Rate of humidity in the apartment for a child: the optimum moisture content

What is the optimum humidity for the child in the house?

Before the advent of the baby in your family you must reflect on his personal area. This place must be equipped with all necessary and not to forget about normal humidity in the apartment for the baby. It is from this factor depends not only on subjective sensation of warmth or coolness, but also the immune system, General health of the child, the state of his lungs. In addition, when the optimum humidity in the baby’s room will grow flowers and preserved many items of furniture.

The hydration room is especially important at the beginning of a child’s life. Why worry about clean and quite humid air in the living room. In the case of ignoring this issue, the baby will be sick often and suffer from various lesions of the body, as excessive dryness has a negative impact on the state of the baby.

How dry air can affect the baby

After the birth of a baby is very important to create favorable conditions for his life. In the chain of necessary items many parents forget the importance of air quality. Failure to comply with elementary rules of moisturizing dwelling, children are often susceptible to viral and infectious lesions, which entails a lot of inflammation.

In addition, a moderate humidity in the room is responsible for the absence of mold and other unwanted elements that can affect the baby’s health.

Therefore, the air in the apartment is very important to preserve the child’s health and well-being.

To humidify the air you need regardless of weather conditions. Since winter air is dry because of the heating devices, and in the summer for air conditioning and natural heat, humidification of the air should be a constant habit.

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Failure to comply with the norms of humidity in the nursery, in a young patient may develop a variety of pathologies, which in the future will cause a lot of complications. The main factors of the lack of humidity in the air include:

  • severe dryness in the mucous gland;
  • disruption of the upper respiratory tract;
  • the absence of the protective function of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx;
  • violation of the protective functions of the skin;
  • frequent inflammation of various allergic reactions;
  • the risk of dysbiosis.

These inflammation may affect the baby’s health and can cause a number of complications, and a decrease in the immune system. This situation can cause abnormal development of the respiratory tract. This often leads to chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, hearing loss, frequent dry mouth, and metabolic disorders.

It is for these reasons necessary to maintain the humidity for infants. Clean and moist air will only strengthen the immune system and preserve its protective function.

The rate of moisture

As we have seen, the lack of humidity in a residential area can cause a lot of ailments.

It should be noted that failure to comply with the rules of first suffers from nasal mucosa.

When drying the cavity, the body is not protected against penetration of viruses and bacteria and various pathogens.

So with every breath in a kid’s body can get large amounts of dust and dirt that are invisible to the eye.

The consequences of such lesions of the organism is difficult to predict. But in the first days the baby is very fussy and can’t sleep. This can be explained by drying of the mucous cavity, which causes the violation of nasal breathing. Later in the baby’s body are formed of various pathological inflammation.

Disruption of the protective functions causes frequent allergic reactions. Allergens provoke the beginning of any viral disease that can cause serious complications.

It is especially important to maintain the humidity in the apartment during chronic inflammation of Allergy or asthma. In this case, dry air can cause a strong aggravation.

Scientists and experts have found that moderate humidity indicator for an adult shall be not less than sixty percent, and for children this figure is even higher. A standard figure for kids – not less than seventy percent.

It is clear that the air in the usual residential apartments are much smaller.

Especially strongly it is reduced in winter due to active work of insulating devices and the Central heating system.

At this time the humidity can be less than forty percent.

Such an indicator may adversely affect the health of not only the child but also the adult. But such a problem can be encountered not only in the cold. In the summer the humidity can be reduced significantly from the norm for air conditioning and heat.

How to control humidity

To establish a rule in the apartment without special tools is quite difficult. In this case, come to the aid of some proven options.

If you love flowers, pay attention to the tips of the plants. When yellowing is easy to guess about the dryness in the living room and needed moisture.

In addition, pay attention to the condition of the furniture. With the drying up of wooden furniture, probably in the room a serious lack of moisture. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures.

With such low humidity the baby starts to fuss and cry as the fragile body must do more work and expend reserves liquid.

This causes dryness in the mucous membranes and even painful sensations in the throat when drinking fluids and chewing food.


The first months of baby’s life are particularly important for strengthening the immune system. During this period, it is important to conduct daily wet cleaning and otherwise to humidify the air. To maintain these purposes, you can buy a humidifier or use homemade ways to moisturize. To do this, place in the baby’s room a few glasses of water and wet towels near heaters. Regularly ventilate the room.

It is advisable to acquire house plants as they naturally purify the room and humidify the air.

As for specialized tools, most of them can not only moisturize, but and destroy harmful particles in the air that can adversely affect the health of the baby.