Pressure on the ear from the inside out: causes oppressive and bursting pain

Why pressure on the ears from the inside?

In the modern world, the load on the auditory apparatus of man is extremely high, and it is created not only by external factors. We are often not very careful to the ears: listen to music at maximum volume and often use headphones.

As a result, many complain of discomfort in the ears, noise, congestion. But the phenomenon of pressure on the ears is the most common and may indicate various pathologies, including and not associated with the ears. We’ll talk about this in more detail and find out the causes of such discomfort.

The human ear

The ear is a unique organ of the human body, whose structure is a complex system. In addition, the acoustic analyzer is responsible for hearing, it has a function of determining the position of the human body in space and balance.

Help. The human ear can distinguish sound frequencies in the range from 20 to 20,000 Hertz.

The acoustic analyzer is anatomically divided into 3 sections, each characterized by a specific structure and specificity of work performed. Below shows the detailed structure of the components of the body.

Department Structure
The outer ear Ear shell, the ear canal leading to the membrane of the eardrum.
The middle ear The tympanic cavity,which contains the auditory ossicles (Malleus, incus, and stapes) and Eustachian tube to connect the cavity of the ear, nose and throat.
The inner ear The maze, which houses the analyzer of sound (cochlea, organ of Corti, round and oval window), vestibular apparatus (semicircular canals and otolith organ).

All the parts of the ear are equivalent and form a single chain for handling and conversion of audio signals. If there is damage to one of the components, it leads to variety of hearing impairment up to complete loss.

Interesting. There is an opinion that the human ear is like a miniature piano. So, it consists of the equivalent of 10,000 strings and 3000 hammers.

Having considered the structural features of human ear and functions we shall now explain why there is oppressive pain in the ear.

Pressure on the ear from the inside out: causes

To provoke the emergence of such discomfort can a variety of factors, and, as previously mentioned, this may not always be associated with the very organ of hearing.

So, the most common causes symptoms pressure in the ears are:

  • migraine for this pathology headache presses on the ears and can be lengthy. Despite the fact that the disease is very common, the causes of its occurrence, and to this day not been found, and methods of treatment are not marked. Simple analgesics are not able to eliminate the pain, and the strongest irritant effect causes a bright light;
  • deviations in functioning of the auditory nerve — this can occur due to the development of various tumors, e.g. neuromas;
  • acute and chronic otitis in the development of inflammation of the middle ear is quite often the accumulation of purulent masses, which provoke feelings of pressure and arching in pain;
  • deviations in functioning of the vascular system – in addition to tightness in the ears marked deterioration in hearing and vision, headache;

  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • cervical osteochondrosis – in this disease the blood vessels leading to the brain is compressed and injured, which entails a number of unpleasant sensations, including tightness in the ears;
  • hypertension – is often the cause of spazmirovannah vessels of the neck;
  • cerumen impaction – accumulated mass of ear wax can clog the ear canal.

In addition, this phenomenon can cause some medication. For example, the antibiotic «Doxycycline» in the long admission in some cases, causes a similar symptom.

Help. All of the above points in a certain way create pressure in the cavity of the middle division of the organ of hearing, and is perceived as pressure on the ears.

Very loud music in the headphones, the frequent use of earplugs, long conversations on the phone are also a possible cause of problems with hearing, accompanied by ringing, noise and feeling pressure in the ear from the inside without pain.

Special note sharp change in barometric pressure. So, flights on aircraft ascents and descents in the mountains – the factors for which there is a pinch in the ear canal to the eardrum that is causing the feeling of tightness in the ears.

To avoid such discomfort, the experts advise to carry chewing gum or candy.


No matter what reason triggered the emergence of this symptom, in any case, the self is not engaged, since prolonged absence of competent medical assistance could face persistent hearing impairment and possible complete loss.

You should be attentive to any changes in the functioning of the body, after all, so he gives us to understand that not everything is in order, and he needs help.

Hearing is one of the most important human senses and it should very jealously protect. So, statistics indicate that hearing loss is to move a person much heavier than vision loss. This is because the ear allows for deeper connection with the environment.

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