Pregnancy colds: how to heal from a cold

How to treat a cold during pregnancy?

The flu is an infectious disease that affects the upper respiratory tract. Pregnant women appear profuse discharge from the nose, sharply raises the temperature up to 38 degrees. The patient feels pain and sore throat, she lost appetite.

To colds can be attributed to acute respiratory infections, SARS, sinusitis, tonsillitis and rhinitis. How to cure a cold during pregnancy? To answer this question only after laboratory studies.

Recommendations for the treatment of colds

For several days the woman recommended to be on bed rest. Ventilation of the room will help clear the air of pathogens. The diet should include rice or oatmeal. These foods will help satisfy your hunger and restore lost power.

Doctors advised to drink as much liquid as possible. Warm tea with lemon or raspberry will help eliminate toxins produced by pathogens.

Illegal drugs

Doctors do not recommend taking Chloramphenicol, Streptomycin and Tetracycline. Pregnancy colds complicates treatment, since there are serious limitations in the choice of products.

The danger for the future of the child present of an alcohol tincture.

These funds not only increase the pressure and cause heart palpitations.

Not all tablets during pregnancy colds can be used in this period.

When carrying a child should not take Aspirin. In its composition there are substances that promote blood thinners. This increases the risk of nasal bleeding.

In the treatment of common cold patients should not take Indomethacin. The tool causes a rise in pressure in the pulmonary artery.

In the forbidden list can be found Biseptol because it can cause abnormalities in the development of the baby. Doctors prescribe to pregnant women sosudosuzhivayuschee solutions only as a last resort. This is due to the fact that the drops have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system of the unborn child.

Before using herbs you need to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of allergies.

What to do at a high temperature during pregnancy

Than how to treat colds in pregnancy if the woman has sharply raised the temperature? Experts advise patients to follow a few guidelines:

  1. To speed up the elimination of toxins you need to drink herbal teas with berries, possessing antipyretic properties. Therapeutic effect has a raspberry and honey. Warm tea does not only reduce temperature, but will also help fight the infection, which is actively developing in the nasopharynx women. It is a natural remedy for colds that has virtually no contraindications. The risk of harm to the fetus after ingestion of the drink minimum.
  2. Reduce the high temperature you can, if you wipe with a cloth dampened with diluted vinegar. The cooling effect of the procedure is due to the fact that the vinegar will quickly evaporate from the surface of the body of the patient.
  3. Tablets during pregnancy colds need to be taken only after consultation with your doctor. For the treatment of colds manufacturers produce a large quantity of drugs.
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However, most of these tools cannot be used by pregnant women. Safe antipyretic during pregnancy are tablets of Paracetamol.

How to deal with stuffy nose?

That can pregnant with a cold? To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, you can use solutions based on sea water. They will help to eliminate swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose.

Together with pus can get rid of pathogenic microorganisms that trigger the inflammatory process.

If necessary, saline solution for washing can be made at home.

This is especially true when there were no pharmacies. For nasal irrigation to about 500 ml of liquid.

The concentration of salt should be selected on the basis of their own feelings. With the introduction of the solution should not be burning and itching.

Enter turbid white liquid into each nostril. The procedure should be carried out over the sink. Instead of saline solution you can use herbal teas of chamomile or yarrow.

With the help of a healing solution to get rid of mucus and to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. In the absence of the syringe you can use a small syringe. Before washing is necessary to treat its surface with an antiseptic solution.

What to do if throat hurts

To cope with the infectious process in the throat can be due to regular gargles with the decoction of calendula and oak bark.

During viral infection, it is recommended to use a mixture of eucalyptus and sage.

To prepare the decoction you need to fill up in the container tbsp raw materials and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Fluid infused for 15 minutes. After cooling the solution must be filtered through a piece.

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Thanks to herbal broth you can get rid of sore and pain in the throat.

Permitted medications for colds you need to take into account the stage of pregnancy. Cough pregnant women prescribed or Mukaltin Doctor mom. Drugs are selected based on the condition of the mother and the fetus.

For the treatment of angina, pharyngitis and tonsillitis can I use the pill Lisobact and Faringosept. They need to hold in mouth until dissolved.

How to fight a viral infection

In viral infected mothers to prescribe Alfaro, Grippferon or interferon. The mechanism of action of drugs based on the fact that human interferon suppresses the virus.

After getting the solution on the nasal mucosa it starts to protect the healthy cells from pathogens. Antiviral agents improve immunity of the pregnant woman and promote recovery.

How to treat bacterial runny nose

The cause of the common cold can be a bacterial infection. Before treatment the patient needs to be tested.

After receiving the results of bacterial culture test, the doctor can determine the type of harmful bacteria and to choose antibiotic. In the treatment of rhinitis women patients are prescribed Amoxiclav, Ecobol.

Important! You can’t take antibiotics without the advice of a doctor.

How to moisturize nasal mucosa

Because of a cold the patient has dry mucous membranes of the nose. Women begin to complain of itching and burning. Dried peel prevent nasal breathing.

As a means to moisturize the nose during colds, you can use sea buckthorn oil.

Before the procedure you need to dilute it with sunflower oil to avoid irritation. The oil mixture should be instilled into each nostril 2 drops 3 times a day.

Folk remedies

During pregnancy particular efficiency different traditional treatments without using medicines. Consider these methods in more detail.

Heat therapy

Steam inhalation can be used in the event of a cold during all stages of pregnancy. For the procedure you need to buy a nebulizer that is designed to convert the liquid to vapor.

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Decoction can be prepared from the leaves of eucalyptus, yarrow or sage.

This method will help to cope with the symptoms of runny nose and sore throat. The disadvantage is the high price of the nebulizer.

Many women resort to the older method, which requires no special equipment.

To cure the common cold, quite a few minutes to breathe over a saucepan with hot broth.

In this case, a pot of hot broth put on the table. The woman leans over the tank and the shoulders and head at this point, cover with a towel.

Hot steam to be inhaled by the nose, not the mouth. Thermal effects should not last more than 5 minutes. To get rid of a cold can be, if applied to the nose with bags of heated salt.

What’s the use of healing tea?

For cooking and medicinal tea, you can use dried Linden flowers or oregano. To speed up the elimination of toxins you can, if you drink green tea.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of flavored beverage by a slice of lemon and bit of honey.

Cranberry juice or currant, will help to strengthen the immune system and to saturate the body with vitamins.


Treatment during pregnancy is complicated by the presence of a large number of constraints. Many drugs can cause harm to the mother and unborn child. After determining the type of the pathogen, the doctor chooses the method of treatment.