Prospan in pregnancy: a manual for use and can make

Can I take syrup Prospan during pregnancy?

Dry cough dangerous to pregnant women. It can cause the formation of spasms in the abdominal part, which invariably leads to increased tone of the uterus. Such processes can cause miscarriage in the early stages, and beginning with the seventh month of pregnancy to cause an early labor. In order to stop non-productive cough, it is important to establish the reasons for its formation. Most often, the reflex process is the result of a viral or infectious lesions of the respiratory tract. To get rid of the inflammation in this case, it will help to «Woken».

The main advantages of this drug, minimized side effects and natural substances included in medication. During pregnancy it is important to exclude the risk of any negative process, so «Slept» acts as one of the most powerful but legal drugs in gestation. But to soothe the expectant mother will examine the question of whether the drug is «Spilled» during pregnancy more carefully.

The effect of «Spilled» during pregnancy

In the formation of dry and barking cough in pregnancy you must take immediate action. Pergola in the throat and dry mucous membranes in the nasopharynx can cause a number of negative processes that can harm the baby.

To get rid of the cough, physicians should identify reasons for its formation. Only after the diagnosing specialist may prescribe a complex treatment. In addition to a thorough analysis of health status, medications should be safe for a pregnant woman. One such remedy is «Woken».

It does not cause severe side effects as it includes only natural ingredients that do not cause the impaired development of the embryo. A narrow spectrum of action of the drug makes it «Very» safe to treat expectant mothers, so doctors prescribe the drug without fear for baby’s life.

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«Spilled» is considered a mucolytic drug based on natural substances. Its main active ingredient is ivy leaf extract. This component is not dangerous for the baby, as it can not cause side effect.

Remember! To prevent effects to apply «Spilled» in the first trimester of pregnancy is undesirable. It was at this time the main development of the fetus, so treatment in the first three months of any drugs is forbidden!

To use the «Spilled» in 2 and 3 trimester are allowed, but only after a personal consultation with a gynecologist.

Phytomedicine has expressed otharkivajushchee action and also has antimicrobial and bronhospazmolitikami action. In addition, the tool reduces sticky discharge and removes them from the upper respiratory tract.

«Spilled» is available in the form of syrup, drops for a of inhalation and in the form of tablets. Although inhalation have the most rapid effect in the treatment of expectant mothers it is best to choose the syrup. After the first day of treatment, there is improvement of outflow of a sputum, and the cough becomes much softer and more productive.

All forms of medicine do not contain harmful dyes, sugars and other dangerous additives. So he is allowed to treat pregnant women with early pregnancy.

Application features

Coughing during pregnancy can cause suffocation of the fetus or cause disruption in the nutrition of the embryo. Spasms in the abdominal cavity because of the barking cough a cause of uterine tone that is a danger to a favorable pregnancy. Such signs are particularly dangerous in the last months of pregnancy, as the cough could trigger an early labor.

With such symptoms, doctors prescribe «Prospan» as the main method of treatment. The drug eliminates the risk of fetal hypoxia, eliminates acute inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. In addition, «Woken» is assigned in the following cases:

  • in acute or chronic bronchitis;
  • in the case of bronchial asthma.
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To use the «Spilled» without consultation with a doctor is undesirable.


Before starting treatment make sure that you have no hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug. Other contraindications to the «Spilled» during pregnancy include:

  • glucose intolerant;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • brain injury;
  • recent surgery on the cranial region;
  • liver disease.

Important! Do not use «Woken» in the first weeks of pregnancy. In the future, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist or therapist.

Do not use herbal remedies in conjunction with other tools designed for removing phlegm.

When conducting inhalation with this tool, you must be excessively careful, as the drops can trigger bronchial asthma attacks.

Do not exceed the dosage of medication during pregnancy, as this may cause the formation of vomiting, nausea, unwell, diarrhoea or allergic reactions.

Abstract to the drug

Instructions for use «Woken» during pregnancy warns that for mothers it is best to apply the syrup in strict compliance with the dosing.


Together with your doctor before starting treatment it is important to set the terms of acceptance of medication and single dose of syrup. Normally for treating pregnant women allowed to take no more than three scoops means two or three times a day. The dosage depends on the severity of the disease and severity of symptoms.

Treatment with prolonged dry cough within seven days. To maintain the effect of the syrup to be taken within two days after full recovery. If after one week the cough was not productive, and well-being of the pregnant woman has not improved, urgently seek medical assistance.

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In some cases, the specialist may delegate inhalation. For such purposes you need to purchase a nebulizer, but when there is no possibility of purchasing the machine, use steam inhalations.

Remember! As drops of alcohol, to appoint a drug can only be a doctor!

In order to protect the baby, «Spilled» in the form of drops to be diluted with water in proportion one to two. To inhale the vapors through nebulizer should for six minutes five times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed five days.


If the doctor prescribed pills «Prospan», future mom allowed to use one tablet two times a day. Drink need clean water.

Due to the fact that the pills often cause side effects, follow the dosage of the drug. Diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, immediately call an ambulance.


«Woken» during the period of gestation is considered to be one of the most effective medications for the treatment of dry cough. Numerous studies show that its benefits outweigh the potential risk to the embryo. However, this does not mean that a pregnant woman can apply the medicine without consulting a doctor.