Redness behind the ear in a child’s ear is swollen and itchy

What to do if behind the ear the child has reddened or is it swollen?

According to statistics, children are injured more often than adults twice. This is due to the active games and entertainment. The most affected are the bones, joints and hearing. Because of their age, not all children can tell about your problem. Therefore, a careful parent should immediately notice the frequent touching of the ears, enhanced the moodiness of the child and of redness in the ears.

Young parents need to carefully examine the issue of health, and to know the basic rules in case the child suddenly found the redness behind the ear.

Causes redness of the ears

The red ear of a child is the surest indicator of any inflammation. If the ear is red and swollen, do not panic or hysteria, but calmly consider the organ of hearing and ear passages.

Inspect the earlobe install, is there a seal or bumps on this area. Decide whether the changed color of the ears. In addition, pay attention to the nose and eyes because these organs are directly connected.

In case of strong pain, redness of the ear of the child, strong changes of the outer ear, consult a doctor to diagnose the disease.

However, there are cases when a red ear in a child acquires outside natural color alone and does not require medical treatment.

If the child has a swollen ear and red, but the kid continues to maintain an active lifestyle, the causes of inflammation may be contact with infectious inflammation. When not treated, the baby will quickly lose appetite and sleep.

In addition, if the child has a red ear inside, there are the following reasons:

  1. The injury.
  2. An insect bite.
  3. Puncture of the ear lobe.
  4. Allergic reaction to long use of antibiotics.
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In the event of a change in color inside the shell, note the following features:

  1. The fluid entering the middle ear.
  2. Mechanical traumatization.
  3. Viral diseases of external, middle or inner ear.
  4. Teething.
  5. The formation of cysts.
  6. Lipoma.

Experts advise first of all to define the area of inflammation. If during inspection you find an injury or a cut, treat the area with disinfecting agent. In the case of serious injury, immediately contact the nearest emergency room.

In case of redness of the ears, appearance of inflammation and severe itching, pay attention to the condition of the ear canal. Perhaps redness caused by perforation of the eardrum or in the event of disruption of the ossicles. In any case, to diagnose these diseases, you must consult your doctor.

In addition, redness can occur because of the following reasons:

  1. When purulent secretions.
  2. Otitis external, middle and internal ear.
  3. Sinusitis.
  4. The formation of cerumen.
  5. The appearance of the tumor.

To eliminate symptoms of pain in such diseases, one should apply a bandage and immediately go to the doctor. Remember that self-treatment can greatly aggravate the situation and lead to loss of hearing acuity and hearing loss even the kid.

A common cause of redness of the ears may be an allergic reaction to prolonged use of antibiotics. In more complex situations the boy may be manifested angioedema. Cases such as skin problems, eczema and dermatitis are also causes redness.

In addition, be careful to water procedures in the ears of the child is not exposed to water. If the fluid stagnates, it causes the development of a large number of infections.

Redness and swelling in the ears can be a natural reaction of the body to cold or heat.

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Commonly, in such cases, the delicate skin of the ear canal quickly adapts and recovers.

However, remember that in case of serious inflammation of the immune system of the child quickly drops and reduced hearing acuity.

The sooner you consult your doctor, the easier it will be the course of treatment and adaptation of the baby.

First aid

If the baby’s ears were swollen and itchy, immediately inspect the site of the lesion. If you notice bruises, scratches or injuries – treat the spot with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

In case of violation of the integrity of the eardrum, close the ear with a cotton pad and immediately head to the doctor.

In case of severe pain in the ears of the child should be given the anesthetic drug, and in the case of elevated temperature, give the child an antipyretic.

For young parents it is important to understand that self-treatment for inflammation of the ears can be dangerous.

A specialized physician, examined the baby, to quickly establish the cause of the redness and pain.

By otoscopy, and computed tomography and other studies of the doctor-the otolaryngologist examines the state of the baby and diagnose disease.


After the conducted inspections and accurately diagnose inflammation, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment. So, you first need to eliminate the root cause of the disease. Therefore, treatment involves medical therapy.

They include:

  • antibiotics and a course of antihistamines «Suprastin», «Diazolin, Fenkarol» or «loratadine» in case of redness due to allergies;
  • immunomodulators to boost the vitality of the immune system;
  • large amounts of vitamins;
  • specialized solutions and ointment in case of redness due to skin problems;
  • in the case of formation of sulfuric tube baby lavage is administered or the use of ear drops «Remo-Vaks»;
  • if a child is diagnosed with severe itching and pain are appointed by the painkillers and sedatives.

Remember that if you are allergic to seasonal flowering or food only antihistamine drugs are not enough. In case of such problems it is necessary comprehensive treatment and specialized nutrition.

It is important to understand that if you ignore the health of your ears, it can lead to serious consequences, including partial or complete loss of hearing and rupture of the tympanic region of the ear and filling with pus. It is fraught with the transition of the disease into the chronic stage.

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In order to avoid the described symptoms and signs enough to maintain the hygiene of the organ of hearing of the baby and daily to take water treatments.

In the cold season, don’t forget to wear a hat and in the summer a cap from the sun.

In any symptoms of disease of the ears, nose, or throat start emergency treatment, and for colds treating the common cold and other manifestations up to the end. Since infection can spread quickly through the body, there is a possibility of recurrence.

Prevention visit your doctor — otolaryngologist twice a year.