Purged ear: how and what to treat at home

What to do if you have lost your ear?

There is a misconception that cold only in winter or autumn. But this is not true. Very often colds occur in summer. At this time of year people often complain that blew my ear. The reason for this may be a draught in the room, and the open window in the car and bathing in cold water.

If you or your child have lost an ear, and you don’t know how to treat it at home, be sure to visit a specialist as early as possible. Timely and proper treatment will help to quickly overcome the disease and to avoid the possible consequences in the future.

Symptoms of purged ear

If you have lost the ear, the symptoms will appear after a few hours the following way:

  1. Passing a minor hearing impairment and the ear laying. Unfortunately, often these signs are left out of consideration, although if you carry out the necessary measures, then you can avoid the typical pain.
  2. The appearance of pain indicates that, went inflammation – otitis. The pain is often worse in the evening, providing the patient a sleepless night. Day it may not be, or it is insignificant. The manifestation of pain can be different: shooting, aching, oppressive.
  3. Stuffiness in ear while swallowing suggests that it formed a discharge, often purulent.
  4. Swollen lymph nodes on the affected side.
  5. Headaches that often go into severe migraine. The pain can also spread to the teeth.
  6. The increase in body temperature occurs with the progression of the inflammatory process. Also appears malaise.

The manifestation of such signs it is necessary to inspect for the presence of ear discharge to rule out dental disease as the symptoms are very similar.

The most common symptoms occur at the wrong time, or evening, or at night, when visiting a doctor is almost impossible. And then begins to torment the question: how to treat ear if he cheated?

First aid

The best option when symptoms persist, purged ear is access to a doctor, but if this is not possible, then the patient can administer first aid at home.

First we need to remove all sources of drafts and make a compress out of alcohol.

This is suitable for any alcohol, the fortress which over 40 degrees.

It is necessary to moisten them with cotton wool and put it in the ear canal, then wrap the affected ear with a warm scarf and stay calm at least an hour.

In any case, even if the pain is gone, necessarily need to consult with your doctor in the near future. Specialist will diagnose and prescribe effective treatment, and prompt the auxiliary recipes of traditional medicine. Treatment is required because a problem such as the purged ear, can lead to reduction or even complete loss of hearing.


To relieve pain and inflammation, doctors often prescribe:

  1. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications that should be in every home first aid kit: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.
  2. A hot compress with the use of heated sunflower oil (adults with vodka) where you soak a piece of bandage, then applied about the ear, and the top is placed a layer of cotton and a piece of cellophane. In the ear it is desirable to insert a cotton swab soaked in Bourne or camphor alcohol. This must be done carefully to avoid burns. Best of all these packs to apply for the night. Everything to fix it with a bandage or scarf.
  3. Ear drops will help to reduce the pain threshold and improve the General condition of the patient. Most often the doctor prescribes these drops as Ototon, Otinum, Sofradeks Drops, Fugentin, Piramides and other. They are composed of either antibiotics or pain killers.

For pregnant women the selection of drugs is significantly limited, so as not to harm the fetus. For pain management doctor-otolaryngologist appoints mums Nurofen and Drops, and the treatment is based on administration of drugs with components of medicinal herbs, oils and vasoconstrictor.

Hydrogen peroxide

Special place in treatment of otitis media is hydrogen peroxide, which copes with purulent formations in the ear canal, otitis and fungal diseases of external and middle ear (atomikos). Hydrogen peroxide improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

For treatment of ear used 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. When greater concentration is required to dissolve water facility.

Turundas moistened in the peroxide solution, gently squeeze and insert into the ear canal. Turunda to absorb the purulent discharge, so it is necessary from time to time to change. Such manipulations should be carried out until, until no more pus. Then the doctor applies a clean, dry turundas to your ear for half an hour, after which by means of special suction removes purulent foam formation occurs in the interaction of hydrogen peroxide with pus.

