Redness of the meatus: what is the treatment

What is the hyperemia of the ear canal and how is it treated?

Often on reception at the otolaryngologist, the patients complain that they have «ears are burning». Such feelings can be caused by hyperemia of the ear canal. This phenomenon is associated with vascular dysfunction under the influence of external stimuli or inflammatory process in the ear.

Hyperemia may be the first bell announcing the beginning of the disease. To delay treatment is dangerous. To prevent the disease or halt at an early stage, it is necessary to understand what can be caused by flushing the ear canal, what it is and how to treat it.

Causes and symptoms of hyperemia

There are three forms of ear canal redness:

  • passive;
  • active;
  • combined.

When the active form of hyperemia there is excessive filling of blood vessels with arterial blood. Vessels dilate and possible violations of the heart caused by decreased occupancy rates.

You can observe the redness of ear, swelling of the tissues, which blocks the ear canal, and the pulsation of blood that causes unpleasant painful sensation and slight tinnitus.

Passive hyperemia occurs in connection with the compression of blood vessels. The outflow of venous blood drops, blood vessels constrict, and there is a small swelling of the tissues of the ear. This phenomenon is observed frequently when wearing tight headgear or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

The mixed form occurs when the Association of arterial and venous hyperemia. In the result, the veins are intensively filled with blood, but due to the narrowing of blood vessels its outflow is difficult.

In almost all cases, the main symptoms of congestion are:

  • change color of skin from pale to red and blue;
  • the temperature change in the affected organ;
  • swelling of the tissues.

At the first sign of redness you need to visit Laura.

The phenomenon is dangerous in and of itself, because it can cause severe swelling and worsening hearing. Besides swelling of the ear canal blocks access to the internal parts of the ear, which complicates the diagnosis and treatment of the inflammatory process.

Diseases accompanied by hyperemia

The most frequent disease accompanied by hyperemia is the otitis. Infection through which it develops, spreads very quickly and can damage not only the auditory apparatus of man, but of all the nearby organs. Inflammation of auditory canal complicated the course of the disease and the treatment process itself.

Flushing the ear canal as a symptom may indicate pathology:

  • otitis externa;
  • otitis media;
  • boils and other skin diseases.
  • neoplasms (benign and malignant);
  • allergic reaction;
  • fungal infection;
  • irregularities in the cardiovascular system.


In most cases, the redness indicates inflammation of the ear canal. That is why the treatment cannot be postponed until the affected area has not spread to neighboring tissue.

When the accumulation of a large volume of blood you may notice that the ear canal somewhat narrowed due to the development of swelling in the tissues. This can lead to hearing loss, but because the doctor’s visit to be delayed.

Treatment of hyperemia of the auditory canal is in a complex that involves at least two stages:

  • activities to relieve swelling and normalize blood flow;
  • treatment of the underlying disease, which could cause congestion.

Drug therapy

Vasoconstrictor drugs are prescribed as drops in the nose and used to soak the lotions for topical treatment. When choosing medicine you must consider the portability of the tool components and the duration of action.

Typically, the action drops short. In case of strong redness, it is recommended to change the dressings on the affected area every 2 hours. To drip medication into the nose only according to the instructions.

Caution! Most vasoconstrictor drops are addictive if used frequently.

Swelling of allergic character are removed with the help of antihistamines. The choice of drugs should be taken seriously. Many of them have a long list of contraindications and side effects. It is better to consult with your doctor and follow his recommendations.

Redness of the ear canal is possible, and for a reason which is not related to disease. For example, getting into the ear canal of an insect while walking or small parts of toys children. In this case, you must consult a specialist to remove a foreign object.

The appearance of redness suggests that the inner surface of the ear canal is traumatized and vessels are pinched. Besides, it would take antiseptic treatment and testing the integrity of the internal parts of the ear.

Mechanical compression of blood vessels sometimes causes the formation of tumors inside the ear canal. In this case, it is important to be examined about the nature of the tumor. It is possible that this is a common boil, which is difficult to determine with the naked eye.

But it may be that the tumor is malignant in nature. In this case you will need additional testing and procedures to remove it. Tumors removed by laser, nitrogen, and other cutting-edge tools.

Surgery to remove tumor-induced hyperemia, is virtually painless. The rehabilitation period after it, is a matter of days.

If the tumor is caused by an infection due to wounds on the skin or inflammation, will require treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Often in this case is established Amoxiclav and antibiotics penicillin group. Although modern medicine is quite the newest drugs that fight off the infection quickly and with minimal negative consequences.

Fungal infection, which is often the cause of narrowing of the ear canal, require treatment protivopolozhnymi drugs. The selection was based on the specific type of fungus. Applied as ointments and means for making inside.

Folk remedies

To help reduce inflammation of the ear canal can traditional recipes based on medicinal plants and home remedies. But use them only externally to excess moisture getting inside the ear and hurt the ear drum.

Attention! To make use of home remedies for the treatment is recommended only in the case if you are sure that the eardrum is intact and there is no tumors or growths inside the ear.

Recipe 1. Fresh juice from the aloe leaf turundas moistened and introduced into the ear canal superficially. This plant in folk medicine is considered to be resolving. It copes well with the swelling and inflamed sores. To change turundas it is necessary not earlier than in an hour.

Recipe 2. Protivoallergennye and decongestant properties of the decoction of a mixture of herbs chamomile and birch leaves. A teaspoon of dry raw brew Cup of boiling water and insist to cool. Room temperature liquid to impregnate a gauze bandage and apply to the congested area. To change as it dries.

In some cases, folk remedies can be used as intermediates in pharmaceutical preparations to prevent negative consequences from exposure to them.

Prevention of hyperemia

To prevent congestion, it is necessary to treat inflammation of the nose and throat. Banal rhinitis chronic nature may be the cause of diseases of the ears. Improving immunity with vitamin preparations is another way to prevent inflammatory diseases of the ears and the nasopharynx.

It is important to prevent the ingress of moisture and foreign objects in the ear canal. Especially often this phenomenon happens in children, who love to take toys apart and check your body for strength. Parents should not leave children unattended during playtime.

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