Puncture of the ovaries: surgery

The problem of pregnancy today is for women most relevant. It often happens that woman for a long time can not have children, because any reasons, one of which is infertility. In the case of female infertility is ovarian transvaginal puncture type.

What is puncture?

The female ovaries are glands of the endocrine type, which directly affects a woman’s ability to conceive and bear children. The ovaries are able to produce the female sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the successful fertilization and gestation.

Sometimes the reason why a woman can not get pregnant can be a surgical procedure, for example, cyst removal or resection of the ovaries.

Today modern medicine has found a way out of this difficult situation, when the couple thinks that infertility is a sentence. This is not so. In such a situation is allowed a procedure called a «transvaginal puncture». Today widely used ECO-friendly method.

In vitro conception is considered to be a rather complicated procedure that involves several stages, the most important of them is puncture, through which the collection of Mature eggs.

The manipulation itself is performed as follows: in the cavity of the ovary gently inserted hollow needle which by means of suction collects all the eggs. To ensure safety and effectiveness, the procedure is performed using ultrasound device. Duration of manipulation — about twenty minutes.

Puncture refers to a number of painless procedures, and is performed under local anesthesia. It helps achieve maximum comfort to the patient felt no pain, and the doctor has collected all the necessary material.

It is important that the experience and practice of a doctor in such a situation plays a major role. Before the procedure is performed with potent hormonal therapy, which makes greater demands on the body. Therefore, in the case of an error the doctor, it is likely that the patient will lose those long-awaited healthy and fertilized egg. This will lead to the fact that the body will need time to recover. After rehabilitation, the re-holding of the puncture, but the treatment may not be delayed for one month.

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Before making the puncture, the physician should investigate the cause of infertility and the inability of the patient to conceive. Can be assigned to a biopsy of the ovaries. Specialist takes tissue samples, which are investigated and give a clear picture. Biopsy is performed under anesthesia General nature used a special device – a laparoscope. The procedure is low-invasive and safe for health. The recovery period is short, the pelvic organs have the minimum amount of time to recover.

Rules of preparation for surgery

Puncture is a critical manipulation, which depends on many things. Therefore, training should take place correctly and carefully, if you want to make the procedure most effective. Preparation will help to avoid complications, the consequences that may occur during the puncture.

To avoid bloating, for six hours before surgery nothing to eat or drink.

As for drugs, it is possible to use only those that are prescribed by the attending physician.

Also there are General rules, the observance of which before the puncture is necessary:

  • it is impossible to stick to any diets for weight loss;
  • we need to abandon the physical and power loads;
  • do not drink coffee;
  • five days before the manipulation cannot be intimacy.

It is desirable to control the water, because excessive drinking can lead to the occurrence of ohss, which is dangerous for women’s health.

Should regularly conduct ultrasound during hormone therapy. When the follicles reached the desired size (18-20mm), female control enters an injection of HCG that will allow you to complete the stage of maturation of the oocytes.

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The progress of the operation

The woman is General anesthesia. Often in connection with Allergy or intolerance to reduce the impact of drugs on the ovaries can make a local anaesthesia, then the patient is conscious throughout the procedure.

Always puncture is performed under ultrasound control. On the small sensor of the ultrasonic device is put on a special thin needle. This hollow needle is pierced through each of the Mature follicles for a fence Mature eggs – all it takes is about 20 minutes.

The resulting material (oocytes) are placed in a special container, which then adds the selected or received the sperm of a man (donor).

After several hours the attending physician must inform the woman about the results, the efficiency of manipulation and appoint a further appointment, which will occur itself replanting of embryos into the uterine cavity.

The postoperative period

After puncture, the patient is placed in a General ward, where she will depart from the anesthesia for several hours and wait for the results. Then the woman can return home and, following the recommendations of the doctor will recover completely.

For a couple of hours the experts will be able to give an accurate assessment on the quality of egg and sperm, to determine the course of action.

The main thing is to remember that recover quickly after the surgery will help the psychological state of the woman, which must be balanced, relaxed.

Possible complications

The ovaries are surrounded by lots of blood vessels, so the trauma of the surgery depends on the experience of the specialist. If he follows the manipulations correctly and smoothly, the blood vessels will not be affected and complications can be avoided. But if the doctor damages the blood vessels, it will bleed and form a hematoma; this problem can be solved without surgery.

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Can also be other injuries and infection. Not excluded, and specific complications such as cyst rupture, osteomyelitis of the spine and torsion of the ovaries. Such consequences are rare, but a reality, so if a long time a stomachache, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Consider in what other cases should immediately seek medical help:

  • vomiting and nausea;
  • increased body temperature;
  • abundant vaginal discharge;
  • strong and increasing pain in the lower abdomen.

Preventive measures should unquestioningly follow the recommendations of your doctor. If you’ve got a lot of Mature eggs, ask to put on a drip. Sometimes you may need hospitalization.

What is the effectiveness of the procedure

In fact, the effectiveness of the implementation of IVF depends on many factors. The performance in General, and in particular transvaginal puncture, depends on the skill and experience of the specialist, which methods are used and properly observe all the stages of the program, equipment which meets the requirements of modern medicine. Such measures help to obtain the desired number of oocytes with minimal harm to health. Alternative procedure to date there.