But we should not forget about contraindications. The use of hydrogen peroxide is not recommended if the person has:

  • hyperthyroidism — high levels of hormones produced by the thyroid gland;
  • pemphigoid herpes rash formation on the skin;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Treatment of folk remedies

For anybody not a secret that the recipes of traditional medicine are very popular. However, when applied, it is important to do everything correctly so as not to harm their health:

  1. To use any infusions and compresses (besides alcohol) only in the form of heat.
  2. When making recipes with herbs all components are better to buy in the pharmacy because they are treated.
  3. You cannot use the herbs for which the patient is allergic to.
  4. Before applying the of traditional medicine, consult your doctor.


As the warming means perfect UV lamp. If such is not available, it is possible for the pan to heat, salt, or rice, and apply such heat to the ear in a linen pouch. Recommended time every hour for 10 minutes. Not excluded the option of warming ear warmer.

Attention! If there is drainage moxibustion is contraindicated, as this may cause the acceleration of the process of inflammation.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf can be used for the preparation of infusions, which helps to relieve pain. For this you need to grind three dried leaf into powder and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, cover tightly and leave for about two hours, then strain. Bury the tool in the ear, 5 drops of warm at night, and then to provide a patient ear warm (you can wrap the scarf).


Garlic is also good struggling with pain in the ear. It is necessary to make a paste of garlic, add 5 drops of oil of camphor. The resulting composition is spread evenly on the gauze and turning in the form of a swab, put in the ear. To withstand up to the moment until the burning sensation. Then remove the swab, and ear drip anti-inflammatory drops, or tincture.

Propolis tincture

For making funds, you need to dilute propolis tincture with vodka and alcohol in the ratio 1:10:5 and add the same amount of water. Put a piece of gauze moistened in this part at night ear. This is a great help at the initial stage of the disease.


Treatment options onions there are a few:

  1. Wrap a bit of fresh onion in several layers of gauze or bandage, and roll in the form of a tampon, then put in the ear. Keep this remedy about half an hour. After an hour, the procedure can be repeated to improve the effect.
  2. Bake the cleaned fresh onion, grind it to a pulp, cool. Then apply evenly on the cheesecloth, roll into a ball and placed in ear canal for half an hour.
  3. Cut the tip of the bow and make a small hole on the cut, put a few caraway seeds and baked in foil in the oven until tender. Squeeze the juice, which is strained and in the form of heat can be instilled into the affected ear for 5 drops.
  4. Bake onion (preferably on fire) until fully cooked. Wrap it in several layers of cheesecloth, let cool slightly and apply to affected ear, top wrapped a warm scarf.

Onion has excellent antiseptic effect in addition helps to relieve pain and inhibits the development of inflammation.

Treatment wax

Before put your ear at night drops, or tincture, will be very helpful to carry out the following manipulation. Need to melt some wax and soak in it a piece of gauze. Immediately make a small turundas. When the wax cools, insert turundas in the ear and roll up a warm scarf. This remedy helps relieve pain, prevents the development of otitis media and facilitates the removal of sulfur from the ear using cotton swabs.

Flour with honey

This means you can get rid of pain. You need to take a tablespoon of flour, add half spoon of honey and mix thoroughly until smooth. This composition spread on cheesecloth and placed in the ear in the form of a tampon, wrap a warm scarf and leave overnight.

Tincture mummy

The therapeutic effect of Shilajit known to man for more than three millennia and remains as popular today. With a strong ear pain helps tincture made on the basis of Shilajit. You need to take 3 g of the mummy and a spoon of boiling water. Then everything is put in a water bath, stirring occasionally.

When the mixture volume reaches 100 ml, are required in equal proportions to mix a solution of Shilajit and boron alcohol and Sulfacetamide (eye drops). To bury means 10 drops in the form of heat 4-5 times per day. Zacapa means on the night, plug the ear with cotton wool and roll up a warm scarf.

If you have symptoms of ear purged illegally is not recommended to test different methods of treatment. You must immediately consult a doctor to avoid possible consequences, including hearing loss. In children, the lack of skilled care can lead to developmental delays.

The reason for the lack of stimulation of the brain. Thus, if you or your child have lost an ear, before you start treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor as how to treat it.

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