Rhinitis of pregnancy: what and how to treat, treatment of folk remedies

How and what to treat runny nose during pregnancy?

Rhinitis when carrying a baby – the usual thing. During pregnancy the body of the future mother is heavily weakened, which leads to the smooth penetration of viruses and infections in the nasal cavity. If in the later stages when inflammation in the mucosa of the nose can cure rhinitis can medication way, that for the first weeks of pregnancy from severe runny nose can be removed only by washing. At this time, the use of any drugs can be dangerous for kids.

Best inflammation to be treated under the supervision of physicians. In this case, the expectant mother will be able to avoid complications or unexpected side effects. Besides, it’s not always the pregnant woman pays attention to contraindications, which is a big mistake. For these reasons, any self-interference prohibited. Therefore, inform how to cure runny nose during pregnancy without harming the baby.

How and what to treat runny nose during pregnancy

Treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy involves complex treatment with minimal medication.

Many drugs that penetrate the blood can cause damage to the placenta or to cause abnormal development of the embryo.

To avoid dangerous effects of doctors recommend not to start treatment without consulting.

The therapy begins with the establishment of causes and contributory factors.

It is important to know the form of rhinitis and typical symptoms and only after that your doctor may prescribe further treatment.


In the first stages of inflammation in the mucosa of the nose during pregnancy not to take drugs. Therefore, the first step should be washing. To carry out this procedure at home. To rinse the sinuses use specialized medicines. They can be purchased without a prescription, because for the most part they are not dangerous.

It is best for the rehabilitation of the nasal cavity are known solutions: the Dolphin, But-salt, constant stress, Humer.

Such preparations will help reduce the number of viruses and infections in the nose and moisten the nasal cavity. Another function of the nasal lavage – reducing the formation of side effects.

Nose drops

Expectant mothers often wonder what will help pregnancy in addition to rinsing? To facilitate nasal breathing and restore the function of the mucosa of the nose will help vasoconstrictor drops. Their task is to normalize metabolic processes in the mucosa and to accelerate the process of recovery of function of the organs of respiration.

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Narrowing the vessels, the drops have a positive effect on the entire cavity.

Immediately after application, the patient feels improvement of nasal breathing.

This process is very important, as the lack of oxygen can trigger unwanted processes inside the body.

As you know, any pathology during pregnancy dangerous for the baby.

During the period of gestation the future mothers usually prescribe the following drugs: «Dr. Reddy’s», «Teva», «Vibrocil», «Galazolin», «Glycine».

To apply this kind of medication is safe only in the later stages of pregnancy. In the earlier stages from the vasoconstrictor drops should be discontinued. Treatment of the fifth month is selected only by the attending physician.

When incorrectly prescribed dosage? a pregnant woman can produce dangerous consequences, until the miscarriage.

Regardless of the type of inflammation and its character, to use drops or nasal sprays during pregnancy, it is recommended not more often two times a day.

Different solutions

In addition to the drops and sprays during pregnancy it is important to use isotonic solutions – Preselect and Dulbecco. They are not absorbed into the blood and, therefore, not dangerous for use during pregnancy.

Before applying this kind of solutions make sure that no penetration of the components into the blood.

Otherwise, the possible increase in blood pressure that leads to dangerous consequences.

Any change in blood pressure can provoke various defects in your baby.

To use this kind of medication required three times a day.


During pregnancy the doctors may prescribe custom treatment. One such method could be the use of corticosteroids. Such drugs are harmless on the second and third trimester, but the medication in the earlier stages is prohibited.

Corticosteroids contain adrenal hormone. Use of such drugs in the formation of a cold from the fifth month of pregnancy helps to reduce inflammation and improve nasal breathing. In addition, nasal sprays, with the content of corticosteroids can accelerate the healing process.

The treatment using such drugs should not exceed five days.

Otherwise there is a risk of immunosuppression, which leads to a relapse of the disease.

Doctors prescribe only safe means, like the following medicines:

  • «Prednisone»;
  • «Dexamethasone»;
  • «Nasonex»;
  • «Metipred».


To get rid of mucous secretions at night before sleep is necessary to conduct inhalation. It is believed that this method will improve blood circulation inside the nose and will allow you to quickly sleep.

For the procedure it is best to use nebulizers.

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They are more expensive compared to conventional steam inhalers, but contribute to a speedy recovery thanks to the expansion of blood vessels.

As an ingredient it is best to use herbs.

How to quickly get rid of secretions

Medication can cure inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose for five days. If the disease became more serious, getting rid of mucous secretions and normalization of breathing will require about seven days. But there are a few ways to more quickly alleviate the expectant mother.

For this you must follow these rules:

  1. During the formation of the inflammatory process in the nasal cavity is required to conduct daily wet cleaning in the living room.
  2. Do not forget to ventilate the room twice a day.
  3. Raise the head of your bed a few degrees higher or put more pillows. This method will help the expectant mother to ease nasal breathing.
  4. Set in an apartment humidifier.
  5. In the presence of Pets in the residence reduce contact for a few days.
  6. Take as much water as possible.
  7. Try to spend more time outdoors.

These methods will not save you from a cold, but will help to facilitate a condition of the pregnant woman.

Traditional methods

For best results to cure common cold it is necessary to comprehensively. The methods of traditional medicine will help to alleviate the symptoms, but to cure a cold pregnant in the home only after consultation with your doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies runny nose during pregnancy allows you to get a good result on the second day.

Beet juice

The most popular method for getting rid of rhinitis during pregnancy is considered to be beet juice.

For cooking tools should:

  1. Clean the beetroot and grate it on a fine grater.
  2. Then the mixture should pour a glass of boiled but chilled water for a few hours.
  3. Dig tool is required in advance cleared the nasal passage five drops.
  4. Repeat procedure up to four times per day.

Such a method is known for its positive results and is not prohibited in the early stages.

Carrot juice

If you have individual intolerance to beets, this ingredient can be replaced with carrots.

This product is known for its healing properties and ability to eliminate mucus almost after the first application.

To prepare the broth for instillation into the nose must finely chop the product and squeeze all the juice out.

In solution it is recommended to add few drops of olive oil.

To introduce into the nose should be three times a day for five days.


To consolidate the effect, many experts suggest to take the teas based on medicinal herbs.

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For these purposes, best suited thyme, rosehip, chamomile, or St. John’s wort.

To improve the taste, make the teas, you can spoon of honey.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera is a plant which has long been known for its healing properties. For the use of plants for medicinal purposes, you need to cut a small piece and freeze it.

Then rinse the leaf with a spoon and collect all the juice.

Inject the mixture directly into the nose, as you can provoke burns.

Add to the mix three drops of tea tree oil, mix thoroughly, and then use cotton swabs in the nose, enter a small amount.

You must use no more than seven days. If on the fifth day you did not notice significant changes, you should contact a doctor for advice. Probably in the nasal cavity is a more complex process which will require medical treatment.


To facilitate nasal breathing and to reduce the amount of mucous secret, you can use onions. This ingredient has strong antibacterial properties and its properties can’t hurt a pregnant woman.

Onions can be used in several types, but for the mother it is useful to just inhale the vapors of onion and chew a small amount in your mouth.


A runny nose is not a dangerous inflammation, but it is fraught with consequences for the expectant mother. Rhinitis often causes otitis media or sinusitis. So to get rid of this kind of disease it is necessary at the first sign.

Keep in mind that treatment of a pregnant woman are selected principally other medicines. So the self in this period of life is unacceptable.