Recipe ointment sinusitis with soap: a folk remedy

Folk remedy for sinusitis with soap

Treatment of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses always takes a long time, as the sinusitis is accompanied by dizziness and profuse mucous secretions, which are difficult to get rid of. So even our grandmothers invented an effective way to reduce the symptoms of the disease and normalization of the airway.

Folk remedy for sinusitis with soap used for several decades. Over time, they have not lost their relevance, and Vice versa, have gained popularity among the masses. But before you use the treatment for sinusitis soap, you need to know how to do it and whether such a case in your own situation. To learn the answers to these questions read the material.

What is sinusitis and its causes

Sinusitis is a serious disease of the paranasal sinuses. Its appearance is due to the aggravation of rhinitis or colds that were not timely cured. Diseases such a serious way affect the immune system and cause further complication in the form of sinusitis. Among other causes of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is an inflammation of the teeth, accumulation of mucous secretions, untimely cured infectious disease.

Understand that the patient has sinusitis can be formed by several symptoms. Patients usually complain of loss of smell, feeling of heaviness in the frontal sinus, pain in the temples and the head, and also a serious increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius.

In addition to these symptoms, the patient feels very tired in the morning, loss of efficiency, increased drowsiness, profuse sweating.

In the case of acute inflammation, the patient may appear purulent discharge and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages that shrouded the maxillary cavity. If treatment is not received at this stage, the patient will face a serious deterioration of health and health problems.

In the case of transition of acute inflammation into the chronic stage, the patient affects the bony walls of the maxillary sinuses. This leads to frequent purulent discharge and pain.

Before starting treatment, you must find out the underlying cause of sinusitis. The main reason being the entry of the virus and infection in the nasal passages. It causes a dysfunction of respiration and inflammation in the nose.

Other causes include a deviated septum, vasomotor rhinitis and the formation of adenoids.

How to use soap

Treatment of prostatitis is always a long process that needs to be approached very thoroughly.

After establishing the root cause and a visit to a qualified doctor, you must strictly adhere to the prescribed treatment.

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If over time, the symptoms are not reduced, some doctors recommend to turn to alternative medicine.

In folk medicine, there are various methods to restore the function of the upper respiratory tract and paranasal sinuses. Sometimes some methods of alternative medicine can enter into a stupor, but if the recipe was popular even from the grandparents – a method proven and have nothing to fear.

The composition and action of soap

One of the most common ways of treating sinusitis – soap. This ingredient is popular in different countries of the world, so how to get this soap is quite simple.

It is known that soap is unique in its structure. In addition to hygiene, this soap has a medicinal effect.

Despite the rich variety of different medications, many people use this way of treatment.

Part of soap includes fatty acids containing more than 65 percent. Such as ingredient in the soap is of natural origin and has a pronounced medicinal properties.

So, the natural soap includes:

  • saturated fatty acids;
  • the fat of the animal;vitamins and supplements;
  • kaolin;
  • colorless crystalline powder;
  • kalifonsky resin;
  • lye.

In addition, soap does not contain in its composition, various additives or powders of synthetic origin. Thus, soap is an environmentally friendly product.

Using soap as a medicinal product, the patient experiences a softening of the skin, the appearance of the elasticity of the nasal mucosa, the saturation of the nasal passage of various microorganisms that can fight with virus and bacteria. In addition, the clay, which is part of the drug dries up mucus and reduces symptoms of sinusitis.

Many people know about the antibacterial properties of soap but how to apply this ingredient for the treatment of sinusitis?

Nasal lavage

In the treatment of sinusitis need to purchase natural soap dark in color. In its composition a greater quantity of content of fatty acids.

The combination of these active components is antiparasitic and antiseptic action, which contribute to the discharge of mucous secretions.

Keep in mind that the preparation of solutions based on dark soap is not recommended. Its composition in case of preparing the liquid mixture can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the skin or cause burns.

For nasal lavage soap it is necessary to properly prepare a solution. This procedure can be performed in the period of acute inflammation or to maintain the General health of the patient. This recipe is popular in the season of respiratory inflammation, when every second is sick with a cold or flu.

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To prepare the solution must do the following:

  1. Prepare a glass of hot water. Ensure that the water temperature was not below seventy degrees. Otherwise, the soap will not completely dissolve.
  2. RUB on a small grater small amount of soap.
  3. Dissolve the soap in boiling water to obtain a homogeneous solution.

After you prepare the solution, rinse the nasal passages.

  1. To do this, purchase a medical bag and dial in a small amount of the mixture.
  2. The patient should sit on a solid chair and hold a small basin where you will pour out all the liquid.
  3. Spend wash gently, trying not to irritate the mucous membrane.
  4. After washing one nasal passage should be treated with the pear and repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

Rinse your nose with this solution it is necessary after every four hours. Not prohibited manipulation more often, but only when necessary, and a large accumulation of mucous secretions.

There are times when rinsing medical bag cause discomfort. In this case, direct introduction of the solution into the nasal passages. Then you need a finger or an ear stick to wash the walls of the nose.

In the process of washing some patients complain of dizziness, nausea or pain in the nose. These symptoms disappear immediately after the procedure.

Ointment on the basis of soap

Recipe ointment sinusitis with soap probably known to many. This method is among the most common methods of treatment soap. To prepare the ointment necessary to perform the following operations:

  1. Purchase a small amount of 72 percent of soap.
  2. RUB the product on a small grater.
  3. To the resulting mixture, you must add ten milliliters of vegetable or olive oil.
  4. Then peel and chop onions.
  5. Squeeze the juice and add it into the mix.
  6. Melt on a steam bath ten ml of honey. The resulting liquid should be added to the solution.
  7. Not be amiss to add five milliliters of rubbing alcohol and ten milliliters of cow’s milk.

The mixture must be stirred thoroughly and put in water bath. Keep the mixture for fifteen minutes or until dissolution of the soap. Don’t forget to stir the product every two minutes. The resulting ointment should be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than five days after manufacture.

To use the ointment you need to prepare turundy. Moisten gauze or cotton bandage in ointments, and enter into the nasal passages for twenty minutes. Pre-nose rinse salt water or blow my nose.

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Repeat procedure three times a day for ten days. If the sinusitis became chronic the number of days can be increased to complete cure.

Be prepared for the fact that immediately after the procedure the patient may abundant purulent discharge. This will symbolize the beginning of recovery of the patient.

If in the process of using the ointment the patient appears severe irritation of the skin, must take place turundy and rinse your nose with warm water. In the future, this procedure is not carried out.


Reviews of ointment soap from sinusitis to a greater extent positive. Usually this way of treating children in childhood, so many patients trust the recipe.

Igor Lavrentev: «When I was a kid, my grandmother often washed nose soap. In adolescence and inflamed sinusitis. Mom used the recipe and prepared the ointment. Applied for five consecutive days, morning and evening. The result was significant: first passed the selection, and then it became easy and comfortable to breathe. Remember the recipe for life».

Anastasia Stalk: «my Mother knew the recipe of an ointment from childhood. When my son has formed an acute sinusitis immediately introduced cotton pads soaked in the ointment of soap. This recipe I didn’t trust, but the result appeared the next day.»


Remember that the use of alternative therapies is only possible in combination with drug therapy. Cleaning the nasal passages with soap or use of an ointment based on it should take place only with the permission of the doctor.

To kill the bacteria in the nasal cavity is possible only with the help of antibiotics, so use soap with a purpose is not recommended.

In the treatment in case of acute or chronic sinusitis is necessary to monitor the therapy. To apply the described methods can be no more than fourteen days.