Protracted rhinitis adult: as well as than to treat, and causes a long cold

How to cure a lingering cold in an adult?

Long and never-ending runny nose is always transferred hard, so to get rid of such type of ailment you want as soon as possible. Usually in addition to nasal congestion and acute lack of oxygen, a runny nose accompanied by pain in temples, forehead and around the skull of the patient. If you get rid of the usual rhinitis, you can use any vasoconstrictor drug, prolonged treatment of the common cold in adults occurs more comprehensively.

To get rid of a cold without the help of doctors it is impossible, because this form of rhinitis dangerous complications. Treatment begins with establishing the cause of formation of pathological process and identify all factors of the disease. Usually the main reason lies in the viral nature of inflammation or because of the banal hypothermia. But there are other signs that you must identify before starting treatment. Only after that the doctor will be able to answer the question how to cure a lingering cold in an adult.

Why a cold lasts so long

Protracted rhinitis it is considered to inflammation, which can last from seven days. Such rhinitis should be cause for concern and cause the patient to seek medical attention. Prolonged rhinitis occurs fairly sharply, causing the patient a lot of discomfort. Typically, patients complain of the impossibility of breathing through the nose, headache, severe nasal congestion, chills, fever and raising the temperature to a frightening degree.

Often the deterioration of health is celebrated at night, so the patient is not getting enough sleep, feeling tired and loss of functionality.

Prolonged rhinitis often leads to the formation of more complex symptoms, which wants to get rid as soon as possible.

To cure the annoying runny nose it is important to identify the factors of its occurrence.

Causes a long cold typically rooted in colds, catarrhal inflammation or viral lesions of the body. In addition, there are the following reasons:

  • the absence of proper treatment at usual rhinitis;
  • improper use of medicines;
  • excessive use of vasoconstrictor drops that often causes medicament rhinitis;
  • often this form of rhinitis occurs due to injury of the nasal cavity;
  • mechanical damage to the mucosa;
  • getting into the nasal cavity of a part from the toy;
  • insect bites;
  • chemical trauma;
  • active corrosive substances, burns;
  • addiction to bad habits;
  • prolonged runny nose often occurs because of complications of a cold or flu;
  • the consequences of SARS;
  • acute or chronic sinusitis;
  • sinusitis, etmoidit, steroidit.
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In addition, nasal congestion and prolonged secretion of mucous secretion can occur as a result of prolonged stay in the room with dry air. The use of air conditioners also frequently leads to dysfunction of the organ of respiration.

A weak immune system

Common reason for long-term rhinitis becomes weakened immune system. This can occur due to chronic inflammation, and also due to recent colds or viral diseases.


When the diagnosis is necessary to verify the presence of the organism of various viruses.

Often, it is the infestation of the body by viruses of the respiratory group becomes a cause of prolonged rhinitis.

Once in the body, they provoke the dysfunction of the organ of respiration.

In this process, the first to suffer mucous cavity.

The patient at this time feels itching, burning, pain in throat, fever and other characteristics.

Allergic reactions

One of the most common reasons for the formation of painful cold getting contact with allergens. Bothersome rhinitis can occur due to allergic reactions to pollen, seasonal flowering, Pets and food.

Treatment with drugs in this case will be unsuccessful until the patient figures out the type of allergen. Only getting rid of it, you can feel the welcome relief.

Anatomic pathology

Often rhinitis is formed as a result of pathological changes in the structure of the nasal cavity. This can happen with prolonged use of vasoconstrictive drops. The misuse of drugs mucous cavity seriously modified and brings the patient to serious health problems.

In addition, a deviated septum is also the main cause of prolonged cold.

Chronic rhinitis

Rhinitis may be chronic inflammation. In this case, treatment should begin with identifying the causes of formation of chronic rhinitis. These include:

  • frequent overcooling;
  • goes untreated inflammation;
  • a weak immune system;
  • the impact of respiratory diseases;
  • various processes in the upper respiratory tract;
  • addiction;
  • pathological processes;
  • congenital predisposition.

Treatment of this kind is prolonged, so you should be prepared for different procedures and to bring therapy to the end.

Additional characteristics

In addition to these symptoms, rhinitis can occur due to many other factors. They are not always affect you directly, so their presence need medical help. Such factors include:

  • adenoids;
  • the tumor in the throat, nasopharynx or nasal cavity;
  • cyst;
  • the increase of the mucosa.

Such signs require immediate medical treatment, so ignoring long rhinitis not.

Necessary treatment

The doctor can not prescribe treatment without a personal inspection, so the patient must undergo diagnosis.

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It is especially important to obtain advice from an experienced doctor and a risk of malignant or benign neoplasms.

To alleviate the patient’s condition even before the trip to the doctor, you must do the following:

  1. Hourly ventilate the premises.
  2. Install a humidifier or use improvised means.
  3. If the house needs daily cleaning twice a day. In the absence of Pets, cleaning can be carried out once a day.
  4. Remove from the premises all items that can accumulate dust.
  5. Follow the diet of the patient.
  6. The patient should drink plenty of fluids. Keep in mind that coffee and tea to improve the well being will not help. It is best to take normal water.

Such methods will only improve the overall health of the patient and temporarily reduce the severity of symptoms.

Remedy for a lingering cold

After receiving the analyses and results of the study, the doctor can prescribe medication. Usually in the scheme of treatment included:

  1. Daily lavage of the nasal cavity by Vizionera or Aqua Maris.
  2. The administration of antibacterial nasal sprays — Bioparox, Polideksa, Izofra or their analogues.
  3. In the future, the patient will prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics — Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin.
  4. In the complex treatment includes mucolytics — Fluimucil, Fluimucil Antibiotic it.

In addition, in the course of treatment regardless of reasons includes the vasoconstrictor drops local use, and various anti-inflammatory drugs.

After a week of treatment the patient was prescribed physiotherapy exercises.

Other treatments

Throughout treatment, the patient will be useful to wash the nose with the use of medicinal herbs.

Plants are best purchased in pharmacies, since many fees can cause high blood pressure or other undesirable characteristics.

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In addition, doctors often prescribe inhalation. This method will be a good way to improve the condition of the patient. But to carry out such manipulation is possible only in the absence of purulent discharge.

Other treatments often include heat therapy, moxibustion foot, the use of various lotions. In each case, the recipes are selected individually.


Prolonged rhinitis is becoming a cause of poor health and significant loss of health of the patient. So do not delay treatment and seek medical assistance in the first week of education rhinitis.

The only way you can maintain your health and prevent the formation of severe forms of the disease.