Recovery after laparoscopy hospital and complications

At least once in life each of us took sick leave. Well, when the hospital had to take due to the common cold, and not because have surgery. After the operation is necessary to the end to undergo rehabilitation to avoid complications and recovery was successful. Today you will learn how many days are given sick leave after laparoscopic surgery.

Recovery: as goes the first day after laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a safe, less traumatic surgery compared to abdominal procedures. However, you still need to complete the rehabilitation period.

In the first day after the laparoscopy, the woman must remain in hospital under close medical supervision. This is because after the anesthesia wears off the patient may begin to feel pain in the lower abdomen.

On the first day of the medical staff handles the stitches. You can get up out of bed, but not to make any sudden movements and too much activity.

Each patient’s recovery time is different: depending on the provisions and condition of the body. The average recovery is 4 days and full recovery in about 30 days (a month).

The time necessary to ensure that healed not only the fabric but also the internal organs, which produces the operation. To fully bounce back and gain strength, you need to follow all the prescriptions of the attending physician.

The postoperative period begins to count from the time when I zaveshivali operation before discharge at the hospital. After the patient departs from the anesthesia, he begins to feel some discomfort and soreness in the area where the operation. It is quite normal, given that the tissue somehow becomes damaged.

When the pain is unbearable, the patient may be prescribed drugs analgesics.

There are also other features of the early recovery period:

  • After laparoscopy in some cases, a reception of antibacterial drugs in order to avoid infection.
  • If the intervention is minimally invasive, it allows you to keep active in the early days, in 10 hours you can get up to the toilet.
  • You can drink only non-carbonated purified water for the first time 5 hours, if you see the appetite, you can try to drink low-fat broth.
  • Laparoscopic procedures are conducted using the gas, that is why the restoration especially women slim texture, is accompanied by pains in the knees, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. To the residue left the body, the nurse will show you exercises. They will need to do not get up out of bed.
  • Sometimes you may be prescribed drugs with anticoagulant properties. The reclining position can provoke thrombosis. Will also help stockings that you want to wear before surgery and to wear after.
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How many days does it take to treat

In the hospital, the patient stays for about 10 days. This number of days will be enough to control the healing of joints, to restore overall health. During this time, the woman will get up and hang herself to serve after laparoscopy.

In the first 4 days can disturb aching pain in the areas where the punctures were made. This happens due to the fact that the tissue was injured. Another unpleasant symptom performs General malaise.

It is also possible to increase the body temperature slightly above 37 degrees is also normal after this procedure. All the other uncomfortable feelings will be supervised by the doctor who knows whether it is dangerous or in the normal range.

Of course, postoperative rehabilitation is not only 10 days of stay under supervision of doctors. A woman needs some time to relax at home before leaving for work. Sick leave after laparoscopy issued approximately 7-10 days.

But after 10 days we cannot say that the body is ready for strong loads.

You need to be careful:

  • a month not to have sexual relations;
  • visit the Solarium, steam baths, saunas, beaches (wash only in the shower);
  • can’t do sports for 1 month;
  • not to travel;
  • to control weight lifted weights;
  • 3 weeks after surgery is recommended to wear special stockings.

Given the fact that laparoscopy is considered a less traumatic surgery compared to abdominal how many days is given to hospital — still depends on such factors:

  • how big was the cyst or other entity that was removed;
  • were there complications;
  • the General condition after surgery.
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If you have some health problems and recovery, sick leave may be extended by assigning additional therapy.

What complications can be after laparoscopy

As above we have already said, to extend the hospital, if at the expiration of the term of rehabilitation had problems with recovery. Complications, of course, are rare. However, they need to know about in time to seek medical help.

Possible complications of laparoscopy:

  • damage to other internal organs (majevica, intestine);
  • injury vessels;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • suppuration of postoperative sutures;
  • bleeding;
  • pneumonia;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • allergic to anesthesia.

After laparoscopy the body is weakened, it is easy to get infected.

To sound the alarm need if after laparoscopy:

  • the temperature is above 38 degrees for more than 1 day;
  • severe pain in the lower abdomen;
  • pain in joints, redness;
  • weakness, fatigue, altered levels of consciousness after anesthesia more than 6 hours;
  • yellow-red vaginal discharge.

Hospital after surgery

The important question after the intervention: how many days to give the hospital? As a rule, under normal circumstances, sick leave is issued approximately 10 days. Once the sutures are completely healed, you can go to work.

Sometimes patients on day 5 I feel full of energy, ready to work and defense, it depends on the characteristics of the organism. But still not worth the risk. Need to fully comply with the recommendations of the attending physician to fully recover.

In some cases, the complications or heavy operations the term hospital can be more.

Throughout the rehabilitation period, encouraged to move more, starting at a slow walk. It is necessary to renew and strengthen the normal functioning of the intestines, other organs (particularly the ovaries). In 5-7 days after laparoscopy, if the General health of the patient is good, the stitches are removed and the woman is discharged from hospital.

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How to open a sick day?

So, how to access the hospital, how it is given and whether it is possible to extend it? During the patient’s stay in the hospital he issued a disability sheet, which closes the discharge date from the hospital.

Also hospital if necessary, can be extended for 10 days, if no complications or problems with recovery.

If there were complications and the patient was sent to a sanatorium to recover, in this situation, the maximum sick leave 24 days. The patient is required to appear in person to renew the newsletter.

If you need a day is missed, the physician specifies the reason from the patient. Sometimes, in the event that a patient appears, treatment can be carried out at home.

Consider the duration of sick leave and in some surgical procedures:

  • removal of the uterus 20-40 days;
  • inguinal hernia can be 1 year;
  • the fallopian tube is not more than 40 days;
  • thyroid to 120 days;
  • majevica a maximum of 40 days;
  • cysts 7 to 10 days.

Here we examined how given hospital after laparoscopic surgery. It all depends on the overall condition of the body, how quickly the patient is recovering and whether there are complications. Also sick leave can be extended as needed.

It is important during the recovery period to comply with all recommendations of the attending physician, you must take care of oneself and eat right. Diet is the key to any recovery after surgery. Already after a month, you can return to a normal diet.