Removal of a polyp in the uterus laser: phases and characteristics of operations

The spread of the tissues of the uterus and its cervix inside the body are called in medical «polyps». The growth rate, shape and size of these benign tumors have different characteristics. Also, these tumors may be single or numerous.

The structure is a polyp in the uterus contains a body and a leg, the twisting of which is quite dangerous for the female body. And the healing process contains both conservative medical therapy and surgical removal of tumors. And the best surgical method is laser extraction of a polyp from the uterus. But before considering the benefits of treatment of uterine polyominos laser, it is necessary to understand more precisely the causes of the emergence of the disease and its classifications.

The etiology of the disease

As and when any other tumors, polyps in the uterus are formed for various reasons and have no clear provocation. According to medical statistics, most often the risk factors are:

  • Hormonal imbalance, especially in the age category after the fortieth anniversary. The surplus generated of estrogen increase endometrial growth of the cell, provoking the formation of tumors. The growth rate of the polyp depends on the small quantity of progesterone, the production of which is inhibited due to excessive activity of estrogen.
  • Vascular disorders the type hemangioma growths or thrombosis can create a favorable environment for intense increase of the cell number of the mucous tissue of the uterus.
  • Injury of the walls of the uterine cavity in the operating result of the treatment (e.g. removal of fibroids), treatment of events after abortion or difficult delivery and often contribute to the appearance of these tumors, as a polyp in the uterus.
  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs: acute recurrent and chronic provoke polyommatinae growths because of enrichment of vessels and tissues of uterine leukocytes during exacerbation and increased circulation in remission.
  • Chronic diseases, endocrine diseases: diabetes mellitus, disorders of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands provoke a breach of the body’s metabolism, which in itself causes a variety of neoplasms and tumors.
  • Essential hypertension with stable and high blood pressure also contributes to the active cell growth of the uterine endometrium.
  • Wrong way of life, containing the violation of the diet, leading to obesity, low physical activity of the body and bad habits may not be the main provocateur of the disease. But the acceleration of the development of the disease symptoms due to the rapid increase in tumor size occurs in most cases due to lack of attention to such simple details as diet, exercise and cessation of Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • A history of lifestyle diseases that require hormone replacement therapy, often confuses natural composition of produced hormones, which leads to the formation of a polyp in the uterus.
  • The General decrease of immunity against any other diseases does not give the body enough strength to fight with abnormal growth of cellular structures.
  • Frequent depression and constant tension can influence the imbalance of metabolism, which also contributes to the appearance of benign tumors in the uterus.
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The signs of the disease

Polyps in the uterus at the initial stage of formation do not have pronounced symptoms. The first signs appear at a certain size of the tumor, which begins to signal their existence of these symptoms:

  • Minor in the early stages of the disease disruptions in the menstrual cycle: disturbed the regularity and duration of menses, increased pain during bleeding and during the premenstrual syndrome.
  • The profusion of daily discharge in the middle of the menstrual cycle may have bloody content.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, with drawing in nature, occur after physical or mental stress, during intercourse, before menstruation.
  • General weakness, dizziness, fatigue.
  • The inability to conceive a child.
  • Non-standard course of menopause, accompanied by uterine bleeding.

Given the minor symptoms in the beginning of the formation of education, quite often the disease is diagnosed at random. If any irregularities in the female organs occur even with minimal symptoms, should immediately consult a doctor. Because early diagnosis of any disease guarantees the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

Treatment for uterine polyp

As with any illness not requiring urgent surgical intervention, a polyp in the uterus be cured by medication. Although all gynecologists agree that the removal of such benign tumors is the best method to influence them. But gentle to the body way drug therapy, however, has precedence in terms of initial treatment.

Before you choose a treatment method effects on the tumor, gynecologists clarify the classification of a polyp in the uterus:

  • Fibrous education is most often diagnosed in women who have reached the fortieth anniversary. The structure of such a tumor are quite dense and is formed due to hormonal disruptions. The best treatment is removal by surgery.
  • Glandular polyp in the uterus is similar to cystic form with secretory fluid within the capsule. Strikes young female body, can be treated effectively with medication. But does not guarantee avoidance of surgical intervention.
  • Mixed fibro-glandular of epithelial tumors inside the uterus is subject to such a procedure as removing any way in the shortest possible time.
  • Placental tumor formed as a result of labour or the consequences of surgical treatment.
  • Adenomatous polyps – the most risky education, which in a short time develop into cancer. This is due to the formation of pathologically changed cells. Urgent removal of this type of proliferation of uterine endometrium – not just a recommendation, and the salvation of women’s health.
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Surgical treatment of the disease

The effectiveness of drug treatment of a polyp in the uterus can not guarantee the exclusion of relapse. Therefore, the best method of therapy for this disease is removal of the tumor by surgery. With modern surgery does not insist on carrying out abdominal surgery with a long recovery period of the body and a huge number of possible complications. Today an alternative method of surgical procedures are: laser, electrocoagulator, radiological, knife and other innovations that can quickly and effectively to save people from disease.

Surgery of modernity considers the best methods of treatment of uterine polyps are:

  1. Hysteroscopy – removal of the tumor by using a special surgical loop and the camera on the instrument — the hysteroscope. This type of operation is performed on the third day after the end of menstrual bleeding and lasts only 20 minutes. Removing a polyp is a loop under a General or local anaesthetic, after which prizhivaetsya liquid nitrogen. Features of this method, such as hysteroscopy, are full painless, imaging operation by the camera, no post-operative stitches.
  2. Laser removal of uterine polyps is more expensive than hysteroscopy, but mostly the effectiveness of this method is significantly different. After surgery with a laser on the body leaving only a small, almost invisible scars. Cauterization of blood vessels and capillaries by the laser beam eliminates bleeding and any postoperative complications. A gentle layer-by-layer burning of pathologically altered epithelium of the walls of the uterus did not hurt healthy cells. This method of treatment promotes restoration of the ability to conceive and bear children. A fairly short recovery period that allows women to their way of life on the third day after the laser therapy. A high degree of exclusion of recurrence of the disease is achieved by burning not only the body of the polyp, but also his legs.
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Laser removal of polyp benign uterine growths has two ways of execution that depend on the shape and size of the polyp. The intensity of the laser beam on the cause of the disease also depends on the quantitative characteristics of the tumors. The best surgical treatment with the use of laser shows for all age categories the female population. Especially good to do so young the fair sex, planning to have healthy offspring.