«Prescribed»: the instructions for use for adults and analogues

How to take «Prescribed»?

For the treatment of inflammations in the oral cavity doctors more often than other drugs prescribed lozenges or spray «Prescribed». This medication is the most effective anti-inflammatory agent, but, in addition, the drug can be used to achieve antiseptic and antimicrobial action. «Faringosept» — helps quickly eliminate inflammation in the oral cavity and to achieve full recovery in just five days.

«Prescribed» is widely known in the medical community and is actively used for inflammation of the infectious diseases caused by the development of viruses and bacteria, as well as during the multiplication of pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococci, and other pathogens.

About the drug «Prescribed»

«Prescribed» is a powerful medication designed to treat inflammation in the oral cavity. He can get rid of many infectious diseases only a few days. With proper diagnosis and maintaining a course of treatment, the drug eliminates numerous ailments. This effect is achieved due to the composition «Faringosept».

The active ingredient of the drug – Amazon. It has antimicrobial action and destroys the source of the disease.

The form of the drug

«Prescribed» can be found in the form of tablets and candies with lemon flavor. They have a round shape brown shade with a different splash of bright color. In one hand the tablet is engraved with the letter «L».

Indications for use

Doctors prescribe «Allergy» as the primary treatment or to maintain the state of the body after a viral inflammation. The drug is active against acute respiratory disease or viral disease in the oral cavity.

Wondering what helps «Prescribed», it is important to examine the annotation of the drug. The drug eliminates dry cough, dryness of the mucosa, sore throat and other acute symptoms at disease of the upper respiratory tract. «After» may designate in such diseases as:

  • pharyngitis;
  • inflammation of the gums;
  • strep throat;
  • chronic inflammation of the tonsils;
  • catarrhal gingivitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • infectious-inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity;
  • inflammation of the pharynx;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity;
  • disease periodontal;
  • exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis;
  • disease of the tonsils.

In addition, the drug is effective in bacterial lesions of the throat and mouth, the appearance of which provoked by a viral infection. This complication can be cured in a few days.

Often «Prescribed» is designated as prevention of inflammation of the teeth or removing tooth decay, and in the case of surgical intervention on the tonsils.


You cannot apply this remedy in acute sensitivity to the active components «Faringosept».

When resorption of tablets make sure there are no contraindications, as the medication can cause redness of the mouth, cause fever, tissue swelling, signs of severe intoxication.

In this case, it is recommended to induce vomiting and cleanse the stomach. If you more serious signs call an ambulance.

It is important to note that breaching the dosage and increase taking the pills, a positive result does not occur. Thus you can provoke an overdose, so do not violate the prescribed course of treatment.

The drug is not contraindicated in gestation and breastfeeding.

Side effects

As you know, «Prescribed» almost does not cause side syndromes. In extremely rare cases, patients show signs of allergic reactions such as rash and itching of the skin. In this case, taking the drug should stop.

How to use tablets

Instructions for use of tablets for sucking «Faringosept» adult warns that first we need to pass a detailed examination and determine the cause of the formation of the disease. Only after confirmation of the diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe this medicine to treat the disease.

Make the lollipops, you need thirty minutes after a meal. After resorption of the drug is forbidden to take any food and drinks for three hours. Otherwise, the patient may not expect the curative effect of medicine.

Patients often ask how to take «Prescribed» adult tablets. Lozenge it is important to fully dissolve the drug. Preliminarily, it is important to conduct rehabilitation of the oral cavity with the decoction of medicinal herbs or by means of special solutions. Adults are assigned to five tablets per day.

The course of treatment should not exceed five days. If at the end of the procedures the patient does not feel recovery it is important to re-diagnosis.

The course of treatment in each case is considered individually. For example, when laryngitis in adults «Prescribed» is only one of the medicines comprehensive effects. And in the case of formation of inflammation in the tonsils, the drug can eliminate the ailment independently.

Similar drugs

Before the use of drugs, many patients are looking for analogs of «Faringosept».

«I have»

The most popular alanah «Faringosept» — «I have». The drug has antiseptic properties and strong antimicrobial effect. Designed to eliminate the signs of SARS, quinsy, chronic tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, stomatitis.

The drug should dissolve three tablets in a day for one week. During this time, «I have» will destroy all the symptoms of the disease and eliminate the source of the disease. The tool can be used as a combination therapy.


Another effective product designed to combat diseases in the oral cavity — «Septolete».

Its composition is structured in such a way that six days of treatment the drug eliminates all germs and harmful microorganisms from the oral cavity and returns the lost function.

«Septolete» provides not only a strong antiseptic and antimicrobial effect, but also restores immune function.

However, the drug has several contraindications and side effects, so before buying, make sure in the absence of limitations is in your case.


A popular drug in the treatment of angina, the effects of SARS and long rhinitis and other diseases in the mouth — «Strepsils».

Lozenges have a detrimental effect on most of the microbes that helps to get rid of the disease within a few days.

However, the main direction of the medicine antiseptic effect. Therefore, the «Strepsils» can be a decent analog of «Faringosept» only in certain cases.


For the treatment of diseases in the oral cavity, doctors often prescribe «Hexetidine-tabs». The drug reduces pain and eliminates germs in one treatment.

«Hexetidine-tabs» can be used as an anti-inflammatory medication with pharyngitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis and chronic inflammation of the tonsils.

The drug is administered as a primary drug for a period of seven days.

«Tantum Verde»

Another analogue of «Faringosept» — «Tantum Verde».

This tool is designed to fight infectious agents and various ailments for inflammation of the gums, acute tonsillitis, catarrhal gingivitis, laryngitis and acute laryngitis symptoms.

The impact of «Tantum Verde» aimed not only at reducing symptoms, but complete elimination of the disease.

It has a strong antimicrobial effect and also has immune stimulating effects.


«Prescribed» is truly a powerful tool for the treatment of various diseases in the oral cavity. The price of this drug depends on the place of residence of the patient. Small package of the drug in Moscow and St.-Petersburg costs about 150 rubles.

When you purchase medication, pay attention to the abstract, and shelf life.

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