Rabies uterus: causes, symptoms, treatment

Rabies uterus in women is a popular name of the disease, which in other words is also called female nymphomania, hypersexuality or excessive libido. In Greek language it means «crazy bride». But in our time nimfomanki called, and such of the fair sex who lead an immoral life, frequently changing sexual partners. What is this disease? How to manifest? Treatment was required?

Characteristics of the disease

Of the disease called «rabies uterus» in women in the official medicine does not exist. But in people, the disease was known several thousand years ago. In the works of Plato there is mention of the fact that a woman’s genitals like a wild beast that cometh into the rage, if a woman doesn’t want to think about what needs to continue to race.

With hypersexuality, a woman is a dream of any man. For women another sexual partner is the next adventure that helps her a little to appease a whim.

The name of «nymphomania» also appeared by chance. According to legend, nymphs are inhabitants of the forests, hunted of men, luring them into their very dense, and used them for the love of orgies. When the man came to himself, he couldn’t think of anything else, as the nymphs. Men left families and, like madmen, were returning to the forest, and at least once to experience sexual satisfaction in the arms of beautiful women forest. Is it truth or myth, nobody knows for sure.

In fact, the women suffering from the disease rabies uterus, can not control sexual desire. A woman tends to have more sexual partners, and it does not matter what it will be sex, age and beautiful or not his appearance. Here more value is frequency. Usually during sex nympho reaches sexual discharge (orgasm), so the act they do not get any pleasure. Women whose uterus has disease want sex not so much from that experience from excitement, and from the obsession to have crazy sex, in other words, the disease is more psychological in nature.

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If to speak about the impact of the disease on the personal lives of women, it is negative. Immediately after sex, even if you’ve had an orgasm, a woman ready for the next sexual intercourse. Conventionally, the rabies of a uterus in women can be divided into two categories: for some, it is important to get from sex discharge, the other is not important orgasm, but very important number of sexual acts.

Why do I get a rabies of a uterus in women?

The main reasons for the occurrence of hypersexuality such factors:

  • violations of hormonal levels in the female body;
  • the uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • diseases of a psychological nature;
  • a tumor of the ovaries or pituitary gland;
  • the presence of complexes.

The reason for the development of nymphomania can be psychological disorders such as schizophrenia. In some cases, the cause of the development of the nymphomaniac may be a rape or stiffness parents in childhood.

If a woman feels a strong sexual attraction, regardless of whether the object of desire is male or female, it should be a signal for an immediate treatment to a doctor and treatment started.

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom that could signal the disease «rabies uterus» can say a permanent sexual desire, when it is impossible to concentrate on anything else. In this state, a woman seeks new sexual feelings and new partners. About the appearance of the disease could also indicate the emergence of erotic fantasies. If a woman can have sex up to 15 times per day, however, she is not experiencing sexual satisfaction, it is the nymphomania or the rabies of a uterus in women.

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Traditional methods of treatment

The official medicine can offer today therapeutic measures that help to identify the factors that cause nymphomania, and also to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Before prescribing a course of treatment, it is very important to be diagnosed, to understand what triggered the development of the disease. To exclude the presence of tumor needs a CT scan of the brain. To determine whether the disturbed hormonal balance, you want to be tested for hormones, as well as to examine the gland. It is also important to be examined by a gynecologist and be tested for infections that can be sexually transmitted. If nymphomania treatment is complex and is chosen individually in each case.

The purpose hormonotherapy drugs is justified only in case if it is diagnosed malfunctions of the endocrine system.

In the presence of sexually transmitted diseases they need to treat immediately. Only this will help to improve immunity and metabolic processes in the body that reduce obsessive sexual desire, relieve nervous tension and improve the General health of women. To improve the mental state of the assigned sedative drugs, tranquilizers, antipsychotics. Necessarily have to visit a psychologist that will help to correct the behavior.

Folk remedies in the treatment of

In folk medicine there are many recipes that are able to regulate sexual disorders, in particular to reduce increased sexual excitability and to eliminate the inflammatory processes of genital organs. Typically, traditional recipes prescribe a course of treatment lasting up to 1.5 months with a break of two weeks. But, any folk remedy to better align with the doctor to avoid possible adverse reactions.

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Here are some folk remedies:

Catkins of willow (1 tablespoon) pour 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse for one hour, then strain. Drink before meals for 1 tablespoon 3 times during the day.

Hop cones, peppermint leaves, and melim, flowers meadowsweet vyazolistny for 1 h box should be put in a container and pour 500 ml of beer. Infuse for 12 hours, stirring occasionally, then strain. Take 3 times a day for ½ Cup of the Course of treatment is 7 days.

It is also important that the food was correct. Best to eliminate various aphrodisiacs, such as nuts, chocolate, cheese, seafood. Favorably affect the status of the various soothing teas and mood.

If the rabies of the uterus in women are not and women can’t overcome obsessive sexual desire, you need immediately to address to the sexopathologist for the selection of another treatment option. In any case, expert advice is very important to normalize mental state.