Removal of a polyp in the nose with a laser, and the cost of operation and where to remove

How to remove nasal polyps laser?

Currently, laser removal of a polyp in the nasal cavity is considered the most safe, effective and well-known method. This method implies the destruction of the polyps with a laser beam.

This endoscopic surgery is applicable for polyposis of the nose. With this method, it is possible to perform the surgery who have contraindications to traditional methods of treatment. Modern medical equipment allows to achieve a positive result when low-trauma and negative consequences.

What are polyps?

Nasal polyps is a disease of the nasal cavity, characterized by the appearance of benign growths on the mucous tissue, which may look like a pea on the leg or folded tape. The amount of such growths from one millimeter to several centimeters, sometimes even fully close the nasal cavity. In the female this pathology is more common.


The symptoms that indicate the presence of polyps include:

  • permanent stuffy condition of the nose, without offensive improvements;
  • discharge from the nostrils, a characteristic, fetid odor;
  • snoring at night;
  • itchy feeling in the nose causing a constant desire to sneeze;
  • change or loss of smell;
  • headaches;
  • bloating in the nasal or maxillary sinuses.

Attention! The occurrence of polyps may form due to the presence of chronic diseases of nasopharynx and the respiratory system: tonsillitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis and other. Also provoke the appearance of such pathology may rhinitis allergic or bronchial asthma.

A deviated septum interferes with the penetration of oxygen into the nasal cavity. It makes areas that are poorly ventilated. Here and creates an environment suitable for the development of polyps. Many people do not even suspect that you may have a deviated septum.

After the detection of symptoms that indicate the presence of polyps, you should consult a specialist.

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Test is conducted by an audiologist using an endoscopic apparatus which comprises an endoscope with a camera.

This procedure does not cause pain and last for 5-20 min. Prior preparation for such a diagnosis is not required.

Endoscopic examination revealed a number of polyps, their size, structure and location. Also determines how fast and to what extent the air wave passes through the nose, which is an important indicator, which influences the General state of the patient.

Here is revealed the anatomy of the nasal cavity: the symmetry of the shells, the curvature of the septum.

Laser removal of polyps

Often, the procedure of such entities make people with bronchial asthma and patients with a single polyp. The threat of such growths on the mucous tissue of the nose represent the fact that after a certain period of time they can degenerate into malignant tumors, cause of exacerbation of asthma, and can affect your mental development, and hearing in young children, due to not passing the nasal passages.


Removal of a polyp in the nose with a laser cannot be produced in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in the presence of diseases of internal organs;
  • during the exacerbation of hay fever, chronic obstructive bronchitis;
  • in acute stages of any infectious diseases;
  • during an exacerbation of asthma, allergic rhinitis.

Such an operation requires careful preparation. Even a small ailment, high or low blood pressure, symptoms of colds can be a compelling reason to delay this procedure.

The pros and cons

The main advantages of such an operation include:

  • local anesthesia;
  • the operation, as in the outpatient setting and in hospital;
  • low injury rate;
  • the control of the surgical process with the help of an endoscope;
  • no bleeding when removing from laser coagulation
  • the speed of the operation.
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The disadvantages of this process include:

  • remove only a single small tumors;
  • the potential risk of the emergence of new growths, as the laser does not eliminate the factors of their appearance.

Surgery to remove polyps is performed by surgeons, otolaryngologists, using local anesthetic with no incisions of the mucous tissue. Laser removed single polyps of the small sizes. In other cases, appointed by endoscopic endonasal removal or polytomy. Before the procedure, the patient must undergo the necessary tests, CT scan, pass desencibilizirutuyu therapy.

Process description

Removal of polyp of the laser fiber as follows:

  1. The nose is introduced laser light conductor that emits the radiation on the tumor. This process is controlled by the use of optics is displayed on a special monitor.
  2. The laser beam heats the expansion to 100 degrees for a couple of minutes, and cuts it. At this time you may experience minor pain. Along with this, there is coagulation of the mucous tissue. Then, using medical tweezers, the technician removes the cut polyp.

The procedure lasts a quarter of an hour, if necessary, repeat it after 7 days. After the operation, check the quality of the procedures performed through an endoscope, and then prescribe a treatment and rehabilitation therapy.

Laser removed not only the main polyp, but also in the duration of water evaporation polyphonie in the surrounding tissue, which reduces the risk of further sprawl. This operation contributes to the normalization of nasal breathing, eliminates the appearance of scar tissue and bleeding. Re-emergence and new growth polyps can occur if the true reason for the formation of such growths will not be installed.

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The cost of surgery

The cost of surgery to remove nasal polyps laser depends on the complexity of the disease, the and of the total number of necessary procedures.

In the clinics of large cities (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk etc.), the average price it varies 7 500 – 32 000 rubles.

Those who are faced with this disease, to know – where to remove polyps in the nose?

In Moscow, the clinics involved in such procedures a lot of good sides have proven the following institutions:

  • «Delta Clinic» (Mentoring pereulok, 6);
  • «Tavlada» (ul Zelenodolskaya, d. 36, korp.2);
  • «Viterra» (Profsoyuznaya street, d. 104) .

In St.-Petersburg the positive feedback received following medical institutions:

  • «KLINIKA doktora korenchenko» (Novocherkasskiy Ave., 33, K. 2);
  • «Andromeda» (St. Zvenigorodskaya, D12, street Ordinary, d. 21).


Maria, 35 years: last year in the clinic «Viterra» removed a small polyp in the nose with a laser. The procedure was quick and painless. I was more afraid. A lot of the health problems brought this polyp. To sleep could not due to severe nasal congestion. The doctors warned me that a relapse is possible, fortunately, polyp not grown again.