage and skip the drug. In addition to these notes, you should consider the severity of the symptoms of the patient, as it is important to correctly calculate the amount of vspryskivaniu.

The combination of anti-bacterial components and the hormone treatment allows you to use the remedy for distinct illnesses and in a short time to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

However, treatment of the common cold or other inflammations that do not have a strong indication of inflammation, is not recommended. Antibiotic treatment must be justified as to eliminate the side effects after antibiotic therapy may be harder than it seems. Therefore, light signs of inflammation to heal more gentle ways.

The dosing of the drug

After you have purchased the drug «Polideksa» for the child’s treatment, carefully read the user manual. Despite the fact that your physician already consulted you about the dosage and method of treatment will not be superfluous to individually read the annotation to medication.

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It is important to note that the treatment of babies up to three years with this drug is prohibited in any case. Do not use medication in the treatment of infants. With caution you should apply the spray when pregnant and also lactation.

Standard treatment regimen includes three inject per day. This dosage is designed for children up to twelve years.

Children over this age must be treated in an adult dosage, i.e., five applications per day.

Normal treatment spray is designed for seven days. In extremely rare cases, the doctor may increase the number of days to ten. But such manipulations are done only with the permission of the doctor.

Before each use «Polydoxy» necessary to carry out the hygiene of the sinuses. It is possible to rinse nasal passages salt water, solution furatsilina or use «Phrase», «Dioxidine», «Miramistin» and other drugs.

After washing the nose gently insert the cap «Polydoxy» in the nasal passage and depress pump. Once done, rinse the cap of the drug in warm water and repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

In the process of preparation to the child to keep the head slightly tilted forward. Thus, the product gets into the nose in the form of dispersion, and not as a video stream. This will reduce the negative impact on the mucous membrane and improve the effect of the medication.

Instructions for use «Polydoxy» nose for children of different ages is no different.

If you have not noticed the investment of the symptoms of inflammation on the fifth day of treatment, check with your doctor. Probably will replace the patient on further treatment and will offer similar to the «Polydoxy».


Reviews about the drops in the nose «Polideksa» for children in the most part good, but documented cases of negative opinions about the drug. This is due to incorrect dosing of the spray and uncontrolled treatment.

Irina Atroshenko: «When the baby caught a cold and started treatment of rhinitis by standard methods, but the treatment did not give results. Then our doctor prescribed antibiotics. My objection agreed and we came to a common consensus. So I found a spray in the nose «Polideksa». Used it as directed, twice a day. The result was impressive: on the third day of vspryskivaniu running nose. I wanted to stop receiving «Polydoxy» but the doctor said that in this way will increase the risk of relapse. After the full course the child will feel more than good.»

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Angelina Zabotina: «my son has chronic rhinitis with acute outbreaks in early spring. For a long time treated with different chemicals until a therapist at the school advised the «Polideksa». Did not bother me that some antibiotics, as I was more serious drops. First sprashivala spray morning, noon and night, then the doctor advised me to reduce the dosage to two applications. The effect surprised us! Usually the treatment takes about one month, but this time it was over in a week. Now vspryskivaniem spray once a week for prevention.»

Elizabeth Mustafina: «When my daughter was five years old, was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis. Were treated by different methods, but the results were not. When once again went to the doctor, appointed «Polideksa». Used very gently by one injection in the morning and one in the evening. What was my surprise when a cold passed five days later! This effect I was not expecting and was very satisfied.»


Pharmaceutical agent «Polideksa» has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action that must be taken only after studying the problems in the office of ENT.

Do not take this drug, like many others, without the permission of the doctor. This is particularly important in the case of formation of inflammatory process in younger children. Try to strengthen the body of the baby, watch his diet and take your keep their children active games or sports. This will help to strengthen the immune system of the child.